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  1. RM99

    This team has gotten worse

    This game was disappointing from the first few minutes. Never attacked the press. I’m usually a positive fan but not today.
  2. RM99

    Nice article on Caron Butler in the Courant

    Everyone needs to read his book. Tuff Juice!
  3. RM99

    Sad news - Cliff Robinson has passed away

    I knew Clifford when he was at UCONN, he was smart, funny and full of mischief. He was also loyal and made a good friend.
  4. RM99

    Caron Butler on the Players Tribune

    I recommend his book Tuff Juice.
  5. RM99

    You can only pick 3 Jerseys.

  6. RM99

    Longtime Boneyard Poster Passed Away - Robertelamin

    I’m so sorry to read this. I enjoyed his posts and respected his opinions.
  7. RM99

    Tom Izzo Out of Control

    MSU players tend to stay for four years. He must be doing something right. I miss Jim Calhoun every day! He was tough but his players respected him and created a family.
  8. RM99

    Chief’s Briefs - USF Edition

    Is it too early to blame the coaching?
  9. RM99

    Roll Call: UConn vs Syracuse

    How long from North Carolina? Would love to be there to see the win and the snow! Will just have to yell from home! Let’s go Huskies!!
  10. RM99

    Statement from KO

    UCONN shoots itself in the foot again is the best headline for this fiasco. Everything the athletic office and others in charge do gets negative headlines. Getting rid of KO because he’s losing could have been done in a quiet thank you for your service way. Pay him the money, or come to a...
  11. RM99

    UConn Vs. St. John’s

    If they played in January 2019 it would be the 29th anniversary of the opening of Gampel, which was against St. John’s. Or wait for a year and celebrate the 30th Anniversary by beating them again!
  12. RM99

    Uconn's AD Mount Rushmore

    Toner, Dee Rowe
  13. RM99

    Uconn's AD Mount Rushmore

    Toner, Dee Rowe
  14. RM99

    Goodman: Hurley to Uconn

    Six years, then he’ll go to Duke. If not before! When did the Boneyard start embracing Dookies? I thought we hated Everything Duke!
  15. RM99

    Some Guy: UConn close to signing Hurley

    Hurley is taking too long. Why do we want someone who isn’t jumping at being the head coach at UCONN? He’s waiting for the Duke job and doesn’t want to move his family too many times. Let’s get Ryan Odom!
  16. RM99

    Some Guy: UConn close to signing Hurley

    Let’s just go after Ryan Odom! I liked everything about his team and he wouldn’t take all this time realizing this is the job for him. Either you want to be a Husky or not!
  17. RM99

    Just found this delightful nugget in my files.

    UCONN fans realized at this moment that it would never be easy for Connecticut basketball. The fact this was such a big deal instead of retaliation for the times Sellers was fouled the entire game and never got a call. Dukes golden boy was punished for being a bully and this was unheard of...
  18. RM99

    OT: Soup Campbell

    My votes go to Calvin Murphy, who could also twirl a mean baton and sometimes did at half time, and Wilkey Gilmore!
  19. RM99

    28 years ago today....

    I remember those days vividly and fondly. UCONN was never favorited but we had something nobody else had...Jim Calhoun.
  20. RM99

    UConn fans rooting for?

    I like Penn because they probably are the only team with players not getting paid. March has lost it’s excitement!
  21. RM99

    A little more like UConn basketball

    Looks like the rats are trying to get back on the ship! Go Huskies!!
  22. RM99

    Caron Butler played for 9 teams in his 16-year @NBA career. Today, he’s retiring...

    I have so much respect for this man. I loved him as a player and have followed his outstanding career. His book is a must read!
  23. RM99

    Gilbert is committed

    I love this guy and his positive attitude! Go Huskies! Bleed Blue!
  24. RM99

    Love hearing Shabazz was in town.

    One of the things I love about Connecticut basketball is how former players stay involved, The Family! This team needed to be reminded about that and SN is a great one to do that! Go Huskies!
  25. RM99

    I'm on the platform

    I’m on the train. Never been a platform kind of person. I liked the team’s cohesiveness, energy and feistiness! Let’s Go Huskies!
  26. RM99

    Are we about to go on an 8-game losing streak?

    It’s a good thing the team is more positive than it’s fans. Go Huskies!
  27. RM99

    Official Silence the Shocker Game Thread

    No moral victory! I want to win this freaking game! I hope the team does too!!
  28. RM99

    2018 Recruiting: All 3 of our recruits got a bump up; Kisunas in particular

    This is a really nice recruiting class coming in next year. Let’s hope they don’t read the boneyard and that KO stays. Without Kevin this group will go somewhere else. Let’s go Huskies!!
  29. RM99


    After reading many of the posts on the boneyard I’ve come to the conclusion that if in fact recruits do read these posts we aren’t going to get anyone in the next few years. Yes, we have a second rate conference, KO doesn’t seem to be putting together a National Championship Team, our players...
  30. RM99

    Bored At Work?

    I’m ready for the game tonight! The one thing that stands out to me in both of these videos is the love the team members have for each other. The “brotherhood”. Love and trust make National Champions! Go Huskies! Thanks for posting these videos.
  31. RM99

    Does KO teach these guys how to run offense?

    All we need is to add 3 inches and 35 pounds to our bigs and we can win a National Championship! I love this team...but did you see the size of MSU? We will be fun to watch and I think we can have a good season but it’s tough to play against the teams with that size. Go Huskies!!
  32. RM99

    What level of accomplishment this season would satisfy you

    Make the tournament and beat Syracuse!
  33. RM99

    True or False Question

    BC didn't want recruiting competition, ACC coaches consider themselves white collar and JC blue collar, the ACC hates that UCONN became a competitive program and still can't believe UCONN wins championships. Any hint of "wrong doing" was just a conveniently added reason to ignore UCONN. The...
  34. RM99

    Wetzel and Thamel: Susan is naive

    As usual when the NCAA's favorites are drowning in the mud they make sure UCONN gets splashed. They just can't accept our 4 championships! Let's just keep on winning them!
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