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  1. Nostical

    What a Great Post Game Interview Sounds Like

    After last nights Falcons win, reporter Zach Klein handled the immediate post game presser with Atlanta HC Raheem Morris. The interview flowed at a quick pace, the questions were clear and pertinent and the answers were lucid and concise. Impressive to watch...
  2. Nostical

    More Good News for Ryan Griffin

    He leads the team with a career-high four touchdowns. The 29-year-old has reeled in 25 catches for 225 yards. Griffin, a seventh-year pro from UConn, was drafted by the Texans in 2013 and has a career 1,760 yards and 11 touchdowns on 161 receptions.
  3. Nostical

    Alabama tracking students, penalizing them if they leave football game early I suggested a plan somewhat similar to this years ago to both Warde--and Benedict. Never heard back--lol. July 17, 2016 David, As you know, a lot of angst...
  4. Nostical

    Zergiotis Now on the Clock

    Don’t be surprised if you see #11.
  5. Nostical

    Can We Get A Guy Like This?
  6. Nostical

    Want to live longer? Be an optimist.

    "National Academy of Sciences study says men and and women with the highest levels of optimism had an 11% to 15% longer life span than those who tended to be negative. Optimists also had the greatest odds of living to age 85 or beyond." Just sayin'!
  7. Nostical

    A Painful Walk Down Memory Lane

    This article about a newly announced series between ND and Wisconsin is causing controversy because ND wants to play its “home game” in Lambeau Field—and wants Wisconsin to play its “home game” in Soldier Field, Chicago, not Camp Randall Stadium on campus. It had me looking back to when UConn...
  8. Nostical

    Interesting Article Speculates on Several Realignment Options One option that's explored is more of the schools going Independent, encouraged by new rights bidders such as Amazon and Netflix. For example, David Carter, executive...
  9. Nostical

    We’ll face a new Illini QB this fall
  10. Nostical

    The Cost-Benefit of Being a Student Athlete

    Excellent and interesting dissertation on the subject by Evan Shirreffs, collegiate QB and the brother of our own QB Bryant Shirreffs.
  11. Nostical

    All Charges Dropped Against Ryan Griffin

    Prosecutor has dropped all charges. Record now expunged. The event never happened.
  12. Nostical

    Ray Dalio gives $100M to State of Connecticut.

    This Greenwich billionaire just gave the largest gift ever received by CT to help lift underachieving (mostly high school) students. I’d love to see a huge gift to UConn to help with their higher education. He’s big into ocean exploration and so is UConn. Go get it Susan! You’ll soon be his...
  13. Nostical

    We Don’t Need This Drum Beat

    Especially with a new President on the horizon. Which teams should leave FBS? Here’s a serious answer — SB Nation
  14. Nostical

    What Do All These NFL Pro Bowl Players Have In Common?

    DJ Swearinger—Arizona Cardinals—2nd Round NFL draft pick Melvin Ingraham—LA Chargers 1st Round draft pick—2 Pro Bowls 2017/2018 Alshon Jeffrey —Phila Eagles 2nd Round draft pick. Pro Bowl Stephon Gilmore—NE Patriots-NFL All Pro Darian Stewart-Denver Broncos-Pro Bowl
  15. Nostical

    What was the most surprising outcome Saturday?

    There were several blowouts and a few upsets but no score surprised me more than Cincinnati 42 Navy 0.
  16. Nostical

    Was Lyndon Johnson Really That Good?

    He’s now an assistant to Rob Ambrose at Towson after spending the last 5 years at Maryland. When I read the description of his tenure as an Edsall assistant at UConn it made me pine for those halcyon days of yore, but also wonder if he was as responsible as he implies. Do you recall him being...
  17. Nostical

    It’s Not Important What We Think

  18. Nostical

    Any Game Is Winnable

    Any game is winnable. Even when talent levels are demonstrably unequal. This possibility of victory is what makes the sport worth watching. What allows for this is the unpredictable nature of the game itself, an injury, a turnover, a bad call, a lucky bounce. When Damon Runyon famously said...
  19. Nostical

    It’s Time To Get Serious

    We have some work to do but we can compete in this league. We’re heading out to Boise to watch the Huskies battle the Broncos. Experience gained from the sheer speed of UCF’s play calling should have the defense playing better this week against the Broncos uptempo offense. Fewer turnovers alone...
  20. Nostical

    Who Said These Words?

