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    Joe Lunardi now has us as one of the last four in

    In the bag means losing 4 straight and still getting in. Nothing is in the bag. We control our own destiny. Win the. Ext 3 and we are in. Lose and sweat it out. Our resume is very AAC like, not many good wins, only no bad losses this time around. 1 top 25 win and 1 top 50 win isn't enough...
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    2021 expectations

    None. Just waiting to see what happens. I hope we come out of the gate looking strong. Losing by 40 to Fresno would be a program killer.
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    Is Andre ready to take a bigger role?

    The answer is no. The talent is obvious, but the game is too fast for him right now. Too many fouls and too many turnovers. Oddly enough, I wouldn't mind seeing him play the point for 3-5 minutes a game even though his handle needs work. I think he benefits by having a specific job on the...
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    The Mandalorian

    AFW doesn't get enough hate for being complete ripoff of A New Hope. TLJ as a stand alone movie is legit good. If that was the only sequel with a prologue explaining who the new random characters were, it would have been worshiped . The last one was a proforma snoozer (the Highlander 2 of the...
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    Since it appears to be an unknown with this team, who would you say is the leader?

    Bouk, Whaley and Martin are the leaders of this team. They are the only three guys you are happy to see on the floor or with the ball nearly 100% of the time. Can't say that for anyone else. The rest have had their moments but also come up short too often. The season will be decided on...
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    Bouk vs Jalen Adams

    Someone burn this thread.
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    Thoughts and Areas of Improvement - Villanova

    These three guys play the same position. Playing more than one at a time is because of need due to shortcomings at other positions. None of them are an elite level 4 and they don't play particularly well when on the floor together.
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    Hurley: "I didn't think our problems were at the defensive ends of the court. Our issues were on offense."

    Seriously, who are you beating scoring 60 pts. Nova went 5-22 from 3. D did its job. Every player makes one more shot apiece and this is a win.
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    Updated -> UConn vs. #11 Boston University (2/20/21 @ Freitas Ice Forum @ 4p on CW20)

    Just to follow up. No crosscheck, I thought that might be the call. No charge, he was gliding in and it wasn't late. Not a hit from behind, close but c'mon the kid was looking right at him before he made contact. Not roughing, hands were down. So other than the kid being launched and having...
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    Updated -> UConn vs. #11 Boston University (2/20/21 @ Freitas Ice Forum @ 4p on CW20)

    BU kid took a shot then turned his back? Nonsense. Keep your head up. Got called because of the size difference and because the kid can't buckle his chinstrap. Pure garbage.
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    Game Strategy

    Perhaps we are relying too much on freshman to play team defense against a team that knows what it's doing on offense. Defense wasn't the problem today but if you looking for areas to nitpick, it's here. Sanogo is bad a pick and roll defense. He gets caught out every time and often finds...
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    Hurley: "I didn't think our problems were at the defensive ends of the court. Our issues were on offense."

    I got news for you, at the critical moment Sanogo's inexperience showed and cost us big time. We need a reliable outside shooter and better ball handling in the half court. That's really it. Various guys fill in for stretches but it's always a crap shoot if someone will.
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    Hurley wore out his own team

    This is the worst of takes. Team went cold the last 10 minutes, it happens. They score at all during that stretch and they win. Give credit for Nova for their defensive effort. They weren't going to let Bouk beat them in the 2nd half and it worked.
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    What Does It Take to Get In?

    3-1 if Seton Hall is one of the three should be enough, with all the other brand names on the outside we will get credit for playing without Bouk. The 2 games we lost without him are Creighton and Nova. TBH getting in is not enough. This team is good enough to win 2 games. Also, our first...
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    Blackhawks vs. Whalers

    I hate them sooooo much.
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    Will Whaley consider returning?

    Anyone who doesn't think Whaley is our best big right now by a clear margin prefers reading about basketball recruiting to actual basketball or winning basketball. Sanogo has some serious skills but he is still more show horse than race horse. Akok need to do more than just take off his...
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    Dam That Went Well

    Good couple wins, beating a good Xavier team and pounding PC like old times. Still some stuff to clean up if you want to beat Nova and the better squads, but thoroughly enjoy able. Can't remember that last team where anyone 1 through 7 could go off for 20 any given night.
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    Dear Dan Hurley,

    OP is right, hopped up on adderall, but right. Jackson aside from some foul trouble has made huge strides the last 3 games. He's a positive difference maker so long as he isn't our main breadwinner. Martin has stepped up too. Between Bouk, Whaley, Martin, and Jackson, that is a solid 4 to...
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    OT: High Speed Rail Through Storrs?

