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    Bracketology 2021: We're In!

    Lunardi has us as a 10 seed in the South playing against UCLA and one of the "Last Four Byes."
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    On a positive note...

    ... all of these double-OT losses are giving us a pretty significant amount of extra game time. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. Next year Bouknight will be halfway to a Junior!
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    OTish: Best Vegetarian Option in Stadium

    Not a ton of veggie options in the stadium I'll say. Which, I get it, makes total sense. My go-to is just some cheese pizza from Wooster Street Pizza which is not great but certainly does the trick. Wondering if maybe I missed some options? I haven't checked out every concession but seems like...
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    OTish: Less crowded Hartford bar on Game Day

    Want to hang out with some friends before the Arizona game on Sunday, but prefer not to go somewhere like Tavern that will be totally insane. I assume since it's a sell-out virtually all bars will be packed (for instance I've seen Salute be crazy before a game), are there any bars that are maybe...
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    Any word in uniforms tomorrow?

    Will they be using last year's? Block C? Super curious.
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    Yard Goats Season Ticket Sales Jump 24 Percent

    On Eve of Second Season, Yard Goats Season Ticket Sales Jump 24 Percent Nobody tell Deepster, though. As he's made us all aware, Hartford is a rotting cesspool of violence and death and it's only a matter of time before the Yard Goats fade into oblivion.
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    How long is this going to take?

    That's the real question. We can't hire someone until the Ollie situation is more or less resolved, right? He's technically suspended with pay, currently. How long until this is resolved? Days? Weeks? Months? The longer it drags on, the worse it is for the program/University.
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    Falcons drop concession prices, make more money

    Falcons drop prices, and make more money Thought it was semi-relevant given our discussion about pricing structures lately.
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    Louis C.K.'s Movie Premiere Canceled in Advance of N.Y. Times Story

    Louis C.K.'s Movie Premiere Canceled in Advance of N.Y. Times Story Not looking good for Louis CK, these allegations aren't going anywhere.
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    Free Seat Upgrade for Saturday

    I just got an email from the University giving me a free upgrade to many sections for USF for buying season tickets before Feb 17th. I was able to pick two seats in Section 241, Row 4. Pretty rad. Here's the pic. Edit: Probably should have included "for season ticket holders" in title if...
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    UConn (+11) vs Mizzou

    Surprised the line is this large, given how marginal Missouri's been. I think we cover. Is Idaho even any good? Cause losing to Purdue is quite bad.
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    Describe the ECU game in one picture or meme

    I'll start.
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    OTish: Where to drop off cars to carpool near stadium

    Every year my brother comes to a few comes, and he's coming from the east and asks me to pick him up at Stop & Shop in East Hartford which seems sort of annoyingly out of the way (also set back from the road), anybody have any recommendations about a better spot to carpool and head into the...
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    When is the next time something good will happen to this program?

    Will we land a recruit before the season? Will the season surprise us by being excellent? Will it start off slow but end with a decent tournament run? Will Ollie leave and suddenly IS THAT CALHOUN COMING FROM BACKSTAGE? Feels like it's been aeons since anything good happened -- what's your...
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    Current Boneyard mood

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    Best place to go camping in CT

    Now that camping season is back, where do you like to go camping? I prefer tent camping to some crazy RV or something, but I do tend to enjoy a place that has legit bathrooms. I will say I've gone backpacking up in Salisbury, CT at the Appalachian Trail where it crosses into NY overnight and...
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    If you were AD Dave, what would you do... ?

    I'm curious what you'd do about our basketball program right now. Things are obviously in a pretty tough situation currently. We lost three talented players to transfer and our best incoming recruit. We removed Glen Miller, ostensibly because either a) he couldn't' seal the deal with Diallo, or...
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    Sue the NCAA

    I know this is totally ridiculous, and would never happen, but I saw someone mention on Twitter how UConn never should've admitted it violated APR and how much more damaging it was for them than SU and still-unpunished-UNC. Indeed, it seems it would've been better to flat-out deny everything...
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    Got 2 extra tix for UConn/Yale Hockey Game at XL

    Not gonna be able to make it but got them comped for depositing for my UConn football tix. Let me know if you want 'em, I will email them to you. Edit: Forgot to mention they're free as long as you promise me you'll show up!
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    1 extra ticket for UConn/Cuse

    Section 100, 10th Row. Friend can't make it. Will sell it for face value but could negotiate, $55. PM me. It's a paper ticket so you'd have to meet me outside MSG or somewhere near New Haven.
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    Any promo codes for Saturday?

    If anybody hears anything let me know, I have a bunch of folks visiting who are going to make an appearance. Not that tickets are currently very expensive. ($12 on stubhub it seems)
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    Who's your hockey team?

    I stopped watching hockey entirely after the Whalers left town and only recently started watching again, after adopting a new team. But finding a new team was tricky. Here are the traditional "post-Whaler" candidates: Bruins: Oh hell no. Old rivals from the Adams Division. Forget that...
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    I admit it...

    ... I'm considering skipping the game Friday. I'm visiting my sister in NJ this weekend and was gonna head down very early Saturday morning, but at this point, sticking it out for a Friday night game in cold November weather to watch the UConn Football Dumpster Fire continue to burn down so...
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    We can't play it.
  25. Irish Loop

    Poll: How Disappointed Are You, Really?

    Simple question. I'm not super disappointed, as I have always felt we were a very poor cultural/geographic fit for B12. Don't get me wrong, I'd take the $30 million, but nothing about it made me feel particularly optimistic going forward compared to other, previous nut kicks.
  26. Irish Loop

    OTish: Where are you staying for BC game?

    Hotel? AirBnB? Working on accomodations for my tailgating group and curious what people are doing. Staying downtown and taking the T in? Staying in Chestnut Hill area? Driving up on gameday?
  27. Irish Loop

    I made a CT October weather meme

    Seems applicable to football games.
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    Aero Lot $20 now?!

    My friend just parked there and said they upped the rate to 20? Not sure if she's in the right lot -- I'm stuck at work -- she said it's the "softball field lot." And it was $15 the last four years but just upped it.
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    Guess the attendance of the Maine game

  30. Irish Loop

    Best Stadium Parking

    Hey, Me and my friends were considering changing spots this year. We've always parked in the red/general lot as it's easy for visitors, etc. but it's a million miles from the stadium. We were considering maybe switching up spots. Not sure if we're willing to do the full blue/gray lot or what...
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    Tyler Davis moves from QB to TE

    Ed Daigneault ‏@EdDaigneault 3m3 minutes ago Tyler Davis has moved from QB to TE. That is the biggest news from UConn football practice.
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    Media coverage of practice?

    Anybody know if the media will be covering any practices this summer aside from the open practice everybody's invited to? Would love to get some info about how practice is going, how everybody looks, etc.
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    BYU has created interactive site to promote their inclusion to B12

    Pretty impressive if you ask me. Some enterprising Boneyarder should meet the challenge here. BYU TO BIG12
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