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  1. BlueDogs

    OU v Gators

    Total blow out with Gator players opting out. This is another pernicious side effect of the CFB invitational, devaluing the next tier of bowl games. The system is severely broken and unsustainable. Greed kills and it’s killing college football. As for the game, the Big12 just took a well...
  2. BlueDogs

    Another Indignity

    Rutgers beats Michigan State today, while we pull our privates.
  3. BlueDogs

    B1G is likely Back
  4. BlueDogs

    Can we Start Football too?

    Will UConn have enough humility to reverse course? Looks like the B1G is melting under the pressure of reason and folks who’ve had enough with the panic party...
  5. BlueDogs

    2020 Power 4

    We leave AAC, we cancel FB season, and AAC Is positioning to be an auto spot in FBS playoffs. As said, fortune favors the bold...
  6. BlueDogs

    Pats Cut Obi

    Starting to develop a deep hatred towards Belichick... not interested in watching my Pats deconstructed to be remade to prove Bill’s genius.
  7. BlueDogs

    Calhoun Magic

    Hobart beat St Joseph’s last night ending their 25 game winning streak. Hobart killed them with the 3. They have some dead nuts shooters we could use.
  8. BlueDogs

    Sid Block

    Glad Sid saw the floor. His block out of nowhere fired up the momentum. Sometimes the small things are big. Hopefully a little redemption for him. Obviously, CV, Bouk and AI (on D) where brilliant. Got to love how this team has become a true team all contributing and competing at a whole new...
  9. BlueDogs


    The NCAA has to get this rule fixed. It’s destroying the game. It’s entirely subjective, it takes key players off the field causing competitive imbalances, it is outside of the control of players in many instances,
  10. BlueDogs

    Benedict Sticks with Edsall -Craps on Players

    Story Ad Dave Summary “We don’t understand what upheaval the program has gone through and it’s not the coach. It’s the talent.” Great leadership... Rule 1 - never blame kids for lack of talent. They are busting their rear ends. Evaluating talent is the coach’s job. Rule 2 - never buy into...
  11. BlueDogs

    Intolerable Mess and Nobody Cares

    The situation has eroded into an intolerable, disgusting embarrassment which must be layed at the feet of an incompetent or inexplicably disinterested leadership. How these so called administrative leaders can sit there idly by and do nothing, say nothing and go on as if all is good is beyond...
  12. BlueDogs

    Oak Acorns are Falling but UConn has no Nuts

    To own up to what they are doing. It’s inexcusable and either feckless dishonesty or incompetence, or both. Not a single word has been communicated about direction or commitment to football other than a few trite words. In terms of action, UConn has left 2020 scheduling in limbo and refuses to...
  13. BlueDogs

    Cincy UCF

    Cincy beats the team that could have put 100 on us....40,000 crowd, 7,500 students. We just refuse to treat ourselves right and are all too comfortable with living with excuses. Let’s get W tomorrow and start getting after it.
  14. BlueDogs

    Lost Opportunity

    Another lost opportunity to step up and be competitive. OC is no OC and it shows. The day we get competent coaches on both sides of the ball, we will begin to make major steps. The D is night and day better, but can’t be on the field all day. Z was horrendous and reverted to the freshman deer...
  15. BlueDogs

    I thought the Phone was ringing off the hook?

    Weeks later and not a word to heard on football’s future. Where are all the P5 teams that were calling to schedule games? You’d think this might be something important for a school so committed to articulate a plan, to define a direction that would help build confidence.
  16. BlueDogs

    New 750k House for the President Apparently the President’s old house built in 1940 is suddenly past its useful life. How about he sucks it up or buys his own?. This from the school on its knees with no money...
  17. BlueDogs

    I want my season ticket money back

    I bought season tickets, but you seemed to have forgotten to tell us that football has an uncertain future. In my world leaving out a material fact is called fraud. You’ve defrauded thousands.
  18. BlueDogs

    Is AD Dave Alive?

