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  1. msf22b

    (OT) What's been your reaction to Covid-19 vaccine ?

    MODERNA 1 last month, less effect than a flu shot, virtually nada Today: 2nd shot...bit of a sore arm; just a hint of a chill at dinnetime....this evening almost nothing.
  2. msf22b

    Creighton Postgame Thread

    I'e been in support of the theory that Paige is slightly injured and it doesn't take much to throw off your shot...then you overcompensate and good things do not happen. With E, the problem is more pronounced and (among other things), her long range shooting has gone South. I expect (hope) that...
  3. msf22b

    Play of the Game - UConn vs Creighton

    We've had a grand total of one of these beauts in the last two games. One by Liv and now one by Aaliyah. If we can get it up to two or three (dare I hope for more) We are a formidable option for the Natty In my view, it works equally well when the D sloughs off or plays too tight. No...
  4. msf22b

    Creighton Postgame Thread

    I think in some respects the team moved backwards today ...or at least not forward. There certainly were high points but all in all it was not a performance that would prevail in the late stages of the NCAA's Things that concerned me... - For the upteenth time, E landed awkwardly and aggravated...
  5. msf22b


    Geno has always understood the yard-stick for measuring the team's progress, irrespective of the relative feebleness of the opposition. I've heard him say many times ...after a blow-out against an inferior team..."if we play like doesn't matter who the competition is." Now, i'm not...
  6. msf22b


    At the press availability, Geno noted the improvement in the defense and noted that he had simplified it so that it could be more easily comprehended by his young players. Regardless of the simplicity or sophistication, there is no doubt that D has improved and that rather than one or 2...
  7. msf22b

    Geno Focuses On His Frontcourt Duo

    If she is unguarded at the high post...dribble slowly towards the hoop and when they come up to guard, flash she did in the Xavier game. Every defense has an offensive counter.
  8. msf22b

    Strange Head in Yahoo Sports

    UConn Huskies still atop AP women's basketball poll; NC State Wolfpack back at No. 2 Seems like they're surprised? bemused? Really off the reservation Like we haven't earned it...or not tossed it like other teams?
  9. msf22b

    2-22-2021 AP Week 14 poll

  10. msf22b

    Louisville lost did Tenn.

    UCLA at #8 about to join the hit parade. UTenn was pretty miserable today according to their fans (who should know)
  11. msf22b

    ESPN's latest WNBA Mock Draft has Evina going #12

    As usual, my views are to the contrary of the majority.. I think its likely that E will stay. Clearly, the diminishment of her offensive accomplishment, this month, has to do with physical discomfort...and will effect her value in the W. A summer of (free) physical therapy, might be just what...
  12. msf22b

    Play of the Game - UConn vs Xavier

    On the game thread I noted (now nominate) Olivia's drive to the rim in the first quarter... The football passes we expect...perhaps not quite as brilliant as the two completions today. But that 80-ton locomotive lumbering to the basket will put fear in our opponent's hearts.
  13. msf22b

    Xavier Postgame Thread

    A few thoughts: -the most significant play of the game for me was Olivia driving to the basket from the outside...wonderful. Stewie was incomparable at that...I always wanted Kiah to develop that; never did. If Olivia and Aaliyah put that regularly into their rep, the will be unstoppable...
  14. msf22b

    UConn vs Xavier on Fox Sports 2/20/2021

    Just found out that my NYC, SNY account allows views on NBC Sports of all things Figured that out 3/4 of the way through the season. Yeah, team.
  15. msf22b

    UConn vs Xavier on Fox Sports 2/20/2021

    Doesn't work for me... Northern Vt, up by the Canadian border is in the no fly-no drive- no view zone.
  16. msf22b

    Tennesse vs South Carolina

    100% absolutely correct Mr T....RD went into another worldly place... And Rae, was Rae...that's my kind of player...Geno would have made her a superstar. SC had zero answers for such a scoring outburst that Rennia posed. Better against them then against us.
  17. msf22b

    Tennesse vs South Carolina

    Sump'ting though...I daresay, it will knock them out of 2nd in the polls... down to 4th or 5th.
  18. msf22b

    Tennesse vs South Carolina

    Of no concern...We're #1
  19. msf22b

    Tennesse vs South Carolina

    I was watching the game; SC was comfortably ahead and looked like so much the better team As the 2nd half started, to my mind (and especially with UTenn's rep for folding in the 4th quarter) early garbage-time was soon to emerge. So I turned it off... What do I know?
  20. msf22b

    UConn women will likely earn the No. 1 ranking in Monday’s Associated Press poll, but are they actually the best team in the country?

