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  1. msf22b

    Strange Head in Yahoo Sports

    UConn Huskies still atop AP women's basketball poll; NC State Wolfpack back at No. 2 Seems like they're surprised? bemused? Really off the reservation Like we haven't earned it...or not tossed it like other teams?
  2. msf22b

    Open Letter to ESPN

    Gentlemen I am a long time sports customer of ESPN and have been a fan and participant of various sports for 70+ years. I am writing to you about the (mod) approach you employ in Basketball coverage. I actively follow woman's BB, especially the UConn woman. Today's Tennessee / Texas A&M game...
  3. msf22b

    Wow, there's another frosh Phenom

    Paige isn't alone...
  4. msf22b

    NY Times on the bandwagon

    Via the Associated Press (boo) no reporter on site or watching onTV? The paper of record acknowledged Paige's exploits.
  5. msf22b

    I'm getting that well-known Itch

    So we play Butler...another scrimmage-like affair and then hustle over to Knoxville. In the meantime Tennessee through trial and error, reasonable coaching and playing mucho games against reasonable improving, learning how to utilize their talent, entered the top-25 and...
  6. msf22b

    Where is Moriah ?

    She missed a bunch of recent games with a reported hamstring. She was mugged and clearly hurt early in the season. Now, she's not even listed on the box score Has anyone seen her? I don't have the WNBA package.
  7. msf22b

    Keep an eye out for Gabby Williams

    She's still beneath the radar. Not for long. Last night...6 for 10...4 for 5 from 3! What's this? Weren't there whole seasons she didn't attempt 5 three-pointers? I noted it from Europe, she's becoming a scorer, along with the other positive aspects of her game, add scoring and you have...
  8. msf22b

    Patriot League Cancels Fall Sports

    CNN: Dominos are Falling
  9. msf22b

    So Harvard....

    has just announced that only 40% of its students will be on campus this fall, mostly Freshman.... Of course, its just one school....but how that translates into woman's BB is a question I have trouble answering.
  10. msf22b

    Cunningham out at ND
  11. msf22b

    Is the Squeak's issue like Breanna’s?

    Does anyone see a parallel between Squeak's continued underperformance and Breanna's mid-frosh crisis in the midst of her freshman year. In both cases (most notably this season), he continued to play them, though consistently stayed on their case. I'm just wondering if puppet-master Geno has a...
  12. msf22b

    Carla's Tigers...Another winning Weekend

    Am I becoming a Princeton Tiger's Fan? The game is attractive; Geno 102 Princeton is much closer to Greenwich Village than the XL Season tix cost a big 75 bucks and I can't imagine a parking problem This weekend Carla's kids continued their mayhem and rampage across the Ivy League; demolished...
  13. msf22b

    ND and Tenn Lose - Very satisfying for Fans of UConn [merged thread]

    Despite desperate come backs, The two favorite teams whose ineptitude we most enjoy observing, did not disappoint, and did it again this evening. (I apologize for the awkwardly written sentence above). Notre Dame, despite Destinee Walkers heroics fell to Virginia Tech, 68-62 And UTenn, again...
  14. msf22b

    A successful Weekend for Carla takes her over 400 wins

    With decisive wins over Cornell and Columbia, Carla Berube notched her 400th and 401st victories as a coach (14th season of coaching). Her Team surprised her with a mini celebration (ESPN+ replay) top of broadcast. I was curious where Geno was in his win total (at the end of his) 14th...
  15. msf22b

    If S. Carolina plays like they did against UTenn...

