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  1. tentoes4rings

    Stock trading

    We started discussing this in another thread so I decided to start a new thread. Would love to know what sectors and stocks people are in, with successes and if you want to share, bad trades or holds. My brief story below: Traded a lot from 99-01 but volatility of Dot Com Market collapse forced...
  2. tentoes4rings

    Sid suspended indefinitely

    Wow, tough to have for a team with such a thin rotation. This kid obviously just doesn’t get it.
  3. tentoes4rings

    Late arriving fans

    Has anyone else noticed or been bothered by how many fans arrive at our games late? The place looked half full about 10 minutes before tip and then people started pouring in. A good % got there 20-30 minutes after tip-off. It’s just frustrating to have view obstructed during big moments by...
  4. tentoes4rings

    UConn +2, early line

    Thoughts? I expected more like 4-5 but being home has it close.
  5. tentoes4rings

    Matt Garry’s Rudy moment

    What a surreal environment and setup at the end of the game today. Not sure if they mentioned this on tv, 500 people from Southington and/or friends and family of Matt Garry were in attendance. Everything was storybook in its unfolding, Huge chants of Garry starting at the 10 minute mark...
  6. tentoes4rings

    Sid= Rudy Johnson?

    So many big performances today but Sid’s energy and rebounding were huge. Guy’s roles are being formed and some like Sid are taking on different roles from what was originally expected. A high energy, athletic swing man like Sid is so invaluable. Rudy may have been a purer scorer but I see...
  7. tentoes4rings

    Inbound passes

    While the offense is evolving and roles are being formed, what a damn pleasure it’s been to see a team consistently inbound the ball again! Under the last staff, it felt like we were being water boarded during each inbound pass and being relieved when we didn’t turn the ball over. It’s nice to...
  8. tentoes4rings

    ESPN Ranking all NCAA Champions

    ESPN has released a list of how Virginia ranks vs all previous NCAA champions. Interesting to see that our 99 team is ranked 21 but 2004 is 51. 11 and 14 were ranked 59 and 60. Maybe they looked at the 03-04 team’s 6 losses. I’m ok with the rest of the list, but I think they significantly...
  9. tentoes4rings

    NCAA Tourney games, who’s less dirty?

    My interest is limited already when UConn isn’t in the tourney, then watching these Friday games I realized all 4 teams playing now have had recent scandals. LSU has been caught paying players, Auburn’s assistant was taking bribes and paying players’ families, UNC had the most blatant academic...
  10. tentoes4rings

    Diallo In the dunk contest

    What an insane athlete, just jumped over Shaq for a perfect 50. His overall game needs polish but he’s fun to watch dunk. Great matchup here vs Dennis Smith Jr.
  11. tentoes4rings

    Most impactful Husky ever

    When I was considering who to choose for which all time Husky would impact this team the most, it reminded me of which Husky I’ve seen impact a complete game more so than any other. Mek, Kemba, Bazz are all good choices but to me the most dynamic player ever was 93-94 Donyell. I remember...
  12. tentoes4rings

    World Series thread

    Since the JBJ thread has devolved into a discussion about cities I’m starting this. I thoroughly enjoyed being at Game 1, one of the best nights of my life. Here are some notes from that night and the series: Went back and forth with my friend all day on which section tickets to buy. Late in...
  13. tentoes4rings

    Game 1 World Series, Parking

    Heading to the game in a bit. What’s the best T stop you guys use coming from CT? I’ve parked at the Newton Highland one in the past, but wondering if there’s a better one. Any parking suggestions closer to the park? Thanks in advance.
  14. tentoes4rings

    Home audio setups

    Since music threads have been very active on here, I wanted to see what everyone uses for their home stereo setups. I’ve had many different systems the past 10 years or so, ranging from 7.2 surround sound down to a 2 channel system with turntable. My main system is a late 70s Onkyo receiver...
  15. tentoes4rings

    Golf Lessons

    After playing 14 years and still struggling, I’m ready to take a series of lessons, preferably video oriented. I’m considering GolfTec or the head pro at Chris Cote’s in Portland. Does anyone have suggestions for an instructor who helped them considerably? Thanks in advance.
  16. tentoes4rings

    Kobe rocking UConn gear

    At girls game. Pretty cool to see a HOFer not affiliated with our school repping our brand!
  17. tentoes4rings

    Cause for playing Onourah

    Could this be an acceptable reason for UConn to get out of KO’s contract.
  18. tentoes4rings

    UCF-Cinci; 19-15

    After the clamps UCF just put on UC in the first half, I’m feeling even better about how our guys executed their offense. Keep it going tonight.
  19. tentoes4rings


    Thought the kid played fantastic today. 4 and 4 in 16 very important minutes. Nice jump hook and sweet looking jumper at a time when we needed some O. Also played great D to allow us to go on the big first half run. He seems to have his confidence now and could be a big contributor the rest of...
  20. tentoes4rings

    Daniel Hamilton, the shooter

    I love watching this kid play, as he can affect the game in so many ways. He's an elite rebounder and excellent facilitator. The problem is he's a 38% career shooter and takes the most shots on the team, despite being statistically the worst shooter on the team. They used to say Jason Kidd...
  21. tentoes4rings

    No Omar Thread?

