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  1. Skiblets

    Ok UConn nation. Let’s go 3 for 3 today

    Yesterday sucked with bad losses in baseball and hawkey. Time for bounce backs and a nice win by the cagers. Let’s go!!!
  2. Skiblets

    The irony of all ironies.

    Coaching searches. Conference alignment. You have to be kidding me. Jeff Hathaway – CarrSports Consulting
  3. Skiblets

    Springer $150m for 6 years w Toronto

    Well deserved
  4. Skiblets

    Anyone have a link to watch the game

    Thx in advance
  5. Skiblets

    OT. Real estate in the Mad River Valley (VT)

    First off I know VT taxes are crazy. That being said. Anyone own in the Mad River and thoughts about buying now versus two years from now post pandemic. Thx in advance
  6. Skiblets

    Same old Notre Dame. Part Deux

    If Bama doesn’t lose focus or call off the dogs too early they win by 40
  7. Skiblets

    Same old Notre Dame

    Paper champions every year.
  8. Skiblets

    Haven’t seen this mentioned about Hurley last night

    He looked Jim Calhoun level pissed off at his team in the second half with their piss poor man defense in the second half. One timeout he did no Xs and Os and just lit into them. Y’all catch that?
  9. Skiblets

    Looks like Josh Carlton will be odd man out

    Too early hot take ?
  10. Skiblets

    Any way to watch NFL game tonight on the interwebs

    At a place with no TV and wanting to get my fix. Thanks in advance Skibs
  11. Skiblets

    “They better get us now”

    Hurley was pretty prophetic a month or so ago.
  12. Skiblets

    What an absolute joke

    Just walked out of the Rent 1. Get a realOC 2. Defense has no pride 3. Why is the turnover machine (JZ) still playing in the 4th. 4. Game day experience still horrible. 5. No fire on the sideline how this school expects anyone to support this program is beyond me. horrible
  13. Skiblets

    We’ll need to be able to run the ball tonight.

    Wind is whipping. Could be the first ever two hour college football game
  14. Skiblets

    Minus 34 to Tulane

    Not LSU. Tulane. Tu. F ing Lane. And the worst part. No one is pissed. No one in the Admin seems to care. No one in the media is calling for radical changes. The new President would seemingly rather talk about his cup of coffee on the JV water polo team at USC than talk about...
  15. Skiblets

    With this kind of hard hitting research being done in Storrs

    Hard to believe UConn is not AAU and already in the Big 10 'Trash Talk' Really Can Put Players Off Their Game, UConn Researcher Finds - UConn Today#
  16. Skiblets

    AAC holding 5m payment in escrow

    Just flashed across my phone. First exit payment I guess. We want ze money Lebowski
  17. Skiblets

    OT. Best pizza on cape cod

    Joeys. Lower county road in Dennisport.
  18. Skiblets

    NCAA needs to address style of play

    Not sure about the rest of you but I found last nights two rock fights to be unwatchable . Tomorrow night could approach first half of us and Butler. Have to believe ratings for last night and tomorrow will be way down . Thoughts? Go to Euro rules perhaps with wider lanes and defensive...
  19. Skiblets

    Apparently we’ve been kicked out of Hockey East

    Or at least relegated Watching Bruins intermission.
  20. Skiblets

    Just further confirmation that Louisville fans are d, u, m dum

    I'm so mad about Brohm's decision to stay at Purdue, I'm gonna burn his jersey. Of course it's his brother's jersey Louisville fan burns Brohm jersey over Purdue decision
  21. Skiblets

    I don't care whose guys you have

    Pepperoni's Fiasco's Your first class... Whoever. This team rolled over. This is what, year 8 of straight up ineptitude? Hope a good thing. Please tell me where is the hope?
  22. Skiblets

    That first half play calling was atrocious

    Horrible, terrible. Ridiculous. Apparently we only know three running plays... And the QB sneak call on 4th and 2???? Someone want to explain that to me please? Very disappointing. We should have 17 or 21 points at least
  23. Skiblets

    So...are we a 3-3-5 or a 4-3?

    Randy and Betty better commit to one or the other... being sort of, kind of both i s confusing to the youngsters and , ......not working and brutal
  24. Skiblets

    This team is good enough to win the CAA

    1-0 in conference baby!!! Just kidding. Happy for these youngsters
  25. Skiblets

    Time for the Costanza defensive appoeoach

    Whatever they’ve been doing. Just do the opposite.
  26. Skiblets

    OT best license plate evah

    driving home from New Hampshire today in northern Massachusetts. ‘URMUMU’. While near his hometown it was not a member of AOs family
  27. Skiblets

    Greyson Allen strikes again

  28. Skiblets

    In a season of bad halves

    That might have been the worst.
  29. Skiblets

    Cutting the Cord - Need Feedback

    Don't have PlayStation. Don't watch much TV other than Sports, some news, some Discovery and NatGeo Leaning toward YouTube TV. Thoughts?
  30. Skiblets

    Hoping OU puts up 50 on Georgia

    maybe media will ask if Georgia belongs ...
  31. Skiblets

    That was Iike a Dr Pepper pass!!!

    theres no announcer better than Gus Johnson. Last play of third quarter Wisconsin OSU
  32. Skiblets

    The lack of desire to put a hat on a hat

    is the most troubling thing. Give me Greg Lloyd Jr on the goal line against ND. This team tackles in space like they’re playing flag football
  33. Skiblets

    Arkeel looks healthy

    Moving well in pregame. Dare to dream
  34. Skiblets

    So WTH are PSAs

    that Edsall is evaluating
  35. Skiblets


    Yeah boy.....
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