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  1. Kauffmak10

    Boatright Game Worn Gear

    Got RJ’s jersey from that game as well
  2. Kauffmak10

    Boatright Game Worn Gear

    I own Boats shorts from 2012 season opener vs. Michigan State over in Germany.. How much you think I could get for them these days?
  3. Kauffmak10

    ACC propses every D1 team makes tournament

    I’ll be honest.. I don’t care what they decide to do as long as that means we have college hoops this season!
  4. Kauffmak10

    Celebs both well known and obscure that you have more than just met

    Met Kobe in lobby of The Plaza in NYC back in late 90’s while Lakers were in town to play Knicks.. (so wish camera phones were a thing back then) Talked to Brad Stevens on JetBlue flight last summer on way back from summer league. Super nice guy and was sitting in standard seat back in the...
  5. Kauffmak10

    Stanley “Sticks” Robinson Memorial started by Jake Voskuhl & Coach Calhoun

    Stanley "Sticks" Robinson Memorial Let’s show some Boneyard support and help his daughters out! (Or at least help get the word out) Was shared to me by a former player, so I know it’s legit its
  6. Kauffmak10

    Ultimate Huskies Bracket

    Who ya got? Vote and discuss below.. (this outta get interesting) But while you’re debating in your heart, on paper, or on your keyboard.. just remember how lucky we are to even be able to have this debate.
  7. Kauffmak10

    UConn's One Shining Moment

    I'm not crying, you're crying..
  8. Kauffmak10

    CV says goodbye to Gampel vid.. Sniper Out!

    Great to see AG go out (possibly) on a high note as well!
  9. Kauffmak10

    CV says goodbye to Gampel vid.. Sniper Out!

    Love it for this warrior! Couldn’t be happier for him! Sniper Out!
  10. Kauffmak10


    In uniform and warming up..
  11. Kauffmak10


    Might not mean anything, but Sid out there warming up with team pre-game
  12. Kauffmak10

    2 tix available for Houston Game 3/5 Senior Night

    I have 2 extra tickets available for tonight in section 3, row 9 (chair backs) if anyone is interested.. $20 for pair
  13. Kauffmak10

    Older/Retro Uconn clothing for sale question..

    Here is link to everything I have available.. I numbered each piece individually, so let me know what number you are interested in and your best offer. Would prefer communicating via messages vs. this thread if possible. Also let me know if you want anymore info. or pics of them. Thanks! UConn...
  14. Kauffmak10

    Older/Retro Uconn clothing for sale question..

    I have a decent amount of new (a lot still with tags) older/retro Uconn gear in XL & XXL that I am considering selling.. Thought I would check interest on here before putting them for sale on eBay. All have been nicely kept in sealed bags for years. Trying to gauge interest before snapping...
  15. Kauffmak10

    You Better Get Us Now

    Talked to Hurley tonight at BC/EC game and he said Bouk will be a lottery pick after next season. Said he would obviously love to have him for 3rd year but not counting on it.. Special kid
  16. Kauffmak10

    Live All Access on FS1

    Watching Penn St./Illinois game on FS1 and they have a live segment going of both coaches mic’d in game and huddle during TO. Any chance we’ll get to hear Hurley in a game a some point next year? That would be awesome! I’ve always said I’d even be willing to pay for the added ability to hear...
  17. Kauffmak10

    Brotherhood - says it all

    My shot of the moment from another angle.. so emotional seeing this, Hurley & the teams love and support for him.. LOVE the culture that Hurley is building!
  18. Kauffmak10

    Stepping on sideline..

    Watching VCU/Dayton game and announcers mentioned that there are more stepping on sideline out of bounds calls this year due to 3 point line being pushed back.. How many more would Rodney have had over his career? :D :eek:
  19. Kauffmak10

    UConn Chant MSG

    Like when you can hear UConn chant on TV.. LOVE when you can hear it on TV during free throws of the game before them! Let’s go!!
  20. Kauffmak10

    Postgame presser?

    There’s a big difference between fans being upset about how a player is performing vs. calling a player trash on social media and directly tagging said player.. that’s a complete garbage move and I for one support Hurley sticking up for his guys
  21. Kauffmak10

    Lester Quinones Shorts

    Why is he wearing women’s volleyball shorts? Seriously look like they could be a boys L
  22. Kauffmak10


    I just responded to your PM.. still have them available.. HMU
  23. Kauffmak10

    Andre Jackson- 7 minute video on who he is

    My fav part of that video (besides how great a kid Andre looks to be) is the sportscasters towards the end getting excited about the possibility of AJ & JGIII teaming up at Cuse.. you can see their eyes light up.. TOO BAD SUCKAS!
  24. Kauffmak10

    Andre Jackson announcing Wednesday

    sorry if this was previously posted but I think it’s worth re-posting.. just FILTHY athleticism
  25. Kauffmak10

    Charleston Classic All Session Tix

    I have a pair of all-session tickets for sale that I bought in the pre-sale a month or 2 ago and now i'm not able to go.. they are lower chairback GA.. Total cost is $310 on their website now.. I'll let go for $250 for all.. PM me if interested.. i'm local here in CT
  26. Kauffmak10

    Charleston Classic

    I have a pair of all-session tickets for sale that I bought in the pre-sale a month or 2 ago and now i'm not able to go.. they are lower chairback GA.. Total cost is $310 on their website now.. I'll let go for $250 for all.. PM me if interested.. i'm local here in CT
  27. Kauffmak10

    Dog or cat?

  28. Kauffmak10

    Team of the Decade

    Cincinnati with another first round exit :)
  29. Kauffmak10

    NCAA March Madness Team of the Decade

    Belmont & Cuse' fans :rolleyes:
  30. Kauffmak10

    Greater Hartford Pro-Am

    No way to know who is playing on which team until they’ve started playing for a bit and people start to report back who they saw
  31. Kauffmak10

    Short Trip to Austin

    Sunset meal at The Oasis At Lake Travis.. awesome
  32. Kauffmak10

    ESPNU 2011 BE UConn v Pitt On Now

    I’m getting amped watching a game from 8 years ago thinking about us being back at MSG for tournament after next year! Yelling at my TV!
  33. Kauffmak10

    Garden Party Thursday

    How awesome would it have been to be able to be there for this? Gives me chills.. Down the street from The Garden, Dan Hurley, Geno Auriemma, fans revel in UConn’s happy hour "Hurley said he has close to 200 unread texts on his phone, and it’s still going off. The enthusiasm on campus followed...
  34. Kauffmak10

    Legal question.

    I’ll be in Denver this September.. get me an address :D In all seriousness.. sorry to hear about your predicament.. stay strong!
  35. Kauffmak10

    Uconn Football with another W..

    U-C-O-N-N Uconn! Uconn! Uconn!
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