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    PT: Covid positivity rate drops below 5% nationally.

    There is so much time between now and then, it's wild to me that people want to speculate wildly about what infection rates will look like by then. I am cautiously optimistic, given the likelihood of another vaccine being approved soon (a single-shot vaccine as well). But there's just so many...
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    How long will the Big 10 season last?

    It's funnier if you imagine giving this speech in a nursing home. "Listen. Some of you are going to die. This is inevitable. But I need to watch UConn play UMass four times. I am sure you all understand the sacrifice I have decided you're going to make for me."
  3. Irish Loop

    UConn: Cancelling 2020 Season An Option? (Updated 8/5 to yes)

    From what I've been reading the fatality rate right now seems to be hovering around 0.5-1%, while the influenza death rate is usually around 0.1-03%, which makes COVID anywhere from 2-10 times more deadly (though significantly less deadly than, say, Ebola). However, as you noted, it is also...
  4. Irish Loop

    Power 5 leaders exploring holding their own fall sports championships

    The is the same line of BS managers try to use all the time. "You should take pride in your work and this company, and that's why I can't give you a raise this quarter." Pride is always what they try to sell you when they're exploiting you. The difference is these elite athletes cannot be...
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    Power 5 leaders exploring holding their own fall sports championships

    It's cool how you make it very obvious you think so little of them that they are either athletes or basically worthless members of society. "Either do this or pump gas." Did it over occur to you that someone who could be an elite athlete could also be elite in other ways?
  6. Irish Loop

    Power 5 leaders exploring holding their own fall sports championships

    Please. These kids are not getting anywhere near Fair Market Value for their labor. Yes, SOME go to Duke. Most go to Alabama, Auburn, Missouri, Texas, etc. Sometimes great schools. Often not. Certainly their athletic endeavors make them very unlikely to achieve a degree in anything particularly...
  7. Irish Loop

    UConn: Cancelling 2020 Season An Option? (Updated 8/5 to yes)

    Ah yes the No True Scotsman argument. any REAL athlete would want to play. If you're afraid and 19 years old, you're not a REAL athlete. Never mind that many professional athlete have decided not to play despite giving up MILLIONS of dollars, but if you're a kid and you are afraid, you aren't a...
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    Lwal Uguak, Jay Rose and UConn football teammates have a voice, and are using it to call for social change (Dom Amore)

    Institutional and structural racism are real. Whether you accept that reality makes no difference. Of all places, Ben and Jerry's actually has a great website about data supporting this: * White Americans control 90% of all American wealth: Black Americans control 2.6% * Black Americans are...
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    Lwal Uguak, Jay Rose and UConn football teammates have a voice, and are using it to call for social change (Dom Amore)

    I disagree with the premise that "division is being stoked." There has always been a division, whether people accepted it or not. Some people are treated differently, not for who they are, but simply for how they look. Kudos to these leaders are calling out this stuff. The sooner we can all...
  10. Irish Loop

    Is anyone else concerned?

    Have I noticed that our left-for-dead football program, which has endured quite possibly the worst decade in FBS history, and is in an recruiting dead zone vs superior historical programs aas well as an indifferent fan base and retread coach is not recruiting particularly well? Yes. Next question.
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    Bracketology 2021: We're In!

    Lunardi has us as a 10 seed in the South playing against UCLA and one of the "Last Four Byes."
  12. Irish Loop

    Why are Memphis, Navy and Cincinnati in the top 21 in preseason rankings and UConn is 125?

    Navy has history and is a service academy. Memphis and Cincinnati are schools in rich recruiting areas that are easy to get into. UConn is in a poor recruiting area and also our University won't relax admissions standards, which means, academically, we're competing against Penn State or...
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    Longtime Boneyard Poster Passed Away - Robertelamin

    I am so sorry for your loss and that @Robertelamin won't get to witness the re-emergency of UConn. He was the perfect age to watch UConn come of age, though. From the narrow misses to the glories. I am 39 and I remember crying when we lost to Duke in the Elite 8. I am sure Robert had a similar...
  14. Irish Loop

    CT State HS Basketball Tourney?

    I mean that's cool and great and you'll probably be fine but if you do contract Coronavirus you could easily pass it along to someone who is immunocompromised. That's the whole point of social isolation. To avoid infecting our most vulnerable members of society. Personally I am extremely...
  15. Irish Loop

    Barstool Court Storm

    I am sure if you tried a little harder you could've blamed Obama.
  16. Irish Loop

    Ben Gordon: “Where Is My Mind”

    Beautiful piece. Really illuminating. Once you've hit the point of your mental illness that you can talk about it, it usually means you aren't in the worst of it. Which is great. It is especially inspiring because so many Black Americans are suffering under the stigma of not being able to get...
  17. Irish Loop

    On a positive note...

