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  1. huskeynut

    Olson, Laflin, McCormick Weigh In: Could UConn women be poised for another dominant run with 2020, 2021 recruiting classes?

    The old adage "never say never" comes to mind with reading this article. Too many factors come into play like injuries, transfers and for this year/ season COVID. Talent is great but coaching will make a big difference. Geno hasn't lost the desire to win. Nor has he lost the talent to bring all...
  2. huskeynut

    WBB’s Thanksgiving Plans?

    Since we moved to Florida 4 years ago, we have had a friends Thanksgiving. We invite some neighbors over for the feast. We usually have 6 to 8 adults. Since we live in a 55+ community, that will not happen this year. The wife and I will be traveling to her youngest brother for the feast - about...
  3. huskeynut


    USF released its schedule late yesterday. 20 conference games plus non-conference games against Jacksonville, Baylor, Mississippi State and Stetson. No fans allowed for the 4 non-conference games. After that, there may be limited seating for home games. Those with season tickets will get first...
  4. huskeynut

    Season Hangs On Olivia and Christyn

    Not a bad article. But not that great. Too many keys factors left out of the article. What I read is the physical and mental maturation of two talented players beginning to show. Christyn And Liv will be fine. Will they lead they way? I believe so. But they do not have to do it by themselves...
  5. huskeynut

    Rock music game

    Jim Morrison Eddie Van Halen Jeff Beck Bob Dylan Stevie Ray Vaughn Jimi Hendryx Elvis Presley Smokey Robinson Parrotheads Chicago Queen Pink Floyd
  6. huskeynut

    OT: Where were you on November 22, 1963

    Junior high school - 7th grade. I was in math class when an announcement came over the pa that at the bell we would all report to homeroom. Principal came over the pa and made the announcement.
  7. huskeynut

    With ND withdrawing and Louisville stepping in, should UConn move on from ND when contract expires?

    I voted to keep ND on the schedule. Granted last year was bad for ND, but they are still ND and carry a lot of weight nationally. Whether Ivey can bring ND back to a top 5 team remains to be seen. She may have been the power behind the throne, but following a legend is no easy task as has been...
  8. huskeynut


    Still waiting on South Florida's schedule. The AAC site and the South Florida site are blank for men's and women's basketball.
  9. huskeynut

    Azzi announcing tomorrow 11am

    If Azzi needs an example of what 4 years under Geno means - she only needs to look at Chrystal Dangerfield's career so far. Drafted in the second round, thrust into a starting point guard role, excels and becomes the WNBA Rookie of the Year. A program like UConn can be a difference maker for...
  10. huskeynut

    No Fans At Gampel This Season

    No news yet from USF on season tickets for the men or women. I'm assuming at this point that attendance will be limited at the games. But with the Tampa area still a problem spot - who knows.
  11. huskeynut

    Alexa P: 5 Unanswered Questions About This Team

    Writing is decent, but nothing spectacular. Nothing new that any true UConn fan did not already know.
  12. huskeynut

    Giants 0-16

    As a Giants fan from way back, they outright suck!!! Barkley gone with an ACL. I told my sons, Giants fans, that Barkley would blow out a knee because the o line is pitiful. Jones is okay as a QB but he is not going to lead them to a Super Bowl. The Giants front office is a joke. Gettleman is...
  13. huskeynut

    If not basketball, then what sport?

    Oldest son, age 40, still plays baseball in CT for the Brookfield Knights. The old man, me, rides the bike 6+ miles everyday - well almost every day. Not today! Social get-together last night! Too much bourbon!!!
  14. huskeynut

    Three Favorite Cities for a Long Weekend Visit

    When we lived in CT, our favs were NYC (we had a timeshare), Boston, and Mystic. Now that we live in Florida, our fav get-a-way is St. Augustine. So much history, great food, tons of places to stay. Our favorite time is Thanksgiving thru New Years. The entire city is decorated in white lights...
  15. huskeynut

    OT: WCBB Headed Here? or Already There

    Just to get a little hometown (Poughkeepsie, NY) plug in. Wes graduated from Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) High School, Hyde Park, NY. One of his nick names was the "Poughkeepsie Popper."
  16. huskeynut

    Semrau taking a single-season leave of absence

    All the best to Sue and her mother. God Bless their journey.
  17. huskeynut

    Sad news - Cliff Robinson has passed away

    So so sad. Cliff had that special something about him. You just had to love him. Way way too young. RIP Cliff. Prayers to his family. As others have said, 2020 sucks.
  18. huskeynut

    OT: Tough times with weather, Covid, etc for many of us.

