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  1. Fishy

    Fish Droppings - St. John’s Edition

    That sucked ass and I regret the two hours I spent watching it.
  2. Fishy

    Syracuse is screwed

    They’re just bad. Really bad - and they’re bad by design. Boeheim/Girard would be an okay backcourt at, like, Niagara or Fairfield.but JB has them out there like they’re all-ACC candidates. And they’ll be bad next year because Boeheim is absolutely committed to that tire fire in the back...
  3. Fishy

    Azzi Fudd

    Geno just landed the top women’s recruit, Azzi Fudd, “a player widely predicted by scouts, trainers and basketball insiders alike to change the landscape of college basketball and eventually the WNBA.” That team is just going to be insane next year and the years beyond. (Again)
  4. Fishy

    Our last few hours in the American.

    Let’s share our favorite American Conference moments. I don’t have any. We can lock the thread.
  5. Fishy

    Scotch or Irish Whiskey (90 minute thread)

    This thread will live for 90 minutes and then be locked. Going to the liquor store in 90 minutes. Tell me which bottle of Scotch or Irish Whiskey to buy. I don’t want to play 20 questions about what my preferences are, so don’t ask any.
  6. Fishy

    Kevin Ollie is still screwed

    The NCAA Infractions Appeal Committee made short work of his arguments. NCAA rejects Ollie’s appeal
  7. Fishy

    Garage door openers

    Mine died. I do not feel like researching new ones. What I want... A fancy-ass garage door opener that is ridiculously over-engineered for what it does.
  8. Fishy

    Miami game reaction

  9. Fishy

    Major event of the evening

    Not worrying about another loss with this group. Graduation will solve most of the problems we have. Major event of the evening is that we finally, FINALLY, managed to land the quality big we’ve been chasing for the last billion recruiting classes. I’m gonna pretend that nothing else happened...
  10. Fishy

    Nest thermostats

    Does anyone have Nest thermostats installed? And if so, have they been flaky over the past week?
  11. Fishy

    OT: Cell service in Europe

    Going to Europe next week. My wife and daughter won’t really need their phones, but I’d like them to be able to use them....just not enough to actually put them on my global plan for an extra $200 for the trip. I had two ideas... 1) By them Orange SIM cards for the trip. 2) Sign up for...
  12. Fishy

    That’s a wrap on the Ollie era

    Started off incredibly well, got better and then it started to go off the rails in the summer of ‘14. Alienated his bosses, the athletic director, his staff, his players and eventually all of the fans, save a myopic handful. Two years probation and the oaf gets a three-year show cause. What a...
  13. Fishy

    OT: Kitchen Renovation

    God knows that I hate these threads and I simply could not have less regard for any of your opinions, but has anyone installed a quartz composite sink? We just threw the kitchen away because my mom's dog once peed in it and I'm considering putting a new kitchen in the hole where the old one was...
  14. Fishy

    Oh, my lord. Cincinnati.

    Sometimes you watch Cincinnati and they look just brilliant - especially on defense. They had some stretches on D in the first half today where their defense was actually a work of art. But, god. There’s no argument that their postseason issues are not systemic. They recruit the same kind of...
  15. Fishy

    Not sweating this season

    This season is toast. But anyone who was paying any attention would have known that it was going to be toast. Add in the injuries and it's just that much toastier. They're playing hard, but they are just overmatched - Brendan Adams played 21 minutes last night. (I like the kid and I think he's...
  16. Fishy

    New computer

    In case you guys notice that my posts are faster and in a higher resolution than they were previously, it's because I just bought a new computer.
  17. Fishy

    London or Paris

    We're heading overseas in August for a Northern European cruise out of Dover. Plan is to head over a few days early and spend some time in either London or Paris - can't really decide. We're not really interested in food, so that's not a factor. We like nice, clean hotels. Emphasis on clean...
  18. Fishy

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    It’s in wide release now. It’s just remarkable on about a hundred different levels. As a technological exercise, it’s very impressive. Colorizing and then adapting century-old film to modern frame rates makes it more relatable. The choppy, almost comic look of footage from that era is...
  19. Fishy

