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  1. Guapo

    Fullcast Back

    A light in these dark times
  2. Guapo

    Should have been Bigger CFB news
  3. Guapo

    A Modest UConn/CBS Proposal

    A plan we could all get behind:
  4. Guapo

    Lol @ the fools who think the AAC is better

    @Palatine @upstater
  5. Guapo

    Lol Cincy

  6. Guapo

    New uniforms?

    Anyone know anything about this? cc: @zls44
  7. Guapo

    The Far Side Coming Back?

    Certainly sounds like it:
  8. Guapo

    Greater Boston One Night Stays

    Hey y'all, greetings from Atlanta. My wife and I are headed for a Saturday wedding on the Cape later this month and we're staying through Monday evening (flying out of Boston). We thought it might be night to stay somewhere cute/neat that Sunday night after the wedding (somewhere off the...
  9. Guapo

    All-Time Big East Team (according to someone on the internet)
  10. Guapo

    NESN Deal(?)

  11. Guapo


    Ryan Nanni continues to do more for #thebrand than anyone involved with the football program
  12. Guapo

    UConn Helmet History

    Gimme those script helmets <3
  13. Guapo

    TV Rating Overhaul

    Semi-Relevant me thinks.
  14. Guapo

    Best Pizza in Elvis Country

    We all know and love the Best CT pizza thread. However, I thought it might be helpful to start a thread on Pizza oasis’ in the vast pizza dessert outside the pizza belt for those traveling for business or pleasure, or simply ex-pats like myself, when they need their pizza fix. Note: this is...
  15. Guapo

    EDSBS Shutting Down

    Not sure how many of you here are Every Day Should Be Saturday fans, but it's shutting down. The Fullcast is sticking around though! Nonetheless, I'm sad about it. This is an excellent read and perfectly describes why I freaking love college football...
  16. Guapo

    An Amazing Twitter Thread re: UConn

    This is glorious. Props to whatever boneyarder posted this
  17. Guapo

    MSG Interview with Val Ackerman

    Not sure if I saw anyone post this. Great interview, what a change from the AAC's dingus-in-cheif.
  18. Guapo

    POLL: Indy vs AAC

    If you could choose, would you rather UConn stay in the AAC (hypothetically) or continue down the path towards independence?
  19. Guapo

    UConn joining the Big East - IN SONG

    It's the Boneyard. I can't believe this thread hasn't been started yet. Post the song that you think best encapsulates your feelings about going back to the conference we never left. I'll start:
  20. Guapo

    If Football Somehow Stays in the AAC

    For those you upset about the Big East move; IF (and this is a big if) the football team actually stays in AAC, how would that impact your view on the Big East move?
  21. Guapo

    Big East; Good Dawgs

  22. Guapo

    What do you think Randy is telling recruits?

    What do you think Randy is telling recruits? He’s been on fire on the recruiting trail post Big East announcement.
  23. Guapo

    Officially Official

    They say you can never go home but...
  24. Guapo

    OT: David Ortiz Shot
  25. Guapo

    Stanley Cup Finals

    Go Bruins!
  26. Guapo


    College baseball reddit is really a fantastic resource, especially this time of year. I figured a few of y’all would be interested...
  27. Guapo

    2011 SDSU

    Lol...ok, Steve. Sure.
  28. Guapo

    Music Mount Rushmores by state

    Seems like a an off-season topic for the ‘yard if I’ve ever seen one. As much as I love Bruce, this tweet is wrong. Obviously California comes to mind but I think, if you factor in variety and price per pound, it’s hard to top Michigan.
  29. Guapo

    Houston vs Oklahoma moved to Sunday night before Labor Day

    Good exposure for the conference. This game is usually one of the higher profile regular season games of the year. ABC primetime
  30. Guapo


    I’m going to go ahead and guess this show is probably not aimed at the demographic of most Boneyarders, but I think it is one of the funniest shows that has come out in some time. Anyone else watch?
  31. Guapo

    NFL Scout on UCF

  32. Guapo

    Column on Jim Penders

    I think Penders really embodies how I feel about UConn Mike Anthony: UConn baseball coach Jim Penders about to make history in a job he was born and raised for
  33. Guapo

    Better Job: St Johns or UC?

    With two of our (cough) “rivals” having open HC positions; which is the better job, in the Boneyard’s humble opinion?