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  1. uconndogs

    I think I have a great idea!

    One game for the National Championship. ARMY vs NAVY Why not put the spotlight on those that give the most of themselves in the most selfless way? Put a national spotlight on the best of America at a time of so much fear and turbulenc. Only fans would be the Cadets on one side and the...
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    From my perspective about 50% of college football fans want their football coach fired every week. I think programs can and do harm themselves pulling the trigger too early and often on coaching changes. I am also an Edsall fan. Do I think he's Vince Lombardi? No. But, he took this...
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    Did Gilmartin play?

    Did not see him and he’s not in the box score.
  4. uconndogs

    Ticket Services

    Going to be in Seattle in Sept. when the other Huskies play Hawaii. Stubhub doesn’t have tickets yet, but it looks like SeatGeek does. I know some of these sites are not reputable. Anybody know anything about SeatGeek? Much thanks.
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    We’re in an awful place

    This defense is bad by epic proportions. I was concerned last season that none of the underclassmen where pressing seniors for playing time. It’s obvious why that was the case now. This group should be better next year, but from what base? Marginal FCS talent? Memphis rushed for 400 yards...
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    The Orange will be brutal

    On the way back from the West Coast I was able to watch the UCONN game and Syracuse - FSU game. FSU is simply not a very good football team, but the Cuse beat them like a drum on both sides of the ball. The Orange have a stout and physical defense and a very solid offensive line. Honestly, if...
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    Speed and the return game

    Was thinking of the success we've had over the years with the return game. It featured some very good (if not highly recruited) athletes and I think it points to recruiting deficiencies in some areas. These kids were all burners and highly successful returning kicks and punts: Brunch, Butler...
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    Best performance this season........

    Diaco's agent! I'm not kidding. That was duck*ing masterful!
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    At game - observations

    I think I'm pretty balanced with this stuff, but yesterday was very disappointing in terms of a prognosis for UCONN football. My thoughts on the game and moving forward: Beautiful day, nice stadium, great city. Had a very nice time. Lots of UCONN fans in attendance. I have no idea how many...
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    Heading to BC game......

    What's the best way to assure I get tickets in the UCONN section? Much thanks.
  11. uconndogs

    I can't believe how incredibly busy folks in CT must be.....

    That was a good game yesterday and pretty exciting. Throughout the 4th quarter folks left in droves. I stayed with my daughter to watch the song at the end of the game. We walked out to our car and we were on the street about 10 minutes after getting to our car. I honestly don't get it.
  12. uconndogs

    Fire Diaco, he's an idiot!

    Oh wait. Is this the wrong week for that? :)
  13. uconndogs

    I'm just going to come out and say it - this is what I want....

    With a pending B12 invite the ACC extends an offer to take us in. Then, what I want is very simple...... I want 'n bloody, beating hearts of BC and Syracuse on a platter. Because on a level playing field, they know what happens when they compete with UCONN, and it ends very poorly...
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    UCONN vs BC, Sat. Nov. 19, Alumni Stadium, Chestnut Hill, MA

    I've been at Conti when UCONN took over that gym as our home court. It was awesome. It would easily be 50% or more UCONN fans and we were vocal. How great would it be to get 10,000 Husky fans in Alumni? We could easily be 25% of the fans that day and if BC struggles next season, which they...
  15. uconndogs

    2015 vs 2014

    To me, the big question is direction and projection of the program under Diaco's leadership. Yesterday was frustrating, but I don't see it as indicative of a lack of progress or that the program can't and won't continue to improve under Diaco. That we continue to struggle on offense is...
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    Official UCONN vs BYU prediction thread

    Redemption and some revenges. Arkeel's coming out party with over 200 yards of total offense. Defense is solid and Huskies win the turnover battle 3-1. 24-20 Huskies!
  17. uconndogs

    Official UCONN vs Navy prediction thread

    Army was great prep for the Midshipmen and Navy finds it is facing the best defense it has seen so far. Shirrefs gets what he wants in the passing game and Max and Arkeel split 30 carries and 100 yards. We do not miss an extra point. Dogs 24-17.
  18. uconndogs

    Diaco is kind of nuts, and I like it....