    "Some things stay the same. Smart teams, tough teams, disciplined teams win. I’ve spent nine months trying to learn my players. I think I know them, but I’m going to learn a lot more the first night. That’s when I’ll get a better idea of who’s really who. Then we'll go from there." Dan Mullen...
  21. Nostical

    At Some Places I Guess It Doesn’t Matter

    “Miles Smith, the youngest son of Illinois head coach Lovie Smith, has been promoted from graduate assistant to full-time staff member as a defensive backs coach at Illinois. He will fill the coaching vacancy left after Donnie Abraham’s resignation earlier this month. Miles will be the...
  22. Nostical

    Some Changes At The Rent This Year

    New Features at Pratt & Whitney Stadium This Season - UConn Huskies | University of Connecticut Athletics Some Examples: Jonathan the Husky XIV Jonathan the Husky will have a larger presence on gameday with his very own dog house on the field for him to take breaks as he cheers on the Huskies...
  23. Nostical

    This Should Be Fun and Informative

    I hope you got your personal invitation. You're Invited! UConn Football Season Ticket Holder Open Practice Sunday, August 12 2:15 p.m. – 4:35 p.m. Football Practice Fields (Storrs Campus) Dear —-, The UConn football team will hold an exclusive open practice for season ticket holders at the...
  24. Nostical

    Tim Boyle Continues to Impress

    Here’s what persistence and self-belief can do. I’m sure these continuing positive comments come as a surprise to many on the Boneyard but Tim’s ability to shove aside the naysayers and push forward toward his goals is one of the more impressive stories of the year. 5 Packers who impressed...
  25. Nostical


    Tayvon Butler “Great Day At UCONN University. Thanks To All The Coaches & Shamel Lazarus For All The Support”
  26. Nostical

    UConn Out Front in Pushing for its Share of Gambling Revenue

    Benedict isn’t waiting around. The gambling revenue train will be leaving the station. He wants us on board. Colleges looking into betting compensation
  27. Nostical

    Tommy Meyers Wins Prestigious Award

    IRVING, Texas -April 11, 2018 Chairman Archie Manning and President Steve Hatchel of The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame (NFF) announced today the members of the 2018 NFF Hampshire Honor Society, which is comprised of college football players from all divisions of play who...
  28. Nostical

    On My Way to San Antonio

    I’m on a business trip—not going to FF. I’m connecting through Atlanta and plane is filled with BBall coaches.They all act like they’re in one big fraternity. I’m sitting behind Bobby Huggins and the head of BBall operations at East Tenn St. When I said I’m a UConn guy Huggins said “Danny’s a...
  29. Nostical

    Team UConn

    Yesterday’s introductory press conference was an incredibly important moment. Listening to Hurley was the final proof that when it comes to UConn’s future we now have an incredibly able athletic department team in place. It’s taken some time and we’ve suffered through some abysmal lows but this...
  30. Nostical

    UConn Gets a C+ Grade for 2017

    Grades for all 130 FBS teams for the 2017 season, including A+ for Alabama Shows someone is seeing our incremental progress. They gave us a C. I call it a C+
  31. Nostical

    Even UCF Would Give UGA a Better Game

    Bama could be the worst offensive team ever to play in this game. Committee needs to expand NOW. Their metrics aren’t good enough for only 4 teams. They overlooked several other better teams for Bama.
  32. Nostical

    Don’t Underestimate The Impact of Losing

    Tom Herman on what's he's learned in his first year at Texas: "That three straight losing seasons takes its toll on kids, it really does. The players were overmatched. So were the coaches.” I’m sure RE could say the same thing.
  33. Nostical

    One of The Best Things I’ve Read About UConn Football (Dan Orlovsky Article) - What's Next for UConn Football
  34. Nostical

    Edsall's Salary Embarrassingly Low

    USA TODAY Sports I understand the circumstances of his return and the buyout of BD being a factor but he's 78th on the list. The fact that Charlie Strong is at 77 with the same $1M is also a bad sign for the AAC. ( Of course his Texas buyout was lucrative enough for him to accept the low USF...
  35. Nostical

    Tom Jurich Fired at Louisville

    Along with Rick Pitino. The chickens have come home to roost.