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  1. HuskyNan

    Some compensation

  2. HuskyNan

    Andra Espinoza-Hunter to Seton Hall [merged thread]

    She’s a former UConn player. The topic is fine here.
  3. HuskyNan

    ESPN top 25 players UConn 3 players

    Considering the focus on scoring in this article, I might have called it The 25 Best Offensive Players. The top 25 basketball players is a different article
  4. HuskyNan

    SNY press release on Nov 28 game + more

    Q: Is SNY or NBC Sports content available without a video provider subscription? A: Yes, you can continue to or to access certain event clips, highlights, and expert commentary without a video provider subscription. TECHNICAL FAQs Q: What do I need to watch video...
  5. HuskyNan

    SNY press release on Nov 28 game + more

    Q: What is the NBC Sports app? A: The NBC Sports app is NBC Sports Group's live streaming platform for desktops, mobile devices, tablets and connected TVs. Q: Can I access Mets and UConn games via a connected TV device? A: Yes. Live streams of Mets and UConn games on SNY are available via the...
  6. HuskyNan

    SNY press release on Nov 28 game + more

    From the SNY website: LIVE FAQ SNY LIVE STREAM FAQs During 2019, all Mets and UConn Men's and Women's basketball games on SNY will be streamed in-market on on PCs as well as on the NBC Sports app - NBC Sports Group's live streaming platform for desktops, mobile devices, tablets and...
  7. HuskyNan

    SNY press release on Nov 28 game + more

    SNY ANNOUNCES COVERAGE FOR 11-TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION UCONN WOMEN’S BASKETBALL GAME COVERAGE TIPS OFF ON SNY SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH 18 EXCLUSIVE GAMES SCHEDULED ON SNY New York, November 19, 2020 – SNY, the official television home of UConn women’s basketball, today announced the network’s...
  8. HuskyNan

    *Call for votes*: Preseason Boneyard Top 25 Poll

    Take a look at the link for info on private messages. there are other links foe lessons on Boneyard features tacked to the top of the board
  9. HuskyNan

    ESPN New Recruiting Class Rankings after Azzi Commitment

    Keep in mind that Blue Star = Mike Flynn = Philly Belles. (He runs both organizations) Amari’s AAU team is the Philly Belles. None of the ranking services are without bias, mostly unconscious. West coast services rank west coast kids higher because they’re more familiar with them. I would say...
  10. HuskyNan

    A Very Positive Read Of The Young Uns

    No, please don’t. We obey copyright laws here
  11. HuskyNan

    Azzi Fudd

    Not according to South Carolina.
  12. HuskyNan

    Veterans roll call

    Even if you’ve posted in threads in other years, post again. You can’t be thanked enough.
  13. HuskyNan

    Azzi Fudd to UCONN

    Arguments about starting lineups, probably.
  14. HuskyNan

    Is Sabrina the G.O.A.T?

    Need a new thread, guys
  15. HuskyNan

    November 2020 transfer thread

    Felix Dia de los Muertos!
  16. HuskyNan

    SEC Thread

    Please start a new thread
  17. HuskyNan

    Does This NCAA Announcement Mean What (I Think) It Says? Eligibility Extension? Roster Expansion (for one year)?

    This board exists so that threads dedicated solely to other teams have a home. If UConn is even indirectly affected, it’s fine to post on the other board. We don’t even mind threads about other teams of general interest (for ex, coaching change, key injury, big matchup,etc) on the other board as...
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    Birthday present

    Uh-huh. People doubted the Lightning, too. And Orlando City was in strong contention for the MLS championship. Tampa Bay/Orlando corridor - center of the pro sports world. :cool:
  20. HuskyNan

    Old Big East Lives

    Rebekkah Brunson got an interview during the finals, too The BEast was the best
  21. HuskyNan

    October 2020 off-season transfer thread

    Begin anew. No more 20+ page threads. People reading the thread for the first time have too many old posts to wade through
  22. HuskyNan

    October non-UConn recruiting thread

    Have at it
  23. HuskyNan

    Geno - Missing in Income

    Geno makes a base salary of 400k (paid by the state) plus appearance, consulting, and speaking fees for $2 million. I believe the $2 million is from donation and other income to the Athletic Dept so only the 400k counts for state-paid income lists
  24. HuskyNan

    Who is more popular UConn's Men's Basketball or UConn Woman's Basketball?

    Yep. I also travel often and when I wear a generic UConn shirt, I get a lot of “They have a really good women’s basketball team” comments. Having said that,the teams’ fans have different demographics with some overlap. It’s comparing apples and oranges to ask which ream is more popular. I...
  25. HuskyNan

    OT: Total Knee Replacement on Friday 9/11

    it may not be your knee - it could be your psoas muscle. I grew up sleeping in a fetal position and once I reached a certain age my hip and knee started to ache. I lived with it until a massage therapist told me the how a tight or shortened psoas, which runs from the lower back, through the...
  26. HuskyNan

    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread

    This thread will be locked at the end of August and a new thread will begin Sept 1. Going forward, there will be new monthly recruiting threads. This one is just too long for people scrolling through.
  27. HuskyNan

    How UConn fans view other WCBB Coaches

    This thread - :( Are we really this petty?
  28. HuskyNan

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    NO POLITICS. Stop immediately. No more warnings - bans will be handed out next
  29. HuskyNan

    OT: Songs that reference US Historical Events or American Folklore

    The big Kahuna of historical references.
  30. HuskyNan

    Allegations of Abuse & Mistreatment at Texas Tech

    Rene Portland of Penn State was lionized decades ago, too. Then her homophobia was revealed and she was rightfully “retired“ from wbb.
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    How many times do I have to say it?
  32. HuskyNan

    New Freshman walk-on: Autumn Chassion [merged thread]

    She’s a valedictorian. She probably has some kind of academic scholarship. My son got a partial academic scholly to WPI due to his his excellent grades.
  33. HuskyNan

    Tina Charles

    I love Tina. Her Hopey’s Heart Charity has done a lot of good. Hopey's Heart Foundation