    ... all of these double-OT losses are giving us a pretty significant amount of extra game time. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. Next year Bouknight will be halfway to a Junior!
  18. Irish Loop

    Gov. Ned Lamont proposes $55M investment in Hartford’s XL Center arena

    Anytime someone uses a derivative nickname for a politician I immediately stop listening to them. I know it's the internet, but you don't HAVE to act like a child.
  19. Irish Loop

    Ticket Prices Down ...

    I keep my ticket rep on read.
  20. Irish Loop

    Ticket Prices Down ...

    Nobody is that good.
  21. Irish Loop

    Edsall has to go

    I wish there was a betting marketplace where I could see a comment from Edsall in the media and then guess which Boneyard poster is going to call for him to be fired.
  22. Irish Loop

    XL Center renovation

    Attendance for UConn vs Iona at Gampel Pavilion was 5900 people. Not during break. On campus. Meanwhile over 7k showed up in Hartford to watch UConn play Saint Peter's. A much, much worse game. It's not 1991 anymore. Gampel is not some shiny new toy people are willing to drive across...
  23. Irish Loop

    XL Center renovation

    It's not just XL Center. It's Hartford. it's Connecticut. It's endless negativity and self-flagellation. I don't know what it is. Too many Catholics, maybe? Some people view everything through the prism of Government Is Bad. And everything comes back to that. UConn spending too much? Cut...
  24. Irish Loop

    I'm Anti Anti-Edsall

    There are basically two positions in this argument. 1. Edsall, despite being an apparently mediocre coach, is the guy we can afford and who wants to be here and is literally the only human on the Earth who has ever produced any success at UConn so I guess he's the guy even though it's been a...
  25. Irish Loop

    Transfer portal - outbound

    We'll absolutely miss Coyle, and maybe 1-2 others, like DeGeorge. It's not great. But they've graduated and Coyle is gonna get to play somewhere and maybe this is his last chance to win somewhere decent. I don't begrudge him that. Maybe we take a step forward next year, but it's not gonna be...
  26. Irish Loop

    OTish: Best Vegetarian Option in Stadium

    Not a ton of veggie options in the stadium I'll say. Which, I get it, makes total sense. My go-to is just some cheese pizza from Wooster Street Pizza which is not great but certainly does the trick. Wondering if maybe I missed some options? I haven't checked out every concession but seems like...
  27. Irish Loop

    Bouknight debuts

    I accept your trade of Vance Jackson for Sid Wilson when can he start
  28. Irish Loop

    Looking good for Javonte

    You ever punch a live horse? Real messy situation.
  29. Irish Loop

    So how many Trick or Treaters did you have?

    About 50. Which is interesting because I live in the Edgewood neighborhood of New Haven, which had previously been a pretty bad neighborhood but is now fairly stable/residential. Last year I got like 8, and the year before I got like 70. So I was glad to get a fair number this year. I really...
  30. Irish Loop

    XL Center Court

    Money. The word you were looking for is money, not urgency. CT residents do not want to spend the money to upgrade XL Center to the 21st century, and prefer to stick to our state pasttime: complaining about it.
  31. Irish Loop

    Mike Anthony: UConn and UMass, with so much work to do, will support each other through the challenges of independent football

    You sound like Bee Cee You. How's being "the only college football team in New England" working out for their program?
  32. Irish Loop

    Turn out the lights

    As I was driving 50 minutes from New Haven to East Hartford, all I could think of what a waste of time and money this would be on a beautiful Saturday. Sure, the tailgate is nice, but once again, a horrific game of football losing to a terrible team. No hope of ever really getting better. It...
  33. Irish Loop

    Fair pay to play act just signed in to law in CA.

    Any student at any University can sign any endorsement deal or sell their likeness, etc. Whether they're a video game streamer or a magician or a comedian. But not athletes. All that money has to go directly to the NCAA. The cartel will be broken up.
  34. Irish Loop

    Student Section is a Joke

    I don't know. There isn't that much competition in terms of things to do in Connecticut and it's a heck of a lot cheaper/more convenient than going to a Pats or Giants game. Which are both well-attended by folks. We have no pro sports teams either. So if UConn was decent-ish, it has a grip on...
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