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  1. Hans Sprungfeld

    CESSPOOL in Main Forums menu

    I posted as a new topic in Cesspool that the Main Forum link redirects to and Mt. Rushmore. Maybe it s on purpose. In case not. Here are some screenshots, which I still have to do in Chrome, because they still do not work in Firefox (both mobile).
  2. Hans Sprungfeld

    Functionality changes?

    In the past week or so, I've noted two changes that affect how I have posted. The first is minor: the option to Delete a posted Comment is no longer available. There are times when I post something, and then I see the Reply at the end of a thread as though I'd never hit Post. Afterward, I learn...
  3. Hans Sprungfeld

    Pat Grande, RIP

    I do not know if Pat Grande ever visited The Boneyard, but the attached article says that she attended 10 Women's Final Fours, so perhaps some here knew her. I came to this news by way of knowing her brother. I am active on the Men's Basketball Board, but have never posted here. If there are...
  4. Hans Sprungfeld

    OT: XL Center's 'silver lining' Neil Young considers the newer, corporate-moneyed arenas soulless, and too expensive & cumbersome for mounting a tour within the timeframe & relaxed vibe he prefers. He instead wants to play "barns" (older, not-yet-razed...
  5. Hans Sprungfeld

    Temple Haiku Thread

    A new starting five Seven scholarship players The future starts now Not as some called for But tonight a new point guard Growth has growing pains Watch, cheer, and support Year 2 of a rebuilding Game 20 tonight Say what you mean, and mean what you say. But Yarders, please, don't say it mean...
  6. Hans Sprungfeld

    CT Beaches Off Season

    After Labor Day, when parking fees & restrictions are lifted, which towns east of New Haven have beaches worth visiting? Mostly, I'm looking for places to walk along, or drive up to a view. Branford, Guilford, Madison must have some comparable to below. Basically, alternatives to Hammonasset...
  7. Hans Sprungfeld

    OT: Inguinal Hernia Surgery

    My surgery is scheduled for Monday 8/19. Who has experience and what to expect in terms of pain, discomfort, recovery timing, limitations, etc?
  8. Hans Sprungfeld

    #34 Ray Allen

    Chills & tears, watching the montage and the ceremony
  9. Hans Sprungfeld

    ESPN Tonight: Tremont Waters & Steve Enoch

    First time this season for me to sit down to watch a weeknight doubleheader. LSU at Kentucky Duke at Louisville Interested in watching the two from CT.
  10. Hans Sprungfeld

    How long before you switch to new cell phone? And why?

    My last few phones have had major failures, requiring replacement. This one is different. It's a 14 month old Moto G5+, which has stopped sending Voice Mail notifications and won't get me to the necessary screen to clear cache ever since the upgrade from Android 7.1.1 to 8.1. Not major, but...
  11. Hans Sprungfeld

    Our pending CT Death Storm 2019

    Below is homage to what inspired this thread, but what are your expectations the weekend weather? Extra credit for on-campus predictions for # of inches of snow vs. # of thousands of people at Gampel for the Tulane game. FROM TOS (the other storm) thread Dream Jobbed 2.0 said: I thought...
  12. Hans Sprungfeld

    3 Tech Support questions

    While we await the next game after New Year, a good time to address 3 issues. 1) FIREFOX - Boneyard on my W10 laptop has a msg that tells me to enable Java script for a better experience. Tweets do not show up in posts. I don't know what else I'm missing. How do I enable Java? (Tweets show up...
  13. Hans Sprungfeld

    St Louis travel

    We are taking advantage of Southwest's new direct flights from Bradley and flying into/out of St Louis to visit family in north central Arkansas the second week of September. Current plans are for 3 Airbnb nights in St Louis tacked onto the back end. Any recommendations/heads up for a site-...
  14. Hans Sprungfeld

    OT: Metro Storrs staycation food recommendations?

    Saturday Airbnb overnight booked, with Dairy Bar, Mansfield Drive-in movie & Sunday Flea Market, and Coventry Farmers Market before heading to Bushnell Park for Hartford Jazz Festival if it isn't too rainy on Sunday. #stillrevolutionary #Hartfordhasit #dontshootwerefromnewhaven Where should we...
  15. Hans Sprungfeld

    Where to meet Stepmom for lunch?