    The totality of the expert's opinions is convincing Carl A who follows the team, notes that Paige needs help for the team to prevail. The one thing not completely discussed is: that it is quite likely that Paige will get that help.. -It could come from E; who (seemingly) has been overwhelmed by...
  21. msf22b

    Open Letter to ESPN

    Thanks; my E bounced back so I have a chance to edit
  22. msf22b

    Open Letter to ESPN

    Gentlemen I am a long time sports customer of ESPN and have been a fan and participant of various sports for 70+ years. I am writing to you about the (mod) approach you employ in Basketball coverage. I actively follow woman's BB, especially the UConn woman. Today's Tennessee / Texas A&M game...
  23. msf22b

    Geno's Frustrations

    When I saw the title of the OP...I figured it related to Geno's fascinating answer to a query of what in what direction he sees the team going; Where're we going, I don't know..We played today, we played kinda just half-assed in a lot of ways, we figured out a way to win the game...We do so...
  24. msf22b

    Georgetown Postgame Thread

    Listening to Geno's postgame, I was struck by his remark about CW when asked if has spoken to her... He said that he had spoken to her for an hour before the Pirate game and the points wasn't great...maybe better not to talk to them at all...Let them work it out by themselves... I...
  25. msf22b

    Georgetown Postgame Thread

    The stage hands at Carnegie Hall make twice as much (or more) than the musicians.
  26. msf22b

    A little perspective

    I am happily reminded of a song in the 1962 Broadway production, She Loves all time favorite show...There is a song called "Perspective" in which Sipos, a middle-age slob, explains why he has been able to retain his position in a fancy perfumery: Call me fool, That's alright with me...
  27. msf22b

    Georgetown Postgame Thread

    Without a doubt, the team is tired; mentally and physically...And they haven't practiced for a while and it shows...and they're young...remember the Freshman wall? Not permitted this year. But suppose you were a scout...from somewhere on the backside of Mars...knew nothing much about this...
  28. msf22b

    Wow, there's another frosh Phenom

    Paige isn't alone...
  29. msf22b

    I just have to say this...

    I'm not sure I completely agree with the OP and the (slight) guilt trip he/she?dumped on us...Let me explain. 1. I've been a UConn fan for about 15 years...far less than some...but my interest and devotion to, has always been with Geno's brand of BB, the way everyone (good) played (everyone...
  30. msf22b

    Seton Hall Postgame Thread

    One additional point I forgot to make (above) Both teams played on the 15th. -The Seton Hall kids (allegedly) had a long bus ride back from Milwaukee. -The UConn kids were (perhaps) mentally exhausted from their last minute heroics at Gampal...but got got to sleep in their own beds. Result...
  31. msf22b

    Seton Hall Postgame Thread

    Advance admission: I didn't see the game...even the Fox gambit doesn't seem too work up here... So I listen to the radio...but turned it off before the big spurts...too painful. With that in mind: About previously happy-go-lucky Christyn: I theorize her whole problem is concern what her role is...
  32. msf22b

    NY Times on the bandwagon

    Now this is a little better, I especially like the headline
  33. msf22b

    NY Times on the bandwagon

    Via the Associated Press (boo) no reporter on site or watching onTV? The paper of record acknowledged Paige's exploits.
  34. msf22b

    There aint no doubt in no ones mind

    That's the essence...still a long way to go but improving with every game and learning how to play together and win....impressive for a bunch of frosh.
  35. msf22b

    There aint no doubt in no ones mind

    I've been concerned about the Juniors and their role for some time...not so much this season; but for next. This season.with all the injuries, a playing time crisis has been pushed into the future...but the growth in the freshman, even excluding Paige, has been compelling, remarkable...and...
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