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  1. Skiblets

    Ok UConn nation. Let’s go 3 for 3 today

    Even better !!
  2. Skiblets

    Marquette Game Day Haiku

    Eagles will not fly For this primary reason Warriors no more
  3. Skiblets

    Ok UConn nation. Let’s go 3 for 3 today

    Yesterday sucked with bad losses in baseball and hawkey. Time for bounce backs and a nice win by the cagers. Let’s go!!!
  4. Skiblets

    UConn vs. Maine (Fri. 2/26/21@4p on & Sat. 2/27/21@4p on CW20). Both games @ Freitas Ice Forum

    The Cavanaugh curse. Usually it’s sacred heart or some team like that. This year it’s Maine
  5. Skiblets

    2021 Spring Roster updated...

    Only 8 seniors or grad students. Still a very young team comparatively speaking
  6. Skiblets

    Spring Football 2021 begins...

    Put down the pipe
  7. Skiblets

    Spring Football 2021 begins...

    They look so much bigger. Like a real 1A team
  8. Skiblets

    Updated -> UConn vs. #11 Boston University (2/20/21 @ Freitas Ice Forum @ 4p on CW20)

    Why are you digging in on this so much? What if two of their goalies were hurt in a normal season ? Would they be able to cancel? And why are they good playing one game tomorrow but not two this weekend? Why not cancel both? Lastly. Why is HE being so cryptic about it? It’s just...
  9. Skiblets

    The irony of all ironies.

    Coaching searches. Conference alignment. You have to be kidding me. Jeff Hathaway – CarrSports Consulting
  10. Skiblets

    UConn's Greatest Moments

    I froze my azz off in Birmingham but it was worth it. Kashifs one handed catch and Edsall taking a knee so as not to run up the score on Spurrier. The pasquloni and Diaco years set us back to the start of 1A
  11. Skiblets

    OT: The picker on Duke & Jalen J.

    Good on @jaybilas for calling out Boeheim. Also for implying the nose picker is a racist without having to use the word. ESPN: Serving sports fans. Anytime. Anywhere. Edit. Can’t paste the video but on their home page
  12. Skiblets

    UConn's Greatest Moments

    Football team starting to look and feel like the Edsall teams of old. Bigger. Faster. Now we need better results.
  13. Skiblets

    Updated -> UConn vs. #11 Boston University (2/20/21 @ Freitas Ice Forum @ 4p on CW20)

    I’ve just never seen it happen before
  14. Skiblets

    Updated -> UConn vs. #11 Boston University (2/20/21 @ Freitas Ice Forum @ 4p on CW20)

    Seems odd for the league to step in and cancel if this is the reason. We are playing without two really productive forwards. What is the threshold?
  15. Skiblets

    Josh Boone Playing for USA Basketball

    And by hung out I don’t mean in an @Chief00 way. Just that we were at the same table and I think he was in flip flops for a black tie event.
  16. Skiblets

    Josh Boone Playing for USA Basketball

    I hung out with Travis knight at a fundraiser in Hartford probably 10 years ago and then bumped into him in the Austin airport 5 years later. Just a good good guy. Fishing now I believe
  17. Skiblets

    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Taking His Time with Recruiting Process (Syracuse on SI)

    Kids getting really good coaching at Central. Learning to play defense which is non existent in AAU. All the attention he gets from defenses has made him a great passer for a HS junior. He’s now developing his outside game as well. NHe plays against enough high talent on his Spartans team...
  18. Skiblets

    #20 UConn vs. #16 Providence (Friday 2/12/21 @ Schneider Arena @ 4:30 on NESN+ -> Saturday Game Cancelled)

    Lose to them in hoops , get waxed in hockey At least they won’t beat us this spring on the baseball diamond!!
  19. Skiblets

    #20 UConn @ UMass-Lowell (Tuesday 2/9/21 @ Tsongas Center @ 5p on NESN)

    First time I watched them all year. And picked game up in second period. Will say this. Their neutral zone and defenaive zone discipline is light years ahead of previous years. Much more aggressive and fewer odd man rushes. I was impressed. The outcome was a bummer but they look...
  20. Skiblets

    UConn football is ahead of schedule headed into spring ball (McFarlane/Courant)

    Jim. You nailed it. You seem very reasonable which makes me wonder why you bother with this clown and all his insecurities
  21. Skiblets

    Game Day Haiku

    You get concurrence From at least this Boneyarder Go ahead , delete
  22. Skiblets

    Game Day Haiku

    Clash rock the casbah Prefer the Mescaleros Joe at his finest
  23. Skiblets

    Game Day Haiku

    I am a white man Went to hammer smith palais Whilst was in London
  24. Skiblets

    Game Day Haiku

    So line two now fixed Mojo gods rightly called out Lacking haiku skillz
  25. Skiblets

    Game Day Haiku

    A Clash shout out eh? Hope Our long distance ballers Make long distance hoops
  26. Skiblets

    Game Day Haiku

    Butler falls in Storrs Gampel better than Hinkel This is not Hoosiers
  27. Skiblets

    Springer $150m for 6 years w Toronto

    Players are taxed based on where the games are played so theoretically only one half of that gets grabbed by Canada. And if they play home games in the states this year even less. I think he’ll be ok either way though. Heard he bought a place in the Avon area recently so putting down...
  28. Skiblets

    Springer $150m for 6 years w Toronto

    Well deserved
  29. Skiblets

    Hot Sauce!!!

    The Edsall’s are good people. Have known them a long time. Randy’s generosity comes as no surprise.
  30. Skiblets

    Bouk out indefinitely

    There’s no Horde anymore. There’s like 4 or 5 writers and a bunch of part time bloggers
  31. Skiblets

    An ugly win gets prettier and prettier as the season wears on

    I never agree with Pal. Never. Until today. Good. Ugly. Win. First taste of Top 25. I’m sure plenty of chirping from DePaul Overrated. Etc. still. Got the win. Now move on
  32. Skiblets

    Best High School BB Coach Ever in the State of Connecticut

    Gotta be Saulsbury followed by Reilly.
  33. Skiblets

    Anyone have a link to watch the game

    Thx in advance
  34. Skiblets

    Purdue fires defensive coordinator Bob Diaco after one season

    I feel sorry for him now. He can’t hold a job and it’s gotta be tough on him and his family. I blame Warde for what Diaco wrought here more than I blame Diaco himself. I hope he finds a football home for the next 3-5 years.
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