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  1. Nostical

    OT: What are your Thanksgiving plans?

    This year we’ll be buying a much smaller turkey. Normally it’s a gathering of 25 family members, with several roasted and fried turkeys, and all of the other typical side dishes. One of our traditions was after we all sat down we’d go around the table saying (briefly-lol) what we were grateful...
  2. Nostical

    Head Coaching carrousel mania for 2020 begins

    How would Muschamp and South Carolina be viewed if they had Trevor Lawrence at QB? It ultimately comes down to the QB. And the ability to identify and recruit those guys (like in any business) is what separates all of us.
  3. Nostical

    Week 10 - game thread

    That’s all true but it’s all about getting the right coach, one who’s able to develop a plan and capitalize on it. Hugh Freeze should be Coach of the Year.
  4. Nostical

    BCU Upset Alert????

    Don’t forget Blumenthal.
  5. Nostical

    What a Great Post Game Interview Sounds Like

    Ha! You noticed.
  6. Nostical

    What a Great Post Game Interview Sounds Like

    After last nights Falcons win, reporter Zach Klein handled the immediate post game presser with Atlanta HC Raheem Morris. The interview flowed at a quick pace, the questions were clear and pertinent and the answers were lucid and concise. Impressive to watch...
  7. Nostical

    Podcast with Randy Edsall

    Disappointed is the better word, but once all the implications were explained and discussed, most players supported the decision. And while it may seem counter intuitive, it was especially true for those with aspirations of playing professionally.
  8. Nostical

    Podcast with Randy Edsall

    Nice job Jared! I’m not surprised Edsall stuck by the school’s decision not to play. When the options were presented to the players, the choice was between playing UMass twice and a few other nondescript opponents in empty stadiums, and having to adhere to state prescribed quarantine protocols...
  9. Nostical

    Mat Peart is NOT a project

    As long as his strength and footwork keep improving, he could become a fixture on the G-men for years to come. Don’t be surprised if he’s named a captain.
  10. Nostical

    What comes next for UConn athletics/football now that the football season is canceled?

    If it’s improvement you’re looking for, may I present 2019 Omar Fortt and today’s Omar Fortt as exhibit A. Being anticipatory and quick to the ball carrier is one thing, not letting him break your grasp is another. All of the players have committed to a relentless regimen of improvement and the...
  11. Nostical

    They're playing football all over Europe

    I’m as anxious as anyone to get back to normal but when the SEC, XII and ACC agreed to play I asked what would have to occur to cause a reversal? Most of you said nothing would stop it. Now we have Saban, FLA/LSU, NFL issues, and rising case counts. Is it possible a few of the B1G presidents...
  12. Nostical

    Which Husky Logo do you like the best?

    The old logo was of a Samoyed not a Husky and was an embarrassment for an institution of higher learning. The Samoyed is a breed of of medium-sized herding dogs with thick, white, double-layer coats. Related to the spitz, they have a temperament that is lively, sociable, playful, and friendly...
  13. Nostical

    Mike Leach and Miss St

    Leach may be a genius but his O coordinator was atrocious on two late 4th and one calls. A simple play action bootleg run (which was wide open both times) would have given them a first down near the goal line, yet each time they ran the RB right up the middle into a stacked D line and were...
  14. Nostical

    Work Hard And Win

    My Grandson loves his dog Beckett and wondered if any teams are called the “Labradoodles”. Apparently not. But lots of other breeds are proud mascots.
  15. Nostical

    UConn in the NFL

    Jets looking looking for a big year from Ryan Griffin. What Is Ryan Griffin Looking Forward to About the 2020 Season?
  16. Nostical

    B1G To Start October 10?

    I love the way Larry Scott sings When a Man Loves a Woman.
  17. Nostical

    UConn in the NFL

    I get the frustration, I had it too, but it can become an irrational mindset. I found myself one day wanting to download an app that was recommended to me. Then I saw it wasn’t free, it cost $3 and I almost didn’t get it. I chose principle over practicality until I realized how ridiculous it was...
  18. Nostical

    Looking ahead to the 2021 season

    Games aren’t as important as the players who play in them. Our last few years saw us playing lots of games. Our personnel wasn’t up to the struggle. Our 2021 team will be bigger, stronger faster— and I dare say will be ready to compete.
  19. Nostical

    Can we Start Football too?

    The limited schedule options were discussed with the players, such as playing UMass and another team twice. The players concurred after much discussion that playing a full and more robust schedule next year was preferable to the mishmash that might be cobbled together this year, especially given...
  20. Nostical

    Can we Start Football too?

    Having now embraced the administration’s decision to cancel the season, our players are excited about—and fully engaged in—getting bigger faster stronger. Next year they get tested against Clemson and Purdue— instead of playing UMass twice this fall. And interestingly, the most vocal advocates...
  21. Nostical

    Pindell works out with Dez Bryant

    One of the really good guys. All of Husky nation wishes him the best.
  22. Nostical

    UConn in the NFL

    Tim Boyle’s story is an incredible testament to self-belief and perseverance. Anyone who witnessed his frustrating experience (and mishandling) at UConn should smile wide at what he’s accomplishing in Green Bay...
  23. Nostical

    Might be the perfect encapsulation....

    I’d be more bummed if I were the Pac12. It’s one thing to be depicted as overly eager, quite another to be totally ignored.
  24. Nostical

    Transfer portal - outbound

    Given the fact Keyshawn Paul was excited after being granted the honor of wearing #6 this season, his is an interesting departure.
  25. Nostical

    Transformation of physical bodies.

    The pic was taken April 6, 2019. .
  26. Nostical

    Transformation of physical bodies.

    Omar is working hard and becoming a beast. He realized his number one weakness has always been his...weakness. While his football instincts and pursuit to the ball have been excellent, a failure to wrap up the ball carrier was hurting his performance. That won’t happen in 2021. (And he’s not the...
  27. Nostical

    Chip Malafronte passes away

    Tough hearing the news about Chip Malafronte. So many are dying much too soon. RIP Chip. Condolences to his family.
  28. Nostical

    Transfer portal - outbound

    Perhaps he wasn’t talking about football.
  29. Nostical

    How I see it

    It also puts to rest your comment about UConn acting differently if they were still in the AAC conference. There’s no team in that conference other than Temple that could have been played without a 14 day quarantine.
  30. Nostical

    Mike Anthony: UConn coach Randy Edsall making sure player voices matter in a college football debate that ignores them

    Proud of Edsall taking a public position on what’s not an easy issue given the institutional pressures faced by so many. He’ll be a sought after voice in most media discussions going forward and that will be a good thing for UConn, especially on the recruiting trail. The message in his tweet...
  31. Nostical

    Get Well Serrano

    Get well Jimmy. Susan Herbst sends her best wishes.
  32. Nostical

    2021 UConn Football Commit - Tyler Phommachanh (Stratford CT)

    My contact at AOF (who is One of Tyler’s good buddies) tells me Joshua Tracey Is a fantastic WR. Let’s hope Tyler and Josh are a great battery for the Huskies.Getting psyched for the future of Husky football.
  33. Nostical

    UConn’s plan for cutting $10 million from its athletic budget will be presented Friday and could shape the department for years to come (Amore)

    When I was a kid growing up in New London the Yale Harvard race on the Thames River was one of the biggest spectator events in New England. There were often thousands of people lining the river and lots of spectator boats. I always wore blue that day.
  34. Nostical

    NCAA moves toward allowing athletes to be paid sponsors (Russo @ AP)

    The Connecticut legislature should be next to pass a similar bill.