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  1. KSC94

    Pindell works out with Dez Bryant Pretty cool story. Pindell still looking for his shot. Rooting for him
  2. KSC94

    OTish: Raphael Chillious back to South Kent

    Happy for him. Had a rough go in the college ranks over the last few years compounded by his wife getting sick. Plus Kent is beautiful and the NEPSAC is always entertaining.
  3. KSC94

    OTish: "Please do not leave it behind like the Civil ConFLiCT trophy"

    Part of UCF grad school commencement? Kind of funny jab
  4. KSC94

    New tcf highlight videos for Purvis, Facey, Brimah

    @tcf15 This man is single-handedly getting me through quarantine. Thank you sir.
  5. KSC94

    UConn One Shining Moment

    Great stuff. Interesting to see KO going Super Saiyan included
  6. KSC94

    Game Time Today?

    Official twitter just put out a 3pm tip. Schedule has said and currently says 2pm.
  7. KSC94

    OTish: Nkosi Burgess signs with FC Dallas Turns out he transferred to USeattle then went 14th in the SuperDraft and signed with Dallas today? Had no idea. Always thought he was an underrated player. Was a funny, nice kid too.
  8. KSC94

    Isaiah Whaley

    The other stars tonight got their own threads so Whaley should too. What a great kid. Plays so hard, does whatever the team needs, really pushed himself this offseason so as to not let the program and his guys down. Excited for him to be a senior captain next year.
  9. KSC94

    Other than spite, why wouldn't the AAC keep UConn football on a reduced payout?

    Assuming they would miss on Army/BYU/Boise, and the NCAA won't let them have an conference championship game without division/round robin, why wouldn't the AAC want to keep us on a reduced payout? Without Army/BYU/Boise, there is nobody who brings immediate value and probably nobody with a...
  10. KSC94

    Randy Edsall just retweeted this

    First line - "UConn's decision to go to Big East, dooms the Huskies as a major FB participant." Yikes
  11. KSC94

    OT: Kemba still clutch in Japanese gameshow

    Little lighter content for the folks Still got it
  12. KSC94

    UConn in NBA Summer League

  13. KSC94

    Ray Allen Upset With UConn Over Ollie Situation Ray Allen: “I was deposed last month and I was badgered by the lawyers on that side. I’m extremely disappointed about that. They are digging their heels in.” Allen: “This...
  14. KSC94

    Noah Collier Interview UConn- “I enjoyed [the official visit] a lot. I got to talk to Ray Allen, that was cool. I got to meet all the coaching staff and go out to eat with them, and they’re really good people. My roommate...
  15. KSC94

    CV Staying?

    From his Instagram
  16. KSC94

    Jalen selling shoes

    Jalen posted on his Instagram that he's selling a couple pairs of UConn shoes. 1) that's definitely a violation, no? 2) if not could be a cool purchase for anyone who is into that
  17. KSC94

    Dunn leaving to become Jets TE coach

    Mike Anthony: UConn offensive coordinator John Dunn leaving to join Jets as tight ends coach - Hartford Courant Not great
  18. KSC94

    Mason Jackson

    Plays at RJ Evans's alma mater, got offers from UNC Asheville (where RJ coaches) and Fairfield (assistant coach Tyson Wheeler also played in the ECC at New London) this summer. Good shooter, 6'4". Cool to see CIAC kids at public schools get serious looks for D1 ball.
  19. KSC94

    Potential 2019 Grad Transfers

    After missing out on Kofi, there seems to be a decent chance we'll be in the grad transfer market for a big again. Figured I'd start the list. Steven Enoch - Louisville - Averaging 8.6pts/4.7rebs in 19 mins Nico Carvacho - Colorado State - Averaging 15.5pts/12.9rebs in 30.3 mins. Currently...
  20. KSC94

    BC loses to Hartford at home

  21. KSC94

    Why do we even play Cuse?

    What’s in it for us?
  22. KSC94

    OTish: Full season list of ESPN's coverage of NCAAB

    ESPN’s Unrivaled Men’s College Basketball Schedule to Provide More Than 2,800 Games This Season - ESPN MediaZone U.S. We've already known our list for a while I suppose but this shows who we are up against in each time slot: 1/12 2pm - Nevada at Fresno State vs UConn at Cincy for ESPN2 slot...
  23. KSC94

    Ayo and Teo to perform before First Night

    Couple of dancers turned hip hop musicians. Had a popular song last year I think. Not quite Kansas/Kentucky/Duke/Memphis level but kind of cool I guess.
  24. KSC94

    SI's Best Non-NCAA-Tournament Games in Last Decade

    Top 10 non-NCAA tournament games of the last decade On here for the 6OT, the Jalen Adams shot, and Kemba's stepback. Pretty good list imo
  25. KSC94

    NCAA's Best Current Player Wearing Each Number

    We picked the best current college basketball player for every jersey number | #4 – Jalen Adams, UConn Jalen Adams was a Second Team All-AAC guard last season after averaging 18.1 points, 4.7 assists, 4.2 rebounds and 1.5 steals per game for the Huskies. Adams shouldered a heavy load...
  26. KSC94

    OT: Rumor has it Mustapha Heron cleared by the NCAA

    Good to see the NCAA being consistent
  27. KSC94

    Full schedule released

    2018-19 Men's Basketball Schedule - UConn Huskies | University of Connecticut Athletics
  28. KSC94

    Kwintin Williams jumps into new UConn men’s basketball season hoping for more opportunity — and more

    Kwintin Williams jumps into new UConn men’s basketball season hoping for more opportunity — and more dunks Nice article. If nothing else, it really does seem like we have a great group of gentlemen on the team. Hopefully we see a little more angst on the court though.
  29. KSC94

    Rocket Watts Transfers to Aspire Academy

    Out of Michigan for last year of highschool, and maybe college?
  30. KSC94

    The ConFLiCT trophy is alive and well

  31. KSC94

    James Bouknight Video

    I need this kid to be a Husky. Maybe even more than Precious or Cockburn. He's going to be a stud. Would not surprise me if he had a Zhaire Smith-esc climb
  32. KSC94

    Jalen Gaffney Summer Highlights

  33. KSC94

    Trey Hall transfers to New Hampton

    From East Catholic was it?
  34. KSC94

    Precious Achiuwa Update - Wednesday's Leftovers: Latest on Precious Achiuwa, Syracuse, more Precious Achiuwa has yet to speak much on his recruitment, as he placed the majority of his attention on his final summer of travel ball play. Before he begins his senior year - and with a few...
  35. KSC94

    Terrence Clarke

    Damn, these major prep programs really get whoever they want. This one could be important as these moves go hand in hand with reclassifications. If he stays in 2021, I don't think he'd play college ball, but this could be useful in moving up to 2020?