    OT: Book suggestions

    I’m in a tough spot. Tough enough that asking you coconuts for advice actually makes sense. I have six Audible credits and they’re warning me I’m going to lose one if I don’t start using them I looked through and didn’t see any I liked, so I need book suggestions. Parameters... 1) No...
  20. Fishy

    I feel like this needs more attention

    I was in a, how’s recruiting going? You know how you meet some people and you ask how they’re doing and they give you their life’s story? That is not this guy.
  21. Fishy

    Morehead State Game Chat

    With the start of the basketball season, we’re going to start pushing people from the usual game threads towards the chat room. Game threads are problematic for a couple of very boring technical reasons, so instead of posting in a 52-page game thread that you have to reload 27,000 times during...
  22. Fishy

    Zac Boyer and John Silver just launched a UConn newsletter

    This is a shameless plug because I like both of these guys and I hope this succeeds.... But I’m also really looking forward to this - John Silver and Zac Boyer launched a new UConn sports newsletter about four minutes ago. This actually has a hell of a lot of potential - both were terrific when...
  23. Fishy

    PF Max Lorca-LLoyd Commits to Penn

    The kid committed to Penn over the weekend. Interest kind of fell off for him, but I'd keep an eye out - for a couple of reasons, it would not shock me if this commitment didn't hold. Penn gets major recruiting score in NMH's Max Lorca-Lloyd
  24. Fishy

    European cruise

    I would vacation in the Caribbean every year if I could, but my wife wants to go to Europe next year. Cruising is my preferred method of travel. I like not having to worry about getting anywhere, etc. Plus, I've driven around Europe already and have no need to do it again. Any cruise in Europe...
  25. Fishy

    Important update

    I am very, very tired this morning and do not want to deal with any of your crap. Please, only top-quality posts today. I do not want to read any garbage.
  26. Fishy

    What about Huggins for UConn’s coach?

    New name. Nailed it. This is why I am the best poster in the history of the Boneyard.
  27. Fishy

    Important news on the occult

    Last night, I was watching the Olympics and ice dancing was on. My wife walked by and said, ‘why are you watching that?” And I said, “I’m just watching for the nip slips.” And then this happened... It’s got me worried. I’ve spent the whole day trying not to think about plane crashes and it...
  28. Fishy

    WTIC1080 no longer broadcasting UConn games?

    JoeD says that 1080 is done with UConn games after this season. Anyone know why or where the games are going?
  29. Fishy

    We need a new coach

    There’s no longer any argument against firing Kevin Ollie - at least not one that makes any sense. We’re legitimately a bottom-third team in the American. There’s no excuse for that. People want to go to the Big East? As presently constituted, there isn’t a team in that conference we’d be...
  30. Fishy

    End Game 101

    When you have a late lead and you’re looking to run the clock and get out with the W, your main goals are hitting your free throws and not fouling to stop the clock. It’s so simple in theory. UConn, with 1:42 left and an eight-point lead, instead keeps a guy in the game who can’t hit free...
  31. Fishy


    Over the past two games, those three players have played 183 minutes between them. Despite having enough touches to hoist up about 50 shots, they managed to combin for just three assists. That is ball-stopping as an art form.
  32. Fishy

    Blue Planet II

    If you haven’t seen it, see it. It’s the most visually stunning thing I’ve seen on television. The dolphin sequence minutes into the premiere is so gorgeous that it almost looks fake. When I become a billionaire for selling all of you to medical science, I will buy my own movie theater just...
  33. Fishy

    In a nutshell...

    UConn offers no more competition to a power conference team than does a low major. I’m not surprised that we lose to them - our roster is littered with mid-major talent and some of them just prospects at that. That’s purely the result of a head coach who took a sabbatical from recruiting while...
  34. Fishy

    Important Weather Message

    It’s very, very cold out. And windy. We left wet laundry in the dryer this morning and forgot to turn it on. (By ‘we”, I mean my wife - this laundry thing generally happens out of my sight. I’m not entirely sure how it all works, but it seems we’re at the stage of the process somewhere in the...
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