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    OT: Hats off to Tom Brady

    Aaron Rodgers must feel deflated
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    Chief’s Briefs - Creighton 2 Edition

    Whaley was 2-4 from 3, he had about a dozen times they left him completely open. I'm not advocating him being our 3 point shooting threat but if the other team is literally leaving you open and we've seen him hit them and coach says he's a decent 3 point shooter, why not shoot more?
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    OT Running

    I have a bunch of family in CO Springs. So I've been to Manitou and know what you're talking about. Looks insane. Had done "the incline" a while back but heard they basically had to shut it down because its become so popular with people.
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    Brooklyn Nets. Thing of Beauty

    That double OT game was nuts last night, Sexton was amazing. I thought they were letting Kyrie take too many shots
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    KO - Miami Resident

    I've literally worn sweatpants (sometimes the same) everyday for almost a year, I cant critique anyone's style
  7. Letsgohuskies11

    KO - Miami Resident

    Vegas was too tempting for him?
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    Good News On Bouknight

    4 weeks is like 1 or 2 games at this seasons pace
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    Brooklyn Nets. Thing of Beauty

    Get Westbrook now and bring the 2011' OKC band back together
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    OT: Stuff you didn’t know you needed

    the cesspool, i'm going through withdrawal
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    So someone is going to GIF that, right?

    the race is on for who makes that their profile pic
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    Bouk out vs DePaul

    Uconn was favored by 4 points this morning, imagine its held.
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    UConn/Nova postponed

    At least it may give Bouknight a little more rest instead of probably having to play a ton of minutes in that game
  14. Letsgohuskies11

    Any updates on Bouk's elbow?

    He's demonstrated he's a factor without even having to shoot the ball, I'd try and rest him but wouldnt be bothered seeing him play decoy for a handful of minutes if he wanted to on Saturday.
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    Andre Jackson

    What happened to Sid Wilson? Is there a reason they havent even put him on the bench?
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    Bouknight has hyperextended elbow

    Bouknight still drew so much attention even though he wasnt scoring last night.
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    NYT: UConn Basketball Should Follow Football's Example and Shutdown

    How about writing about how Duke Men's basketball is playing why the women are shutdown?
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    Chat is down. Use this as a game thread

    all star broadcast crew
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    Should UConn fill in for Nova on Jan. 2 (vs Xavier)?

    would try and get in any games we can.
  20. Letsgohuskies11

    Mavs score vs. Clippers 77-27 at half

    local if you are in Dallas or LA
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    Frank Zappa Music All Day Today (12/21)

    I dont want to steal this thread, but i love talking music. Watched this one over the weekend that was really good .
  22. Letsgohuskies11

    Did Bouk set a UConn record yesterday?

    He made it look easy at times yesterday. Some ridiculously athletic plays
  23. Letsgohuskies11

    Frank Zappa Music All Day Today (12/21)

    amazing, I feel like i've only scratched the surface on my Zappa catalog that i've listened to. Huge fan of Hot Rats and some of the other collections of songs i've heard.
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    Is anybody out there offering a nice one page printable schedule?

    So right now our next scheduled game is the 30th against Depaul unless we find a replacement for the 23rd Depaul match that was moved?
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