    We should win the game. Boring offense...round and round the horn Their celebrated big didn't do much...and she may be injured. Outside shooting up and down. The pass up a lot of shots that UConn would take, both in the lane and outside. Not impressive.
  16. msf22b

    Carla's Tiger's win weekend doubleheader

    While most of us are focusing on Oregon or Super-duper; I've enjoyed following Carla's Tigers on the road at Dartmouth (Friday) or Harvard (today). Since its not far from my St J. Winter abode, I buzzed down I-91 to Hanover to take in the game. After a slowish start the Tigers ran away with...
  17. msf22b

    Carla's Tigers Win Again

    They defeated the no push-over Penn (previously 10-1) by 20 This Tiger team is real as is their coach
  18. msf22b

    15-0 run in the 4th quarter and overtime

    lead Syracuse past poor Notre Dame. Along with Tennessee losing to KY and UConn cruising, a satisfying day, indeed.
  19. msf22b

    NFL Football

    1. Both supreme vintage quarterbacks lost. 2. Amazing how the game has changed...reverted to a more 50-60's style of tackling; and how good the corners and backers are at executing it. Almost none of the head-leading suicide shots that shorten lives and the possibility of a normal...
  20. msf22b

    I Didn't See the Game but

    Notre Dame got rolled by 4 and 8 Clemson....Clemson?
  21. msf22b

    Friday Entertainment

    Tonight was a quite fascinating view into the 2nd tier of woman's college basketball which I found it quite worthwhile. i jumped back and forth between two games (and Rachel at 9) and was rewarded by a sense of confidence in the overall state of the game. Princeton was somewhat better than the...
  22. msf22b

    OT: DS and the Globe Nail it

    I recall some really negative reactions to the writing of Dan Shaughnessy Especially when he opines about woman's BB. But he sure nailed it today... with his comments regarding the latest (in a long line) of Patriot's capers.
  23. msf22b

    Wowsa: Tennessee taking it to Notre Dame

    54-37 halfway through the 3rd Where are you guys? Asleep at the switch?
  24. msf22b

    OT: Accidental Death of Ct Gymnast

    A Southern Ct well-loved athlete passed away after an accident on the uneven parallel bars. The fragility of life is noted. Southern Connecticut State University mourns death of gymnast in training accident An acclaimed gymnast at Southern Connecticut State University died Sunday after falling...
  25. msf22b

    Syracuse star diagnosed with Breast Cancer [merged thread]
  26. msf22b

    Interesting Article in WP about ACL's

    Azzi Fudd cited in some detail. Parents aware and tried to limit activity
  27. msf22b

    Moriah Traded

    Along with Harrison, first two picks for Liz... Las Vegas gave up a lot for perhaps the championship.
  28. msf22b

    Good News: No Surgery for Lauren Cox

    Bone bruise and Sprain
  29. msf22b

    Two matters from our Orange friends

    1.There is a thread labeled Crystal Dangerfield (strange) in which the poster derided our point for leaving the state and ridiculed her for not winning any National Championships. It was met by complete and total derision of the poster by the board. Impressive, neh? 2. To my uncultivated...
  30. msf22b

    Holly Warlick - She's Gone

    According to a source (Goodman Hoops) UTenn parted ways with HW today.
  31. msf22b

    Looking Ahead

    If the team prevails today and in the finals There is a good chance that they will be much improved With the underclassmen having been forced to step up. It's amazing that Geno has to remind CW to do her thing... But there it is. Perhaps she's finally learned. MSF Steamboat Springs
  32. msf22b

    Eric Frede said halfway through the 4th quarter

    that Uconn had a lot to be happy about with regard this game (paraphrase). I disagree Walker was 0 for 4 Williams wasn't looking to shoot...even that last drive seemed half-hearted The team had god-awful the 2nd quarter and to start both the third and the fourth Against a real...
  33. msf22b

    Two Questions

    1. At the beginning of the 4th quarter it looks like Crystal goes over to take the ball out to start play and then the ball is given to ND. Was this a turnover of some kind or just a mistake of who gets possesion? 2. Does Jackie Young look right? She had a bandage on a knee and does not appear...
  34. msf22b

    This site

    is getting weird We have a game last night and no discussion of it until a thread on CW is hijacked and some soul asks what the score was. I must admit that for the 1st time in a decade, I haven't closely followed the early games... Have an excuse: was in Europe, and sailing internet...
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