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  1. Scud49

    OT: Jerry Jeff

    Oh man, Jerry Jeff Walker, gone at age 78....
  2. Scud49

    OT: It Was Real Popular, but....Twas Never a Big Fav of Mine....!

    OK, we've looked at all angles of everything we have liked music wise, so how about the opposite approach - what songs have you essentially despised over the years? I'll kick it off with this one:
  3. Scud49

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    Damn, pretty big name in the country rock genre over the years. He hosted his "Volunteer Jam" every year for quite awhile - bringing in his buddies for a jammin' good time:
  4. Scud49

    OT: The Old, the Obscure, and The Forgotten - Round 2

    I think we had some fun with the original thread during last off season, so how bout a round 2? I'll kick it off with this one - from Neil Young's first album, the haunting "The Old Laughing Lady", I don't think I ever heard it on the radio:
  5. Scud49

    John Prine

    Damn, he died tonight, complications from the Corona Virus. IMO, one of our greatest singer songwriters, an icon, and a national treasure. From his debut album - Hello In There: Ya' know that old trees just grow stronger And old rivers grow wilder ev'ry day Old people just grow lonesome...
  6. Scud49

    Paige's Passing Skills

    More than anything in her game, this is what I'm looking forward to the most:
  7. Scud49

    OT: Pick Your Favorite Song by a Group/Artist

    Only one song per individual artist or group - what might it be? When I think of the Righteous Brothers, it's this song, and by a mile:
  8. Scud49

    OT: The Old, the Obscure, and the Forgotten

    I thought this might be an interesting angle to take music wise. I'm sure you have a favorite song(s) that just might fit into these categories. I'll kick it off with a beautiful acoustic tune from the mid 70's by a really obscure artist by the name of Brian Friel:
  9. Scud49

    Absolutely Beautiful Music - Round 2

    I really liked the thread we had a few months ago on music that we felt was gorgeous. So I figured why not a round 2 to help fill the gap before the ladies resume their play. Here's one from Boz Scaggs that I feel falls nicely into this bucket:
  10. Scud49

    Favorite Jazz /Jazz Fusion

    What are some of your favorites in this area? I have a number of them, including this gem:
  11. Scud49

    Top 100 Westerns of All Time

    Glad the Sergio Leone movies are finally receiving their due: Top 100 Western Films of All Time
  12. Scud49

    Jaliyah Manuel, 7 yr old basketball superkid

    Apologies if something on her has already been posted and discussed, but if it hasn't, I thought she was quite something:
  13. Scud49

    OT: Your Favorite Instrumentals

    I have a number of them, but I'll kick it off with Brian Auger's Oblivion Express doing the Wes Montgomery classic:
  14. Scud49

    UCONN: Bob Ryan Gets It

    Much better than another columnist we all know from Boston- Bob Ryan praises UConn women's basketball