    I'm in Westville, New Haven, and she's in West Hartford near Bloomfield border off Mountain Road. Is GoldBurgers in Newington worth my 48 minutes to her 22? Is it comfortable enough for a "we don't see each other enough" catch up with someone who just turned 75? Where else? We've done Maggie...
  16. Hans Sprungfeld

    USF 75, Memphis 51

    Played at FedExForum USF came into the game 8-21 Go UConn, beat Houston
  17. Hans Sprungfeld

    (Where or how) should I watch tonight's game?

    Used up my CBS All Access trial last month. My only friend who might have cable & interest* in the game is 30 miles away & may or may not be busy. WHERE in New Haven would be good to go? Again, I am missing walkable Delaney's. HOW to do some sketchy form of streaming? I know it's been...
  18. Hans Sprungfeld

    St. Joe's 78 Rhody 48

    Played at Ryan Center. St. Joe's came into the game 13-15.
  19. Hans Sprungfeld

    En Route to Gampel

    Google Maps says, "Harry A. Gampel Pavillion is closed today." Do they know something I don't know? Go UConn!
  20. Hans Sprungfeld

    ECU Tanka

    Start with a haiku Remember: five-seven-five Then add 2 sevens Larrier should catch and shoot And Ollie should work the refs
  21. Hans Sprungfeld

    Game Day Haiku

    Beat the Monmouth Hawks Is a great opening line Not a thread title
  22. Hans Sprungfeld

    Jalen Carey Haiku

    Man-to-man defense equals NBA-ready Learn from a point guard
  23. Hans Sprungfeld

    OT: Knee Replacement, Post-surgery

    Lady H is two weeks out of successful total knee replacement surgery. No blood clots, no infections, wound looks good, physical therapy proceeding. On the downside, three extra nights in the hospital for low blood pressure, a recommended trip to the ER 5 days later to address blood pressure &...
  24. Hans Sprungfeld

    Senior Day Haiku

    Off to NYC Stones' Exhibitionism Will stream there if close Nod to the seniors I'll wear my UCONN hoodie Not some giant tongue For Gampel farewell Rodney, Kentan, Amida Play with pride & heart August, I agree I've admired these guys too Just wasn't the year
  25. Hans Sprungfeld

    Lindsey Hunter, Elijah Allen, Darius Rice

    Caleb White? Stop this.
  26. Hans Sprungfeld

    But, really, my post is like very important

    I'm disappointed that the No Bumping pinned thread got closed to comments before I could quote Fishy and write "Winning" Ivm Doniphan that I'm not going to post a Charlie Sheen picture. Also, to whoever posted fearful prediction that we'll get 1,000 posts on the same recruit, I bet all the tea...
  27. Hans Sprungfeld

    Anyone else watching this football game?

    Or am I supposed to go to the football board for this?
  28. Hans Sprungfeld

    Cooking with Bourbon

    BBQ sauce recipe calls for a cup of bourbon, as one of a number of ingredients including molasses, jalapeño pepper, garlic, black bean paste. I'm thinking that because it cooks over time, a higher quality Bourbon is just a waste of money. What quality of bourbon do you use? What price point...
  29. Hans Sprungfeld

    Laptop purchase advice sought

    My targeted specs: Intel 5 processor 256gb solid state drive 8gb RAM Backlit keyboard HD screen W10, 64 bit I don't see the need for touchscreen, though most have it. The one without the touchscreen (Acer) has the most connection ports and an optical drive. My questions: Which brand to...
  30. Hans Sprungfeld

    Game Day Haiku

    We got game today No Beakum haiku hijack Or rock chalk whatnot
  31. Hans Sprungfeld

    Game Day Haiku

    Back to Hoodoo Brown's One more "Battle of Ridgefield" Mojo meal for 3 The fries are soggy Brisket is dry (not "juicy") Pork belly crackles No Yelp review here I think it affects mojo Just doing my job
  32. Hans Sprungfeld

    Game Day Haiku

    Back to my sister's Leaving behind 4 grandkids Mojo must be served
  33. Hans Sprungfeld

    At KFC YUM! Center

    Waiting for Madonna "Rebel Heart" concert to begin, and the venue & Louisville are way better than the haters on this board claim.
  34. Hans Sprungfeld

    Relocatable Power Tap

    For the first time, I noticed a warning not to plug one grounded, UL-listed, power strip into another. Here's the full list of what is plugged into the two strips: turntable, 20 watt receiver, dubbing cassette deck, USB adapter for mini-plug charging, USB adapter for lightning cord charging...