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  1. Matrim55

    DePaul's final 7 possessions

    We forced six turnovers. Go back and watch from the under 4 timeout until the final buzzer... really great defense from our guys combined with a pretty staggering lack of composure and execution from theirs.
  2. Matrim55

    Nice Steve Pikiell anecdote

    From a friend of mine at Stony Brook: Ha. Good guy. I worked in the athletic department as an assistant academic advisor before moving into the libraries. One of the few coaches that was willing to chew out a kid for not putting in the work on the academic side. Made me proud to hear that. I...
  3. Matrim55

    Every NBA team's top play of the decade

    Stumbled upon this last night: Four UConn guys show up in these clips – three good, one bad. One of our guys shows up twice (you can probably guess who, and know exactly which clip one of them is). We've had such great talent come through this program over the past 30 years. Nice to see us...
  4. Matrim55

    No Foul – Game was over

    Tough L Cincy
  5. Matrim55

    Three Takeaways – St. Peter's edition

    No. 1: Too No. 2: Many No. 3: Turnovers There are two aspects of the sport – rebounding and turnovers – where if a team gets sooooo bad at it, almost nothing else matters. Rebounding killed us against St. Joe's, and we improved. Turnovers killed us against Indiana, and... yeah. It's college...
  6. Matrim55

    Three Takeaways – Iona Edition

    No. 1: Hurley has called Akok something to the effect of a "culture builder," talking about his enthusiasm and team-oriented approach to literally everything, and man it was on display tonight during that big run to start the 2nd half: Akok missed a 12-footer, but Carlton followed it up by...
  7. Matrim55

    Andre Jackson has the best hops in UConn history

    Oh. My. God.
  8. Matrim55

    Three Takeaways – Miami Edition

    No. 1: The biggest strength this staff has had so far is the ability to get the players to improve. I know that's somewhat controversial given how frustrating both AG and CV have been this year, but CV is a MUCH better player than he was two years ago, and basically the entire rest of the roster...
  9. Matrim55

    Three Takeaways – Xavier edition

    No. 1: We're better than I thought we would be. Obviously it's inconsistent, obviously the offense can disappear, obviously we leave points on the table with missed bunnies and, uh, let's call it "questionable" guard play. But if you'd offered me these kinds of games – legitimate dogfights...
  10. Matrim55

    Three Takeaways – Florida edition

    No. 1: Enjoy this. Been a while. No. 2: Don't get too low – there's enough talent on this team to beat the occasional top 20 opponent. Tyler & Josh stepping up like this was such a pleasant surprise. No. 3: Don't get too high – there isn't enough talent to avoid the occasional humiliating loss...
  11. Matrim55

    Three Takeaways – St. Joe's edition

    No. 1: Our recruiting class rankings over the past four years were 8th, 84th, 118th and 18th. Our two good classes out of that group – the 8th-ranked 2016 class and the 18th-ranked 2019 class – were decimated by injuries, transfers, suspensions and academic ineligibility. In other words, this...
  12. Matrim55

    Three Takeaways – Sacred Heart edition

    No. 1: Our defensive intensity was there throughout, and though that led to some overpursuit I'd rather see us be too aggressive than not aggressive enough. We forced 25+ turnovers and held them down around 30% shooting. The problem was our defensive intensity ended the moment a shot went up...
  13. Matrim55

    UConn in the NBA, 2019/20

    Kemba has been crushing it with the Celtics. He's scored the most points over the first five games of anyone in C's history, and done so with a smile on his face. The biggest moment probably came last night in a win over the Knicks, when... he didn't even touch the ball! Stevens ran the same...
  14. Matrim55

    Blue, the pom-sky

    Good pup. His name is Blue. Good mojo.
  15. Matrim55

    Jalen Adams on ESPN tonight (6:30 pm – Vegas Summer League)

    After a DNP-CD in New Orleans' first summer league game, Jalen came off the bench for 23 minutes in the second game, and has started the next two. Here are the boxscores: Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 He's averaging 9.3 ppg on 10/21 shooting (3/8 from 3, 5/6 FT), 2.7 rpg, 3.7 apg, 2 turnovers and 1.3...
  16. Matrim55

    Kemba Walker, Tremont Waters & the Celtics

    Never forget that this kid absolutely, 100% would've been ours if our previous head coach had put in even a tiny bit of recruiting effort. Gonna be rooting for him as if he was a UConn alum. Because he should've been. EDIT: In case the tweet's not showing up for some people, here's the text of...
  17. Matrim55

    UConn free agents: Kemba, Rudy & JLamb

    As expected, Kemba has signed a max deal with the Celtics (which makes me very happy). Rudy re-upped with San Antonio for two years at $16 million per. Great last payday for him. Feels like a slight overpay on San Antonio's part, but Rudy had the best two-way year of his career last year (he's...
  18. Matrim55