    Zero chance. This is the Patriots are coming to Hartford all over again. Question, is there an existing rail line on this supposed route? No? Do you think they will be able to acquire a virtual straight line right of way to build this? No? Do you think that this eye of a needle golden path...
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    Interesting Whaley Stat

    The man has Calhoun like DNA. I hope he his drive rubs off on the younger guys. Start the chain anew.
  21. SubbaBub

    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    Go 4-1 or go 3-2 beating Nova. That plus one BET win would lock it up.
  22. SubbaBub

    The Mandalorian

    Can you clarify the opinion in question?
  23. SubbaBub

    The Mandalorian

    And easily replaced in the narrative. We haven't seen much of Carl Weathers, nor do we need to. Same with her. She's a minor character who is irrelevant to the story going forward. Mando meets some other hired gun on any of the many planets he visits. Heck, maybe one of the frog eggs grows...
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    #20 UConn vs. #16 Providence (Friday 2/12/21 @ Schneider Arena @ 4:30 on NESN+ -> Saturday Game Cancelled)

    It was a penalty, if you watch the PC players right hand it comes up and hits Schandor in the head pushing it into the glass. More likely a consequence of the height difference, but a penalty nonetheless if you are committed to player safety. A forearm to the head is a forearm to the head.
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    The Mandalorian

    You can survive racist posts from a decade ago if you are a minor character, not one from a week ago as your second offense. I guarantee she won't be missed.
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    What’s up with Whaley?

    He is playing defense and Sanogo is getting a bunch of his paint touches. Playing faster would solve a lot of problems. Team is starting to let pressure stall the offense. Many of the rotation guys lapse on defense, especially the guards.
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    Do Yourself A Favor and Read and Listen Before Any More Questions About State of Team

    Side note: To those who thought losing to St. Johns, Seton Hall, and Providence would feel better than losing to Tulsa, Houston, and Memphis, it doesn't. In some respects it feels worse. I know these former BE bottom feeders suck and can't possibly be good all at the same time. Without Bouk...
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    MNT's 2021

    We should be building for 2026. Start with anyone who will be age appropriate and has demkstrated sufficient skill and replace those who aren't quite ready to compete at the international level with the older guys. Anyone over 23 isn't likely an option for 2026. Most of those aren't that good...
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    UConn- lineup & thoughts

    I think this loss helps immensely down the road. Guys are clearly getting better. Add Bouk and we win every one of these games.
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    Jalen Gaffney finds his role.

    Glad to see Gaff have a good game, but you couldn't ask for a better matchup for him. The begging question is why Cole or even Martin couldn't blow by their defenders as easily. SH was slow and plodding. Sanogo and Jackson showed talent but ultimately made a bunch of mistakes that cost us...
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    Is Sanogo the go to guy now?

    I think you need to put down the booze. He has talent for sure and seems to be improving with more minutes, but he is no where near being the first option inside on either end of the floor. Quite frankly this is an insult to the way Whaley has been bringing it every night.
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    UConn football is ahead of schedule headed into spring ball (McFarlane/Courant)

    Please stop. UMass played 4 games If we play they would have had 5. We would have done no better.
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    OT: College in the COVID era

    Comparatively speaking, we lived like animals in college. How we lived in that filth is beyond me. Kids get in big trouble for so much less. Underage drinking can now result in expulsion in some places. It's all relative I supposed a decade before me, my building was a massive LSD lab. Our...
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    OT: College in the COVID era

    NYU>Ne>Fordham. Going to school in NYC is it's own thing. Less like campus college and more like moving to LA to get into the movies. The question you are asking yourself is can your daughter handle herself on her own or will be able to learn how. FWIW, your first impression will likely be...
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    OT: Why does soccer appeal

    Offsides is easy if you think of it this way. Once the ball is struck by an attacking player by way of foot, head, etc., any other attacking player who is closer to the opposing goal than every defender save the keeper is ineligible to touch the ball or otherwise influence play until the ball...
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