    I'm surprised that wasn't one of the first threads posted last night. I've been critical of Omar at times but have to give the kid a lot of credit for staying ready and having a big game after being thrust into the starting lineup. Had a very efficient 14 points to lead the team. I thought Facey...
  22. tentoes4rings

    Drummond Player of the week

    Andre is blowing up and carrying the Husky alum mantle almost singlehandedly right now. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes just the 3rd player in last 35 years to average 20 and 15 (Moses Malone 82-83, Kevin Love) What a joy this kid is to watch and root for...
  23. tentoes4rings

    Conference breakdown of remaining teams

    A little troubling from a recruiting standpoint to see the way things are playing out. All 4 teams in the Elite Eight are from P5 conferences, with a minimum of 6, most likely 7 after tonight. If Duke holds serve as expected, the ACC will have 3 of eight teams. I know I'll be rooting hard for...
  24. tentoes4rings

    Matt Barnes

    Got to meet and take a pic with Matt Barnes today at Spring Training. He was far and away the most gracious player toward the fans. Signed a ton, took pics, chatted people up. Just wanted to share a quick story of a fellow Husky representing the university extremely well. See attachment for how...
  25. tentoes4rings

    Nolan and Omar

    While a strong argument can be made for how the youth of this team is responsible for much of this team's sloppiness and lack of execution, people seem to overlook that the reason we rely so much on freshmen and sophomores is because our two juniors have killed us this year. Phil had zero...
  26. tentoes4rings

    Rodney's free throw routine

    Rodney is starting to consistently knock down threes but this improved stroke hasn't translated to his free throw shooting. The reason in my opinion is his form is completely different. He has a routine of bouncing the ball and then flipping the ball in the air to his left hand prior to...
  27. tentoes4rings

    UConn and NBA Brand

    We've thrown a lot of theories around recently on why we're not getting top 100 recruits, especially ones who didn't grow up watching UConn like Adams and Enoch. While we love to throw around championships and the benefits kids get from playing under KO, I think playing in the NBA and who helps...
  28. tentoes4rings

    Tempo: 1-7 when scoring under 60

    I've seen mention in a few threads about last night being a rock fight against Cincinnati. And that leads to the question, why do we continually seem to let other teams dictate the pace and force us into a slug it out half court game? Before the season KO stressed how much this team was going...
  29. tentoes4rings

    Andre, another night at the office

    Huge performance again from the big fella: 26 and 17 with 4 steals and 3 blocks in a win. So happy for this kid and his development. He, Kemba and Rudy are the NBA face of the program right now. Scary to think how high his ceiling still might be.
  30. tentoes4rings

    Will UNC receive any punishment?

    The more time that quietly goes by, you have to wonder if UNC will receive any kind of real punishment for a huge academic scandal. Just last week Battier and Jay Williams were doing a segment with 2 UNC players on how to post and feed the post. Can you imagine if UConn had committed anywhere...
  31. tentoes4rings

    Charlie V's twin

    Brandon Peel looks like Charlie's twin. Has some game too.
  32. tentoes4rings

    Spurs-Blazers Triple OT

    The NBA has taken its hits here for years but the caliber of play lately, especially in the Western Conference is the best I've seen in years. Check this game out if you're not already. Lillard looks like a young AI, amazing how good he's gotten.
  33. tentoes4rings

    AJ vs Bazz

    Right now on ESPN. AJ getting some meaningful run here.
  34. tentoes4rings

    Congrats Charlie!

    Just saw that CV made the final cut and made the Mavericks roster over Doron Lamb and two other guys. Cuban loves his ability to bring instant offense off the bench. He seems to have worked very hard to make the team, congrats on your hard work paying off CV.
  35. tentoes4rings

    Matt Barnes 4th UConn player in Majors

    With his call up to the Red Sox last night, that makes 4 UConn players currently on MLB rosters. It's great to see the other sports keeping the brand alive and highly visible during the off season. Proud as always to be a Husky alum.
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