    Jeremy Lamb (NBA free agency)

    I enjoyed this write-up: We all know Kemba's one of the biggest fish in the sea this summer, but it's nice to see Jeremy getting some love as well. I hope he gets a big, fat bag – and also plays for a team that gets on national TV a bunch. Could make a lot of sense for the Sixers tbh...
  19. Matrim55

    Houston were the far better team

    1) I hope they don't choke in the tourney this year. 2) I hope Hurley remembers this loss, and the players remember this loss, and the program remembers this loss as we build out a more familiar, traditionally UConn-level roster over the next couple of years. And I hope that every time we see...
  20. Matrim55

    Andre Drummond: Player of the Week

    For those of you who haven't been keeping up, Andre's been an absolutely monster on both ends of the court since Jan. 1, and has really cranked it up since the All-Star game.
  21. Matrim55

    Drummond: 32 points, 17 rebounds (full highlights)

    'Dre's had a weird year. His boxscore numbers have been good but the underlying numbers have been bad. That said, over the past month he's been incredible by the boxscore numbers, the underlying numbers and the eye test. 29 & 20 the other day, 32 & 17 tonight. He's leading the league in...
  22. Matrim55


    Didn't have his best game – 16/5/5 on 7-for-17 shooting, but all anybody's gonna remember is the last one. He continues to have the best year of his way underrated career. He's averaging 14/6.5/2.5 in 27 mpg on 52/41/86 shooting splits – all of which are career highs. He's also posting career...
  23. Matrim55

    The Brow requests a trade

    Bye-bye Brow? Davis tells Pelicans he wants out Everyone has felt 1) like this was coming, and 2) that it would be a two-horse race for his services between the Celtics & Lakers. Well, because of some salary cap/contract/CBA minutiae I don't quite understand, the Celtics can't actually trade...
  24. Matrim55

    Shabazz Napier Full Highlights - 32 Pts, 7 Asts | Bucks v Nets

    He's had a really weird year. Hopefully this is a springboard toward more minutes and consistency.
  25. Matrim55

    Syracuse paid to have UB come in and stomp them

    'Cuse lost by double-digits in a buy game tonight. Go Bulls! Let's hope somebody else hires Nate Oats this summer. Also:
  26. Matrim55

    Rudy Gay

    Quietly having the best year of his career IMO. Put up 21 points/6 rebounds/3 assists/2 steals/1 block on 8-for-10 FG, 1/2 3fg, 4/4 ft tonight as the Spurs beat the Clippers to climb above .500 for the first time all year. He's averaging 14/7/2 on 51/49/83 shooting splits, and the advanced...
  27. Matrim55

    Isaiah Wong (CG) in-home 9/11

    We're going tooth-and-nail against Miami. From what I've heard – and a few others will be able to chime in on this – this weekend's official visit went REALLY well.
  28. Matrim55

    Who's on the Mt. Rushmore of UConn athletes?

    Let's have some offseason fun! Four athletes, open to any sport (and only one allowed per sport). We've got tons of options – just for the basketball teams, this would be an absolute bloodbath. I'll give mine: Diana Taurasi Sarah Whalen George Springer Ray Allen
  29. Matrim55

    Comcast to drop Big 10 network

    Good news for us, I think.
  30. Matrim55

    Matrim55 calls it: Final assistant Kenya Hunter to UConn!!

    Have heard from a few folks it'll be Kenya Hunter from Nebraska. He's from NoVa, was instrumental in building those good Georgetown teams last decade, and seems to fit the bill for what we need. Good hire if it's actually him. EDIT: And it looks like it's spilling out from Nebraska's side of...
  31. Matrim55

    2018/19 NCAA championship odds

    I know Duke's got 100 lottery picks but I don't think any of them can shoot, so I can't see them being favorites. Villanova's gonna lose Bruson & Bridges, so they're done. UNC miiiiiight end up being the team, but they're going to have a freshman PG. Kentucky scares me with Green, Gabriel...
  32. Matrim55

    Bazley decommits from 'Cuse, goes to G-League

    Today's a good day:
  33. Matrim55

    Five Worst UConn Losses Ever

    We've had too much good news this week. So in an effort to appease the mojo gods, I offer this thread. 5. Duke 101, UConn 54 (1964 Elite 8): Before my time, but my father talked about this one until the day he died. We'd just beaten Princeton – featuring Bill Bradley – 52-50 in the Sweet 16 and...
  34. Matrim55

    Hurley on other jobs: "I haven't thought about it for a second."

    Non-denial denial. Says all the right things except "I'm staying at URI." URI's Hurley not talking job rumors after loss
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