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  1. noeynox

    USF 3.5 million assistant coach salary pool

    Twice that of UConn. Food for thought.
  2. noeynox

    St. Thomas Aquinas about to play on ESPNU

    Could be a chance to see Brian Brewton.
  3. noeynox

    Games Today

    Watching UVA VT. I remember when UVA last played here in Mendenhall's 1st year. Game was boring but physically the teams were very similar. Since then UVA is trending up and physically we are no where what we were just a few short years ago. Really hoping we take that next step next year...
  4. noeynox

    How can anyone defend Edsall?

    D makes a play and this jagoff runs a draw on 3rd snd 9 to set up a 50 yd fg attempt. I mean thats kotite level brilliance
  5. noeynox

    So are we on schedule?

    What exactly is the schedule? The QB position, a FB team's most important one, is in worse shape than when Randy got here. As this year closes out and we head into year 4, we don't even know if we have anyone that can really play the position. Z misses way too many open guys. His footwork is...
  6. noeynox

    Fair pay to play act just signed in to law in CA.

    Athletes can earn money from their likeness. Thoughts?
  7. noeynox

    Kevon Jones and Dillon Harris.

    Playing these two guys at the line of scrimmage has been a stroke of genius. They both get upfield and at times help provide a pass rush. At least one of them that i have noticed had coverage responsibility in the flat. Along with Morgan they may be our toughest players to replace. That they...
  8. noeynox

    Good article on scheduling.

    More schools have openings than have been tossed around.
  9. noeynox

    Tiki Barber CBS Sports Minute

    Just said going independent is a good move for us. Word is catching on
  10. noeynox

    AP Top 25 Podcast: UConn makes a move

    Listening right now. Good so far.
  11. noeynox

    Fox Sports: UConn football heads toward independence. Dave Brown, the former ESPN executive whose Gridiron software is used by most Division I schools to find future nonconference opponents, said...
  12. noeynox

    Osama Bin Dabo

    Is this a big thing, or this Nick Saban lapdog Finebaum trying to make it a big thing?
  13. noeynox

    8th Grade Football Prodigy shot and killed

    Already had offers from Mizzou and Illinois according this article.
  14. noeynox

    Mens basketball board?

    What happened to it? I'm not seeing it.
  15. noeynox

    Mayerather vs Tenshin

    When will the non boxers realize they can't beat boxers in boxing? Mayweather was way bigger but he's hardly a big puncher. He slapped this kid silly.
  16. noeynox

    Is Cobb hurt?

    Sorry if discussed.
  17. noeynox

    Is this the official UConn site?

    Are there errors here? 2019 Football Roster - University of Connecticut Athletics
  18. noeynox

    Any chance?

    Time for a potential transfers to the 2019 program? Two of Ball State football's top players are leaving the program
  19. noeynox

    No more talk about patience, empty cupboards, and rebuilding.

    This was coaching negligence. He handed this game away with his pathetic offensive game plan. Trying to run out the clock from the 1st play. Does anyone believe the UMass QB is a better passer than Pindell? This was not talent this was 100 percent coaching induced loss.
  20. noeynox

    Where did last nights place kicker come from?

    Walk on mid season addition? I know he got an extra point blocked but he looked true on the one fg attempt.
  21. noeynox

    Canelo Alvarez got paidddd!

    If you're wondering where John Skipper ended up. I'm currently using the DZNE one month trial and the quality of their streaming rivals ESPN. DAZN signs Canelo Alvarez to historic 11-fight deal worth $365 million in guaranteed money
  22. noeynox

    Duquesne RB jumps to his death.

    Duquesne football player Marquis Brown dies after jumping from 16th-floor window
  23. noeynox

    Josh Boone article

    Very long. Too long maybe, but interesting. Josh Boone: Finding a Home in the NBL
  24. noeynox


    Several years back this became a common term in football where coaches would track and show players on film where they weren't going 100 percent till the whistle on defense. If there is 1 thing that concerns me is that there seems to be a lot of this of going on with our defense. Guys letting...
  25. noeynox

    Breaking news regarding KO on espn

    Something about NCAA. Anyone catch it?
  26. noeynox


    Saw this on Twitter Would love to see how other G5s are faring during a similar stretch. If only we weren't dragging this league down like we currently are. Check out @ChrisVannini’s Tweet:
  27. noeynox

    Boise getting their butts handed to them OKState.

    Good. I hope the American gets the NYDay bowl every year until they have no choice but to acknowledge this league is better than the other G5s.
  28. noeynox

    0-2 Temple taking it to 2-0 Maryland.

  29. noeynox

    BC vs Wake on right now on ESPN

    Orlovsky on the call. Fyi
  30. noeynox

    Beavers to DE must mean

    We're all in on the move to a 4-3. He's built in the mode of Cody Brown and Jesse Joseph. To be honest, he had shown nothing from LB spot.
  31. noeynox

    Attendance for URI guess?

    Going with 11k in the building.
  32. noeynox


    Disney bets on eSports
  33. noeynox

    John Skipper still getting mail at ESPN?

    White Powder In Piece Of Mail Disrupts ESPN's Bristol Campus
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