    Let's face it, the last two seasons have been absolutely miserable. Fan attention has been in a death spiral and it was about inconceivable that we could hang with a Mizzou. The Civil Conflict, three fake kicks in one game, and god knows some of the stuff Diaco says is straight looney tunes...
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    Official UCONN vs Mizzou prediction thread

    No way UCONN can take on the SEC elite. Remember what happened when the Huskies had to take on the Gamecocks in the Papa Johns? Same thing. Physical and staunch D coupled with a solid run game and opportunistic play action. We win the turnover battle 3-1. We win the game 20-17.
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    OfficIal UCONN vs Army prediction thread

    There is a revenge factor and this UCONN team knows this is an important game. This one will not be overlooked. Johnson pounds away for 100+ and that opens up the passing game for Sherriffs and crew. I think either the defense or specials gets a TD. The defense does a nice job with the...
  21. uconndogs

    Official UCONN vs Nova prediction thread

    UCONN controls both lines of scrimmage, rushes for 125 yards and gets 3 sacks. Special team score by Newsome. Defense sets up another score on a fumble recovery. Dogs 31-27
  22. uconndogs


    Had to have his palm placed between his shoulder blades to keep Olie around and witness a NC to walk into contract negotiations. Diaco... Umbrella drink in hand when Louisville to ACC announced. I continue to have my doubts.
  23. uconndogs

    We're in a really bad spot....

    How bad you ask? We'll be dogs at home to Villanova to start next season.....we might be getting as many as 7 points. This thing has fallen off a cliff since Edsall left. I really don't know what to make of Diaco. He clearly felt the need to break the whole thing down and rebuild from...
  24. uconndogs

    Official UCONN vs Stonybrook prediction thread

    I usually post some drivel about my clairvoyant view of how the game will be played, the score and, of course, always predicting a UCONN win. Not this week. What I realistically expect is a game that will be more challenging than the fans expect. I think UCONN wins, but it's probably less...
  25. uconndogs

    Official UCONN vs BYU Prediction Thread

    The Diaco era starts. Its inauspicious, as BYU takes it's opening drive down the field and Hill runs in from about 10 yards for 6. But, BYU's only other score is a field goal before the half and UCONN goes in at half time down only 10-3. The Rent is a rock'in in the second half. A sweep to...
  26. uconndogs

    Geno's right, it's up to us now....

    .... and I don't mean the football team. I mean as fans, supporters and alum. These basketball teams did unbelievable work this past season. Our coaches and players represented our University beautifully. They did all they could and more to show the country what UCONN is all about. Football...
  27. uconndogs

    What you have to remember about the Orange....

    For some of the younger followers here, it's important to recall that Syracuse played at a national level that UCONN did not in either hoops and, of course, football not all that long ago. Syracuse has had a few " how the hell did this happen" moments. The first was JC bringing the...
  28. uconndogs

    Congratulations to BC on another record breaking season...

    BC has lost a total of 63 games over the last three seasons, culminating in this season's record of 24 losses. Truly a Rutgers-esq performance. It is not inconceivable that within the next 5-10 years that BC could make a serious run at an NIT appearance.
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    How talented was the 2012 defense?

    Between the 2012 and 2013 draft as many as six of the starters will be drafted in the first four rounds of the NFL draft - Trevardo, Sio, Yawin, Blide, Dwayne and possibly Shamar. Now throw Joseph who was playing at as NFL califer draft pick prior to his injury, Wirth who played at an...
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    sorry guys............just wanted to be the first to post that
  31. uconndogs

    The running game.

    I have no idea what Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber (P and GDL) were thinking with this offense, but how the running game got so duckked up is a mystery to me. Even in a crisis scenario TJ and Foley were able to get this to something approaching competence. This may not be the best OL, but it is...
  32. uconndogs

    Drastic times call for drastic measures - Official UCONN-SMU Prediction Thread

    I have never done this before and swore I never would. But, these are desperate times and continuing to do the same things can only lead to the same outcomes. For the first time EVER I am predicting a UCONN loss. I do this with a heavy heart hoping for reverse mojo. You have to do what you...
  33. uconndogs

    Official Louisville vs UCONN prediction thread....

    I got nothing...... Dogs in a huge upset, 27-24.
  34. uconndogs

    Well, it's a full fledged disaster and it's only going to get....

    .....much, much worse. I said before the season started that if we could not control the offensive line of scrimmage and run the ball this team would be in enormous trouble with a defense that had huge holes to fill from the previous season. This team, and in particular the defense, is now...
  35. uconndogs

    Glutton for punishment....official UCONN vs UCF prediction thread

    Arguably the best team in the conference and we stun the world......again! Dogs, finally 27-24
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