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  1. Kenny11

    Life on The Boneyard Update, September 30, 2020

    What's up BYF? I took some heat on the last update for not addressing "The Big Texan 72 Oz Steak Challenge live stream thread". Indeed, it is a very important thread. in 2 weeks it already has 36k views, 2k responses and is 82 pages long...all impressive metrics. The BYF (Boneyard Family) is...
  2. Kenny11

    Life on the Boneyard Update, September 22, 2020

    I'm going to give an update of life on the Boneyard and the people who reside here. This may become a weekly thing if you all show interest or it could die out quickly if the haterz have their way. Here we go: Dream Jobbed 2.0 strongly advocates for the downtown Manchester food and beer scene...
  3. Kenny11


    NCAA and conferences cancel all games but say teams can have a season only against teams in their own state with limited capacity of fans (season ticket holders for uconn can attend): UConn Yale Central Connecticut Sacred Heart University of Hartford Fairfield play each team twice. Top 4 seeds...
  4. Kenny11

    What if Bouknight adds the “fake floater” to his game in the offseason?

    The cousin to the crab by rule. Do we go undefeated and win the National championship by 30?
  5. Kenny11

    Shot blockers that have torn their Achilles?

    I was bored so a took a look at nba frontcourt players who have torn their Achilles and how they came back from it. It’s so hard to find a comparison because most of them had the injury in their late 20’s or 30’s. Some players came back at a high level but there is always a drop off although for...
  6. Kenny11

    Sniper Out!

    Sniper out, btches!!!!!!!
  7. Kenny11

    Will Hurley or anyone say something publicly?

    The officiating in the league is horrendous. Games are unwatchable (unless you are an addict like us) and it’s not fair to the players being victimized by the refs wanting to be the star of the show. hurley needs to stop worrying about being a good sport and air it out at the press conference...
  8. Kenny11

    Will the AAC Trophy Photo be left behind?

    Hurley has had the team take a photo of the AAC trophy everywhere they go this season, road trips, msg, team outings, etc. yeah it’s a corny team thing that happens in sports but it also states a goal he and the team felt/feel is realistic. Basically, he expected uconn to be good this season...
  9. Kenny11

    Carlton's basketball skills

    There has been a lot of talk on here about Carlton's regression and it is hard to argue with. For all of Carlton's limitations athletically, he is long and has shown in the past to have some nice moves and nice touch near the basket. For the most part, we haven't seen that this year. His touch...
  10. Kenny11

    What do you expect from Akok Akok this season?

    Akok is a very unique player for us. We have never had a shotblocking, 3 point shooting big. The only one that comes close in comparison is Charlie V but that was a different era and Charlie only average one 3point attempt per game. Akok should probably triple that. So what do you expect? Here's...
  11. Kenny11

    Cobb has to be our creator for the remainder of the season

    With Adams and Gilbert out we have no ball handlers that can create consistently. Smith is better at dribbling around and surveying than actually creating, B Adams is obviously not ready yet, and Vital is just not a very good ball handler. When Cobb gets touches or catches in the paint or foul...
  12. Kenny11

    OT: Brook Lopez and new NBA

    If anyone has been following the Bucks, who are having a great season, they have built the team completely around Giannis, who is not a shooter, by giving him space to operate and spreading the floor with 3 point shooters. It has worked very well. But the crazy thing is the complete role...
  13. Kenny11

    The Sniper's Quest for 1000 points

    Christian Vital aka CV aka The Sniper passed 900 career points at UConn last night. He will reach 1000 soon which is pretty damn good for someone who was seen as strictly a reserve guard when he arrived at UConn. Sniper has gotten this far by a great self-belief, hard work, jacking 3's and...
  14. Kenny11

    OT: Eurostep

    A couple weeks ago I mentioned that James Bouknight, our 2019 shooting guard commit has a very advanced euro step, probably better than any incoming freshman we have had. Others developed a good one at UConn like Shabazz but never came into college with it mastered already. Today I noticed an...
  15. Kenny11

    Andre Drummond jacking 3's in the preseason

    Maybe this doesn't deserve its own thread but Drummond went 0 for 3 last night on 3 pointers. I love the way the game has changed and how skilled shooters are prevalent at every position....but some guys should just never shoot 3's. Besides that he played great and looked to be in amazing shape.
  16. Kenny11

    Are we above rushing the court?

    I mean, normally I would say that would be unbecoming of a uconn fan since we have 4 national championships since 1999 and have produced nba all stars and a soon to be hall of famer. But with our struggles the last couple years, having to take on last minute recruits to field a team, losing one...
  17. Kenny11

    Crazy Christian Vital

    I’m all in on Crazy Christian: Starting scuffles Using all of his strength to try to dunk instead of laying it up Elaborate handshakes Screaming at the crowd Punching his own chest as hard as possible Heat check 3s even when he’s not hot Talking trash Exploding into passing lanes. He’s crazy...
  18. Kenny11

    0% to 100%

    lets play a game. Write things that could happen through the remaining of the 2018 season into the off season based on percentages of if they could actually happen in increments of 10. 0% chance that uconn wins the national championship 10% chance that UConn beats Villanova on Jan 20th 20%...
  19. Kenny11

    Adams 1000 points

    Adams is really close to 1000. Should get it Wednesday against UCF. Would’ve gotten it today if not for the scooter incident. Has scored most of his points with crafty right handed layups and floaters. Interesting way to score that much in today’s game. Congrats to him! 4hunnid 4 1thousand!
  20. Kenny11

    Larrier used to be very athletic

    VCU's Terry Larrier OFFICIAL Ballislife Mixtape! Athletic Wing Is Full of Potential! I'm not a fan of Larrier's game as I have expressed plenty of times before. But man, it sucks that his injury and time off have destroyed his athleticism and apparently his confidence in his legs. Check out...
  21. Kenny11

    A look back: Kemba robbed of Big East POY and NCAA POY

    I wasn't on the BY back then so I don't know what the discussions were like. But obviously this was bullcrap. Kemba lost out to Ben freaking Hansbrough and Jimmer freaking Fredette. Excuse me as I reach deep into my pocket and pull out the RACE CARD. Those awards going to white kids that were...
  22. Kenny11

    KW's vertical is not human

    So on Instagram, KW posted a video of himself coming within centimeters of touching the top of the vertical leap measuring stick. I took a screenshot of it, and I couldn't get him at his peak. My pic shows him on his way down and not as close to the top. But you can check his ig to see the...
  23. Kenny11

    Shabazz training

    I came across this new video of shabazz off-season training. It's quite awesome.
  24. Kenny11

    OT: Can Purvis become a WWE Superstar?

    Strengths: 1. Absolutely ripped and looked like he lost weight for basketball. If he lifted for size he would be even more of a beast...not to mention if hes all oiled up. 2. Not a bad looking guy. Tall enough for wwe 3. Reasonably well spoken 4. He has the whole red Ferrari gimmick that can...
  25. Kenny11

    Taylor Rooks master thread

    It is going to be a tough year. Hopefully, the team improves and makes some noise in conference play. But for now, lets enjoy the lone bright spot of the season.