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  1. Vuce

    Need more high level offensive talent

    This is true. Wright became a great coach. He didn’t make the NCAA tournament until his fourth year at Nova where future NBAers Randy Foye and Alan Ray were juniors and Kyle Lowry was a freshman. It took him some time to get his kids in the program, coach them and it’s been a great run for him...
  2. Vuce

    Hurley: "I didn't think our problems were at the defensive ends of the court. Our issues were on offense."

    And it took him 4 years to make his first NCAA Tournament at Nova.
  3. Vuce

    For those wondering, yes Nova has another Gillespie coming in next year

    Diggins is ranked top 50 nationally. He had offers from Kansas, Florida, Nova and is among others. Not concerned about him and VERY happy he is a Husky
  4. Vuce

    What happened with Akok? Did I miss something?

    Hurley sees him every day in practice. We don’t. If Akok was doing awesome at practice then has an off minute or two in a game, I bet he would get more live chances. I’m betting that Akok is showing similar play throughout the week and he’s clearly not recovered yet. We did hear that it might...
  5. Vuce

    Game Strategy

    Yeah but having the best backcourts in the country in 2011 and 2014 makes up for the other shortcomings. This team doesn’t have a real PG right now and the 2G just came back from 8 games off
  6. Vuce


    I’m def in for one
  7. Vuce

    2021 expectations

    National championship hangover and we win 3 or 4 games. RE will complain “if only we had more time to lift and train”. He will then push for 2022 off for safety purposes and we can resume in 2023
  8. Vuce


    Akok coming back from a rough injury so it’ll probably be spotty here and there for him playing full tilt until next season starts. It’s scary how good we can be with Bouk and Akok.
  9. Vuce

    Welcome to your new world, PC.

    You just hate to see it
  10. Vuce

    Uconn vs Providence

    Can we start demeaning them now? 😂
  11. Vuce

    Bouk is back!

    I ABEsolutely cannot wait for this game tonight!
  12. Vuce

    2-13 & 2-14 Weekend Viewing Guide and Discussion Thread

    The Drake vs Loyola game is tight but if we did what either one of these teams have done offensively this board would be howling with criticism. 3 min left in OT and neither team has scored 50 yet! Side note - they have BOTH played 21 games!
  13. Vuce

    Quality wins for tournament

    And get our superstar back. With Bouknight back Cole, Akok and Whaley among others don’t have to be as perfect as they were yesterday. If they play like that AND Bouk is doing his thing then we can beat a LOT of teams. We still haven’t had a full roster of healthy players yet this season
  14. Vuce

    Tyrese Martin sleeve tag

    NOW we are getting back to the essence of The Boneyard! Every once in a while the magic returns
  15. Vuce

    What are the chances..

    Akok is a difference maker. He alters shots on defense and can hit perimeter shots with more regularity than Whaley which then opens up the middle more for Sanogo and others. Then you add Bouk to the mix too and all of the other players including those like Polley instantly become better.
  16. Vuce

    This team has gotten worse

    So are you
  17. Vuce

    Lay Off Hurley

    Also when your supposed “best shooter” goes 2-12 or whatever he was including a three to tie with like 2 min left, your offense is going to look bad. Got shots, didn’t make them. Those shots drop, different ball game. Wide open.
  18. Vuce

    Wasn't PC supposed to be a bad defensive team?

    Correct Hooper. So then that’d be Bouk, Akok and Polley not playing. Springs isn’t ready so the roster all of a sudden looks limited offensively
  19. Vuce

    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    It won’t hurt recruiting. The guys coming in next year can call create their own shot. Still optimistic about that
  20. Vuce

    Wasn't PC supposed to be a bad defensive team?

    Check out Polleys stats. Wide open three pointers including one to tie with a couple min left. So many misses. If one of the top scorers in the country isn’t playing for UConn, Polley HAS to hit shots.
  21. Vuce

    This team has gotten worse

    His seat isn’t even warm. Sorry.
  22. Vuce

    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    Ok so if we were starting from scratch and this season was beginning without a top 10 player in the country and also no Akok (rumor was he was further along and that we’d see him in January), no one would be saying this was an NCAA Tournament team. So we are down two starters one of whom is a...
  23. Vuce

    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    I still say it depends on Bouknight and Akok coming back or not. If you had asked me at the beginning of the season if this was an NCAA team with no Bouknight or Akok I’d have said no way. If Bouknight comes back next game and they win like 4 or 5 games in a row then it changes.
  24. Vuce

    UConn -2.5 @Providence 2/10

  25. Vuce

    SP+ Preseason 2021 Rankings Are Out: UConn is #127

    Has a program ever been rated so low the year after winning the National Championship?
  26. Vuce

    OT: Hats off to Tom Brady

    Apples and oranges as huskybass said because of different sports and all that. Brady is the best QB and player of all time in the NFL. To win championships in the NFL you need to be at least good in three phases of the game offense, defense and special teams. Brady didn’t play a lick of...
  27. Vuce

    OT: Hats off to Tom Brady

    And to me Brady’s 7 is not more impressive than Russell’s 11 so yeah it is apples and oranges
  28. Vuce

    OT: Hats off to Tom Brady

    Agreed. I think Tiger is better for instance given how insanely difficult it is to win a golf tournament over 4 days
  29. Vuce

    OT: Hats off to Tom Brady

    Yogi won 10 over 18 years as a player.
  30. Vuce

    OT: Hats off to Tom Brady

    Damn forgot about that one. Another poster earlier said something like 7, let that sink in for a second. So, 11 let that sink in for a second
  31. Vuce

    OT: Hats off to Tom Brady

    Brady is never gonna be a coach unless you mean for his kids
  32. Vuce

    SB LV. Who You Got?

    If they could give the MVP somehow to the Bucs defense they should. That is what won this game. Holding that Chiefs offense to no TDs and 9 pts is something you don’t see. Amazing performance by that group. Just read it’s the first time a Mahomes led team has never scored a TD - in college or...
  33. Vuce

    OT: Hats off to Tom Brady

    Yogi Berra had 10 rings. So three more and TB will tie him
  34. Vuce

    Another awful techincal by Hurley.

    Your post accomplished nothing. Since it was based on an incorrect assumption that it was on Hurley. Posts like this from you are really a result from a lack of discipline. You need to be better than this. Call a timeout before you post, think things through and stop the momentum.
  35. Vuce

    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    If Bouknight comes back and UConn plays great with him (Akok too for that matter) the committee will absolutely take into account that those guys were out for a bit. Yes UConn has to win some games obviously but having those players back will matter because we are a much different team with a...
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