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  1. BigErnMcCracken

    Injuries & Scholarships ???

    I like that it upsets you.
  2. BigErnMcCracken

    Cole’s Mom on Twitter

    Perceptive as always.
  3. BigErnMcCracken

    Cole’s Mom on Twitter

    "Notice me!"
  4. BigErnMcCracken

    We need to stop playing ring around the rosey outside the 3 pt line

    Yeah you're right without Bouknight they don't have quite the ball movement of #3 Villanova. As far as Creighton, they were straight up for about 35 minutes. Saying "create with the pass" is completely meaningless without accounting - again - for the people you have available to play...
  5. BigErnMcCracken

    We need to stop playing ring around the rosey outside the 3 pt line

    I'm honestly curious what you're seeing on the floor if this is your takeaway or it's just fans being insufferable. Did you want more Whaley isos from the wing maybe? They were playing without one of the most dynamic scorers in college basketball. That's a big loss. You coach the...
  6. BigErnMcCracken

    Chief’s Briefs - Creighton 2 Edition

    I would imagine when we look back on this season we’ll all remember when Chief exercised caution when casual fans were advocating for a high national ranking, which is definitely something that makes sense and happened.
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    Found a team worse than us at FT shooting

    You would think after however many years of being completely irrelevant that when we actually had a good team people would stop talking about them like they're the Washington Generals.
  8. BigErnMcCracken

    KO - Miami Resident

    Well, at least you mean no disrespect.
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  10. BigErnMcCracken

    If Polley isn’t making three’s, what good is he on the floor?

    I guess this passes for snark but, if anything, it reaffirms how psycho this place is to see that there's a thread talking about "why is this kid on the floor" when a week ago the armchair GMs were talking about his place in the NBA. I get the sense that, Bouknight excepted, it's going to be...
  11. BigErnMcCracken

    Can you dunk?

    This is like my CYO career. I started at center and worked my way down to point guard when everyone ended up taller than me.
  12. BigErnMcCracken

    Work smarter not harder

    Hopefully one of the coaches sees this.
  13. BigErnMcCracken

    I’m so sick of this team’s embarrassing free throw shooting

    What is long term? Bouknight is in the NBA in 90 days. (Incidentally, I love the idea of just turning over the keys to Gaffney and letting him "fail and learn." This board is an absolute dumpster fire after one loss, imagine what it would look like under your preferred outcome.)
  14. BigErnMcCracken

    Hurley Outcoached

    Hurley seems like a pretty successful coach for a guy who was running a high school program not that long ago. This is probably a hot take but I would imagine he knows his team and how to coach at least as well as most of the posters on this board. It's fine to crush him but why would people...
  15. BigErnMcCracken

    Sanogo wants more PT

    I assume Hurley will address all this stuff in his public apology.
  16. BigErnMcCracken

    Hurley coaching malpractice

    That's sort of my overarching takeaway from today. Rough loss to a trash team but holy duck the whining from this fanbase is absolutely insufferable.
  17. BigErnMcCracken

    OT: Fox NFL Bucs-Saints

    Pretty impressive that Brady and Brees have 7 rings between them. #dominant
  18. BigErnMcCracken

    Do you have the usual enthusiasm?

    I have less enthusiasm for sports generally but far more enthusiasm for UConn basketball than I have for years. Not only are they a very good team but this is a year that’s ripe for being stolen by a squad that gets hot at the right time.
  19. BigErnMcCracken

    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Taking His Time with Recruiting Process (Syracuse on SI)

    Mike Brey is a perfectly adequate coach but his preference for mock turtlenecks under sport jackets raises some serious red flags in terms of judgment.
  20. BigErnMcCracken

    Good News On Bouknight

    Well, if he’s done for the season we will adjust.
  21. BigErnMcCracken

    OT: Best Sandwich in Connecticut

    This made me laugh out loud. I’m laughing as I type this.
  22. BigErnMcCracken

    Polley after today's practice?

    his dad was a hell of an athlete but his other parent is the real story.
  23. BigErnMcCracken

    Sucka MC's Live Open @ the RAC

    Krush Groove. Classic. Still tough to top the marching band drummer playing the promhub theme during the ncaa tourney though. (Long week, I’m smacked.)
  24. BigErnMcCracken

    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr - 1/14 Commitment

    Gotta have a really sad post to balance out the jubilation.
  25. BigErnMcCracken

    OT: Best Sandwich in Connecticut

    You can eat a pork sandwich and not be morbidly obese. It's called moderation and exercise. Enjoy the grapes though. Le Pig Mac is a hell of a sandwich. Cochon is awesome.
  26. BigErnMcCracken

    Javonte Brown enters transfer portal

    I can't read the article but why are you sure it's A&M? I'm not saying you're wrong but his stated reason for leaving was Kenya Hunter. As far as I know Kenya Hunter's not on the staff at A&M. It's also in the middle of bum___ nowhere much farther from home.
  27. BigErnMcCracken

    Adams and Gaffney

    I don't think you're appreciating the gap in ability and athleticism between a walk on and even a rotation guy like Brendan Adams. There’s a reason the bench freaks out when a walk on scores.
  28. BigErnMcCracken

    Bouk out indefinitely

    Yeah, my favorite Jeter play was when he caught that foul ball and then ran twenty feet and dove headfirst into the bleachers.
  29. BigErnMcCracken

    Blockbuster NBA trade- Bazz

    This New Jersey disaster is going to be fun to watch.
  30. BigErnMcCracken

    Bouk out indefinitely

    Yeah given how snakebitten some programs are in terms of titles I don't know how anyone can say the basketball gods hate us.
  31. BigErnMcCracken

    Bouk out indefinitely

  32. BigErnMcCracken

    Semi Brilliant Analysis

    "You cannot lose games in the NFL and expect to win." Trent Dilfer.
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