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  1. RichZ

    Pearl, Person, NCAA

    Somehow I have trouble with the whole Bruce didn't know nuthin' narrative. And Auburn voluntarily forgoing post season play that only has a 50/50 chance of happening...
  2. RichZ

    Am I justified in getting torqued off at this?

    This popped up as a video that Youtube thought I'd be interested. My wife heard me grumbling about it, and said, "Well, imitation is the best flattery." I tried to explain that this it should be respected as a common law trademark of the Huskies, not some phrase to be bandied about by posers...
  3. RichZ

    Former UConn bball manager Mark Daigneault becomes NBA head coach at 35
  4. RichZ

    OT: Need some good news

    Somebody told me after my vascular surgery in May, that I must be a cat, because I seem to have 9 lives. Unfortunately, by my count, I'm down to my last one. Enjoyed a great day catching stripers on the river on Thursday. Got home and was busy getting the boat and my gear ready to do it again...
  5. RichZ

    Ken Pom Question

    I see UConn is ranked 43rd in kenpom. Since KP is statistic driven, and there are zero statistics to go by at this point, how did anything change since the last time any college hoops were played, at which point we were ranked 52nd? What measurable criterial has resulted in a change in the...
  6. RichZ

    OT: Pickup games turns ugly
  7. RichZ

    NCAA furloughs everyone but the bigwigs Probably a trick to avoid granting Tyreese's eligibility
  8. RichZ

    More Caron stuff
  9. RichZ


    74 years old.
  10. RichZ

    OT: I feel like I'm being broken up with.

    The relationship is but 8 days old, and has been incredibly intense at times. But I fell asleep last night with a feeling of unease. And today there have been subtle hints. The 'toys' that she stored here between sessions, including her favorite 'dopler device' with it's squishy lubricant, she...
  11. RichZ

    Stumbling around the internet...

    For some reason, the memories raised and freshened by the outstanding OSM video we've been enjoying brought to mind my least favorite UConn player of the modern Husky era. Sam Funches. I couldn't resist googling him to refresh my memory, and find out if I'd been holding an unfairly negative...
  12. RichZ

    It's a double anniversary today!

    April 5th 2004 -- the anticlimatic drubbing of Georgia Tech to win our 2nd Championship April 5th 2014 -- we gave the Florida Gators a bad case of reptile dysfunction in the Final Four
  13. RichZ

    Since it's tourneyfree tourney time...

    It might just be time to dust this one off again. It features less action than any other tourney highlight video ever created, yet somehow, it's just as satisfying, and perhaps even more amazing.
  14. RichZ

    Blacktop, part 2 ThoughtZ™

    Thank you Christian Vital. No Christian, no win yesterday. 6 boards, a dime, 2 steals and 28 points on 8 of 15 from the field, including 3 of 5 from 3. Thank you to Alterique, as well. Four boards, 4 assists, 2 steals and 10 points on 3 of 5. Good defense by AG and CV too. Especially AG. Can't...
  15. RichZ

    Couger ThoughtZ™

    Houston scored the first 5 points of the game. We scored the next 16. Whaley "I'm kinda sorta open, so I'm just gonna shoot this 18 foot jumper." Boom. 16-5. Wow! That was great. The next two times he did that, not so much. Seemed like Houston resisted fouling Vital all game long, until we gave...
  16. RichZ

    AAARGGH! Time for some Pirate ThoughtZ™

    The ECU coach looks way too much like the sterotypical sleazy used car salesman. I wouldn't trust him. Wouldn't surprise me if there weren't instructions to play extra physical to try to generate a response that would get someone tossed . I don't care who you're playing against. You get off the...
  17. RichZ

    Tacko Free Knights ThoughtZ™

    Watching this game gave me agita. Play good for a few minutes, then play like drek for a few, randomly sprinkle in a couple insanely athletic plays here and there, with a bonehead move every now and then. Repeat, recycle. Since the first of the year, Whaley has been shooting FTs at 86.6% (26 of...
  18. RichZ

    Bullspit ThoughtZ™

    I held my breath for a damned long time during the 2nd half of that game. Obviously, his foul situation precluded any possibility of Bouk breaking out of his role as the 2nd half savior today, but man what a last 10 minutes he had! POG. Vital, without any question. Sterling D, team high 24...
  19. RichZ

    Nite owl ThoughtZ™

    Conflicted emotions after last night's game. Proud of the way our guys battled and never gave up. Disappointed that their efforts didn't result in the desired outcome. We had a few too many defensive breakdowns that let guys get to the hole unmolested, but overall, as a team, we played decent...
  20. RichZ

    And then there were seven game ThoughtZ™

    Well, I guess it's eight if and when Sid gets healthy enough to actually contribute. But one way or another, we're down another man tonight. Today was the most beautiful ugly game ever. Achiwa is good. Very good. Would have been a big time help on our team. But to me, he seems way too interested...
  21. RichZ

