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  1. Mr. French

    2024 Recruiting: Jack Nieradko (???)

    Anyone know anything about this kid? 6’9 seems like a major type prospect.
  2. Mr. French

    2022 Recruiting: New updates

    Roddy and Jalen Bradberry working out a ton, based on multiple twitter vids. This being a small sample:
  3. Mr. French

    OT: semi Just made the best purchase ever So, is this for me? Or for my son Baz? Or for both of my sons (bun in the oven)? Yes, yes it is. 11 year old me would have...
  4. Mr. French

    OT: Cole Anthony might be good

    Record breaking debut, and not against a cupcake - This was a tough game and a battle throughout. I didn't get to watch it, but his numbers are impressive: 34 points, 11 boards and 5 dimes. He's nawt bad! He got a ton of hype with his rankings, etc., but I think some people were doubting his...
  5. Mr. French

    OT: Napier is now my 2nd favorite ...

    It pains me to say it, but Shabazz Napier is no longer my favorite Bazz. On January 8, 2019 I welcomed my first son, Sebastian, into the world. We love Sebastian more than anything in the world, right above Huskies basketball. I love the name Sebastian, but I've always had a soft spot for...
  6. Mr. French

    Dan Hurley going viral (prediction)

    For the second night in a row. Just a guess. That pout face he makes is odd and he did it for a good 5 seconds straight, zoomed in. Meme it up, internet.
  7. Mr. French

    Tarin Smith is a stud

    Super smooth and reliable. I like him a lot.
  8. Mr. French

    OT: What's going on with Arizona?

    Really talented teams have stumbling blocks early, some figure it out, some don't. But I didn't see this start coming at all. Interested to see how they react, but they're struggling. Currently down 20 start of 2nd half to Purdue, would be their 3rd early loss.
  9. Mr. French

    OT: Pats 0-16

    Heard it here first. Making the T-shirts now.
  10. Mr. French

    Jeenathan Williams

    Jeenathan Williams transfers to Prolific Prep | Zagsblog 6'6 SG from Rochester NY. My team has played him a bunch, he's a really good athlete with a polished mid range and finishing game. Not the best range. Big, strong lefty. Transferring to Prolific Prep. No clue if we've ever recruited him.
  11. Mr. French

    OT: Jay Bilas is done with Lavar Ball -- you should be too

    LaVar Ball's act isn't funny, it's dangerous I agree with basically everything Bilas said here. I've been done with him for awhile. What miniscule entertainment value he had at first is loooong gone in my book. So with that, let's probably start a 5 page thread about him.
  12. Mr. French

    Great Start

    What's gotten into this team? 16-0 run, up 15, running, finishing, rebounding and making smart decisions. Hopefully they keep it up.
  13. Mr. French

    ZERO hustle, ZERO smart basketball plays

    This is not a classic UCONN team, not because of raw talent... They play with no intensity, no D, their offense is stagnant despite a talented group because no one knows how to play smart basketball...and worst of all, they get out-hustled constantly. I'm not a typical "post all negative crap...
  14. Mr. French

    Why no Enoch?

    Genuine question, not a shot at the coach necessarily... Is it still purely a defensive issue, where he isn't fully there yet on knowledge and rotations? Against Goodwin and with no Brimah, I thought he at least could have given some solid minutes. I haven't checked the box score, but I...
  15. Mr. French

    Semi OT, Semi Emergency: have two tix available

    I live out of town, many ppl have been helpful when I've asked for advice on coming into town from Buffalo...I rarely post but am on here often for discussion and info... Long story short, I have two tix for tonight's game, I know it's very last minute but we can't make it obviously since we...
  16. Mr. French

    Semi Another UConn Roadie - tips?

    Hey guys, Last year for Xmas my GF got us tix to the Memphis game at XL, first time I'd been in Connecticut and on campus...OT win by UConn, great trip, and you guys were really helpful... Well, this year, she hooked it up again, and another bucket list item, game at Gampel, will be checked...
  17. Mr. French

    Someone we're all forgetting ...

    My GF's mojo is off the charts. I posed a question yesterday, mojo related. It didn't seem to matter, truthfully. We started dating roughly Fall of this last year, but were friends before. She didn't know a ton about my athletic allegiances. During college FB season, I am a die-hard FSU...
  18. Mr. French

    Important MOJO question

    So my GF has some incredible mojo that so far spans multiple sports, but I'm not going to jinx it. Bottom line, we have been watching every game by ourselves and have basically changed nothing about our routine except we've switched between houses... In 2011, I HAD to watch every game by myself...
  19. Mr. French

    Slightly Road trip to game

    My GF got us tix for this Memphis game for Xmas, now we're coming up Friday from Buffalo. Staying in Hartford. We kind of wanted to see the campus Friday then go to dinner somewhere in Hartford @ night. Never been to a uconn home game and never been to Hartford. Just lookin for helpful tips...