    It would seem that in order for UConn to regain its footing, our AD might want to be engaged with UConn Nation to rekindle support and provide some sense of vision, excitement and enthusiasm beyond building new facilities for irrelevant, non- revenue generating sports. I just don’t get it. I...
  19. BlueDogs

    Take Notice From One Hardcore Fan

    There seem to be an avalanche of pundits banging the drum for UConn to retreat to FCS and go crawling over to the Big East to save basketball. I say unequivocally that the minute that happens, I’m out. UConn will have one less paying fan in any and all UConn sports and zero future donations. I...
  20. BlueDogs


    Great game today. They could have easily collapsed at 17 down, but they fought through it. Winning begets winning, as does losing begets losing. A tale of two programs...
  21. BlueDogs

    Durkin Back for 1 Practice - whistleblower attacked

    Maryland ‘Toxic Culture’ Whistleblower Says Teammates Assaulted Him During D.J. Durkin’s One Practice Back With Team How this happens is beyond me. Here’s another lawsuit for the Terps.
  22. BlueDogs

    AD Dave Step Up

    It’s time to step up and show leadership. Your program is on the rocks, your coach is failing and UConn is the laughing stock of CFB. Allowing RE to run your OC out of town was mistake number 1. Allowing Edsall to cover for a failing DC is mistake number 2. Sitting idly by and not demanding...
  23. BlueDogs

    Game 5 - Just Simply

    Bad. Offense regressed. D is beyond any hope. 650 yards given up. There is little if anything good that will come from this brutally terrible season. Fully disgusted. If Crocker is he here next year, I will not waste my time or money. Edsall better figure out how to get some football...
  24. BlueDogs


    Miss America top 10- UConn Grad Bridgette Oie against a BSU Graf for Idaho
  25. BlueDogs

    This one stinks from the Heels

    another major NCAA infraction that must stink to high heaven... players selling their complimentary shoes... 13 Heels suspended for selling UNC Jordans Major win for restoring integrity and sole of college sports.
  26. BlueDogs

    East Catholic McGuirl

    Question for those in the know. How the heck did KO whiff on Mike McGuirl? Was he asleep at the wheel? It looks like UConn didn't even give him a look. Doing pretty well coming off the bench as a Frosh for K State.
  27. BlueDogs

    Call from Athletic Dept

    Recieved a call from the athletic department as a football season ticket holder asking to renew. I told the nice young man, I'm in and I will always support the program. He asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I said, "yes, get a new basketball coach. KO is killing this...
  28. BlueDogs

    UCF finishes 12th

    If there is any doubt the College playoff fotball system and Committee is broken this is it. There is no way under any notion of a merit based system that UCF should finish below any 2 or 3 loss team. This is a sham of the worst kind. They ought to march into federal court in Florida and stop...
  29. BlueDogs

    Year 7 in the Wilderness

    Another season mercifully closes and we all now go into winter hibernation. Seven long and painful years and it just doesn't seem to get any better. But, it has. Despite a miserable 3 win season, there are reasons to remain positive. RE has to let Lashlee have free reign next year. The...
  30. BlueDogs

    Rational Thoughts

    1. If you have been a long time fan and sat through last night, it was painfully disappointing and frustrating. I can't stand it much longer, but somehow I'll come back for more. 2. We expect mental toughnes from the team, and the hardcore need to hang in there as well. We can't give up on...
  31. BlueDogs

    Some Enjoyment Courtesy of Bobby D

    Although we are down, few things can take the edge off like seeing the fraud take another beat down... same psycho babble per usual.
  32. BlueDogs

    Early Commit

    Proud to announce BlueDogs' Daughter Commitment - 5'1 96 pounds - Soprano - signed commitment letter to UConn Music Dept. for Fall 2017. Guaranteed she will in the Dog Pound every game. Been going since she was a baby. Very Proud! Sorry for the misdirection - thought you guys might get...
  33. BlueDogs

    Dear Bob Be a Man

    And resign. You are stealing from taxpayers. Nobody with a shred of integrity could take the millions you are being paid for the job you've done. Show some self respect and integrity.
  34. BlueDogs

    Lagow v PSU

    Watching Penn St. v. Indiana.... about Lagow: "He just threw a 4o yard frozen rope..few in college football could make that throw.." "Special quarterback..." Just want to cry. For those who think coaching and scheme doesn't matter, turn on ABC.
  35. BlueDogs

    Great Week

    Diaco is winning the battle this week. We will come out of it better than last week with no points given up and a tie. He better have a damn brilliant game plan beyond swing passes and QB draws next week, and have Defensive plan other than giving 15 yard cushions and 3 man rushes.
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