    SMU ThoughtZ™

    Not sure how many more heartbreaks I can take. This time, we opened strong and finished strong, but sucked donkey ballz in the middle. Guard play was OK. Bouk showed up in both halves. Vital had an unusual game, with only 3 boards, but 7 dimes. Gaffney and Adams played well. AG not so much. What...
  22. RichZ

    Cincinnati ThoughtZ™

    Skyline Chili is the chili equivalent of Deep Dish pizza from Little Caesars. Can you imagine what it'll be like once Bouknight figures out that BOTH halves count? Bouk's stunning move around Cumberland for the lay in at a little under 9 minutes left in the first half should be put on a loop and...
  23. RichZ

    So where have the ThoughtZ™ gone?

    The last few games had numbed my mind to the point that I couldn't formulate any thoughtz. No, seriously, both my wife and myself have had some medical issues going on, and while my heart may have been in it, my head hasn't. Not much tonight, other than celebrating the win, the emergence of...
  24. RichZ

    OT: The wood chipper is back!

    Long time members may remember this board's fascination with the wood chipper as an instrument of disposal for body parts "a few" years ago. Well, maybe it was mostly Fishy. But still... Well, the source of the jokes is out of prison, just 33 years later.
  25. RichZ

    Disjointed, Delayed and Remote Cougar ThoughtZ™

    Disclaimer: I did not see the game. No ESPNU access. Further, I do not know if I want to see the game at this point. Still, from listening and from following the game as best as possible from ESPN's 'Play by Play" write-up and from the box score, I do have some thoughts about this debacle*...
  26. RichZ

    Nova ThoughtZ™

    Refs were offensive foul happy in the 1st half -- but only at one end of the floor. The other end, they were allowed full use of their arms on every offensive move. Bump. Push. Hook. Hold. All good for the wildcats. Gaffney seems much less hesitant and tentative than he has looked until now...
  27. RichZ

    Linemen ThoughtZ™

    Polley. Comes of age Wednesday. Gone for the season in Friday. SIGH. Welcome to the big time, Mister Wilson. Sid responded well to being pressed into service in a less than ideal scenario, after seeing his minutes dwindle to pretty much nothing. We actually outrebounded them, albeit by a narrow...
  28. RichZ

    Two Lane ThoughtZ™

    First half Bouk had a couple good plays, but mostly seemed a little out of sync or unsure of himself. Totally different player in the 2nd half. Confident and engaged. That's the Bouk we need to see on the regular. Tyler was a different player right from the get go. Anyone who ever thought we'd...
  29. RichZ

    Bull spit ThoughtZ™

    We should never trail to USF for a second. NEVER. At the half, 18 of our 32 points had come from the bench. Everybody on this team needs to work on layups. Carlton had no first half rebounds. That's not a misprint. Our starting center managed to not coral a board at either end a half of a...
  30. RichZ

    Bearcat Thoughtz™

    I did not get to watch this mess, and I'm not sure when I'll be in a mindset to watch a replay that's just going to make me either depressed, angry or both. So my ThoughtZ™ are just that. Not observations. Playing them even in the 2nd half doesn't help much when you spot them 16 points in the...
  31. RichZ

    Enjit ThoughtZ™

    Is it just me that sees NJIT and pronounces it EN-JIT? I didn't even know what their mascot/team name was until I looked it up. The Northparaders? What the hell does that even mean? Scratch that. They are the Highlanders. Major late night brainfart on my part. The Northparaders were/are the...
  32. RichZ

    Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve ThoughtZ™

    Vital scored our first 6 points. Somehow, this didn't feel like a good sign. Early on, UNH seemed like they couldn't miss from 3. Turned things around when we sped the game up without looking hurried. Mostly due to Bouk, Gaffney and Whaley. Bouk's block on Maultsby was a thing of absolute...
  33. RichZ

    Peafoul ThoughtZ™

    92.5% painful to watch this game. It was not pretty and it was not fun. I wish we wouldn't have games on "New Whistle Day" for the officiating crew on duty. They just can't resist repeatedly trying them out at the expense of the game flow. And yet despite calling 38 total fouls, they missed so...
  34. RichZ

    Garden ThoughtZ™

    Our guard play was disappointing to say the least. The only ones in the building who performed worse than our guards were the refs and Dick Vitale. CV had his worst game this year. 8 rebounds was his only bright spot. 5 assists sounds good, but it was against 7 turnovers, 6 of which were on...
  35. RichZ

    Gaelic ThoughtZ™

    A double-double-double for AG and JC, while CV came up one rebound shy of making it three. On the other hand, the entire bench got 13 points, 6 boards and 4 assists in 55 total minutes. 10 dimes against a single turnover is a pretty good way to boost your assist to turnover ratio. Mix in a dozen...