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    Andre Jackson #giggetygiggetygoo

    Hamilton had a lot of tools, and if he could have shot the ball could have been a great college player. And yes, he was highly rated coming to UConn. But Vance Jackson? Unless Dove is Mr. Jackson, I'm struggling to get it.
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    Andre Jackson #giggetygiggetygoo

    I'm trying to figure out if this post is facetious. We're GD UConn, and people are using players like Vance (my father says I should be the focus of the offense) Jackson and D (I'd be such a good player if I was just capable of making a shot or two occasionally) Hamilton as great focal points...
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    Donyell Marshall

    Frankly, Kemba's season was better even if you don't get to the Tourney, Kemba delivering and Donyell choking. Kemba's season, taking the team he started the season with to the title, was more than player of the year level.
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    Donyell Marshall

    I don't think Okafor's junior season was even that close. He missed some games to injury, and played at far less than 100& in others due to the back. The early season loss to Ga Tech at MSG he was eaten alive. Again, I have no doubt the injury caused that to happen, but his game to game level...
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    Donyell Marshall

    Donyell was the first UConn player to arguably be one of the best five or ten players in the country -- a true All American level performer. You could argue that his last year as a Husky was better than anyone else's. (Well, maybe except Kemba's.) Better than Rip's, Ray's, Okafor's, anyone's...
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    Who has the most NBA potential?

    Pre-injury, Akok Akok was a well below average AAC player on the offensive end of the court. Does he have size and agility that makes it possible to see him in the NBA? Yes. But he has so unbelievably far to go, and that's even assuming the Achilles doesn't set him back a bit. As for anyone...
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    Pal needs to know if we're playing

    Tipping off at 11:11
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    Bouk #14 on The Athletic's best guards list

    Not how statistics work. If you take 4 triples a game, you will have days where you're 0-4 and you will have days where you're 3-4. It's just how standard deviations work in small sample sizes.
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    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr. update 10/26/20

    I'm sorry. Kiss your what?
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    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr. update 10/26/20

    who are you arguing with? You are refuting easily refutable points that no one was making
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    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr. update 10/26/20

    Nope. Knew the facts and what I said. He was targeted by Hurley for Rhodey. If you think Hurley is targeting the same kids here that he was targeting at URI you're not paying attention.
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    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr. update 10/26/20

    1. If you're using the term "rotational player" to describe what everyone else would call a "solid starter," I would suggest you not use your own term for things and wonder why no one understands you. 2. Adams was a last minute recruit when we changed coaches and Hurley found someone he...
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    UConn Baseball 2021

    Stock can't be competing for a spot in the starting 9. His performance last season was way too good for him to lose his spot in practice. Stock has to be a starter (whether at 3B, DH or the outfield) unless and until he doesn't get it done in real games.
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    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr. update 10/26/20

    This discussion is silly. Do you need good rotation guys to win? Of course you do. See, e.g., Lahsan Kromah, Charles Okwandu, Hilton Armstrong and Edmond Saunders, just to look at the benches of our four championship teams. Do you start the recruiting cycle by focusing on rotation guys, as...
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    USMNT Falling

    This group had barely met each other before last week, so the lack of great team play is clearly overshadowed by the individual young talent we're seeing. The starting 11 against Wales (without Pulisic) came from the following clubs: Barcelona, Barcelona, Juventus, Man City, Dortmund, Red Bull...
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    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins signs

    Excellent idea for an Eagles song. Useless exoneration for the Boneyard.
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    Predicting the teams that will snap NCAA Tournament droughts

    You're not old enough my friend. Steve "Big Tush" Johnson and crew were a number one seed in 80 or 81 I think.
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    December schedule set.

    Looking from Connecticut, wouldn't it be to the left? More fake news.
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    Schiano and Rutgers

    Now I can't tell if you're trolling or serious. I'll assume the latter and try one more time. Turnovers are absolutely critical to who wins a game. Rutgers won the game and that's all that matters with respect to Saturday. However, if you're trying to determine if Rutgers is significantly...
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    Busting Brackets Top 25 Frontcourts and Backcourts

    If Gaffney is worried about what a writer who thinks we have the 12th best group of bigs in the country thinks, he isn't savvy enough to run the point. Our 7 bigs, if you count Polley as one, have not one player who has come near all league status. Are we really deep? Yes. Are we...
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    UConn may play NC State on Dec. 5th at Mohegan; Florida game in doubt

    College football is being played in Connecticut? Damn, I need to see a game. You don't realize that our state government is never going to look at what is being done in Alabama or Indiana as a model for what it should be doing? I hope we have a season, and I haven't given up on it, but to...
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    Schiano and Rutgers

    A win is a win. Rutgers won. More power to them. Nothing I'm about to say takes away from that, but I made it clear the first time. But if you're talking about the future, and not the past, HOW you win is important as a predictor. Winning by getting 7 takeaways is unlikely to keep...
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    Schiano and Rutgers

    Good for Rutgers that they won. Seriously. But wanting to read a complete performance, or future performance, into a game where you gained less than 300 yards of total offense is pretty darn dumb. Let's see if they can win a game where the other team doesn't self destruct. I hope they do...
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    Jalen Gaffney now ready to unleash ‘above-the-rim athleticism’

    That's on you. Know when to leave well enough alone!
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    A national player of the year candidate who went 20 for friggin 20 from the line earlier in the year, and couldn't even hit 1 of 2 to push us to the regional final where we would have been favored. Donyell had an unbelievable season that year on both ends of the court, but there is no way that...
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    Rothstein Tweet after attending practice....

    This team has more individual talent than that URI team had. Whether it will be a better team, however, remains to be seen. We played well below our talent level for a number of years now, the second half of last year being an exception.'
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    Rothstein Tweet after attending practice....

    Thank you for the correction.
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    Rothstein Tweet after attending practice....

    The one thing that has killed us since Boat's departure, and should be at the top of everyone's list, is can we avoid serious injuries. We have been utterly destroyed by injuries the last few years. Gilbert twice, Larrier, Polley, Akok, Durham, Mamadou's career, the list goes on and on. This...
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    Most P-5’s want to leave the NCAA.

    You are lumping together the quality of the basketball on the court with the power of the athletic departments. It's comparing apples and oranges. No one here is arguing that the Big East's on court quality doesn't compare with the P-5 schools. They are just telling you that qualify of...
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    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Update

    One was a national player of the year candidate. The other fell short of first team all conference. You are entitled to your opinion. It wouldn't hurt you to recognize, however, that the entire college basketball following world would not just disagree with it but think it's a bizarre one.
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    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Update

    As college players that is absurd.
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    Additional Year for Winter Athletes

    I made my point. I'm talking to you on a basketball board. I obviously agree talking about other things is not just fine but necessary. I don't think talking about basketball is the same as communicating sympathy for those whose victimization to covid is losing a part season of a sport, but...
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    Additional Year for Winter Athletes

    I am freely sharing my opinion. People worried about this are minimizing the true loss of life and financial loss that others are suffering. But I neither demand nor expect that others have to agree with me.
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    Additional Year for Winter Athletes

    Again, over 210,000 American families dealing with the death of a loved one, over 30 million American families dealing with the loss of income temporarily or permanently and the vast majority of the American pubic dealing with loss of in person interactions with families, friends and colleagues...