    The wife and I are doing well down here in central Florida. We are both retired, music teachers, and live in a beautiful 55+ community. First week in March everything got shut down. All activities and clubs cancelled until further notice. Haven't had a band rehearsal for either band I play in...
  19. huskeynut

    Celebs both well known and obscure that you have more than just met

    The first famous person I met was Jessie Owens when I was 12 years old. When I was in college, as a music major, I met and worked with Aaron Copeland. Met Don Mattingly at an autograph sign with 2 of my 3 sons. Great guy. My first job as a teacher was at Stamford Catholic High School. I got...
  20. huskeynut

    Pac-12 has postponed its fall football season

    I find the most significant portion being all sports shut down until at least 1/1/2021. I wonder who will follow this lead.
  21. huskeynut

    Radon / Air in Home

    Now is when your realtor earns his/ her commission. It is the seller's job to fix the randon problem, not yours. Settle for nothing less than the EPA required level.
  22. huskeynut

    OT: Mid-American Conference has canceled its football season

    To clarify - The MAC has cancelled all fall sports. The first domino has fallen.
  23. huskeynut

    Mid-American Conference Cancels Fall College Football Season

    According to ESPN, not only football but all fall sports are cancelled. Others will follow.
  24. huskeynut

    UConn football cancelled

    Not surprised. P5 schools limiting the schedules to in-conference games only was the big blow. College basketball may still be in danger.
  25. huskeynut

    OT: Anyone here ever get their knee scoped?

    First knee surgery was in 1973, before arthroscopic surgery. Took 5 - 8 weeks to get to normal. The knee had to drained twice. Nice long scar! I've had my left knee scoped twice - meniscus tear both times. Last one was 1998. So far both knees are fine. Recover time for the scope was around 72...
  26. huskeynut

    Baseball Blahs

    I'm not into it this year. The "negotiating" and schedule, number of games and salary started it for me. The politicalization of the game was they last straw. Too bad. I thought the YAnks might make a serious run this year.
  27. huskeynut

    OT: Isaias

    Another Florida weather system. Not worried in our area. Outlook for central Florida is some wind and some rain, nothing more. County is not going to mobilize.
  28. huskeynut

    OT: RIP: Olivia De Haviland

    Arabella Bishop - her first role with Flynn in Captain Blood. In addition: The Charge of the Light Brigade They Died with Their Boots On Four's a Crowd Dodge City Robin Hood Santa Fe Trail Thank Your Lucky Stars The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex.
  29. huskeynut

    Assuming there is a season, who will have the biggest improvement from last season?

    I'm going with Olivia. The reason - Jamelle is back!! We all noticed the difference in Liv's play when Jamelle filled in for Jas. Now imagine starting the season with Jamelle coaching her full time. There's going to be some tough and nasty down low!
  30. huskeynut

    OT: Best scrambled eggs - your recipe or eating out

    For scrambled eggs, I use 3 or 4 eggs and milk. While the skillet is heating up, I chop up some red onion, green bell pepper and some ham. Once the skillet is at the right temp, melt some butter on it and put the onion, pepper and ham on to cook. I put a large pot lid over the skillet to keep...
  31. huskeynut

    OT: Best Alien Movie

    The Thing from Another World - 1951. James Arness (Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke fame) played the thing.
  32. huskeynut

    ND formidable roster.

    Formidable roster - to be determined. New head coach, regardless of her former position, is going to have many bumps in the road. The roster is only on paper. Potential is one thing, actual play on the court is another. The jury is still out on this one.
  33. huskeynut

    Which unemployed former P5 Coach finds a job next

    My vote is other. I don't see any of them getting a P5 offer in the near future. All except Gottlieb are over 50. Programs are going to be looking for younger coaches who are hungry to make their mark.
  34. huskeynut

    Megan Walker in the Bubble

    Tiff was/ is from Winter Haven.