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    Franck Kepnang

    How come we're not hearing anything about Kepnang? He's rated a five star and #19 nationally and #3 for his position by 247 and we are listed as one of his offers. Played with Gaffney and it seems his name has been mentioned quite a bit in the past but nothing lately.
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    Paying Players

    Interesting quote from Hurley. Could be the cover needed by all the usual suspects. Lawyers from LSU, Auburn, Arizona, Western Kentucky and Duke are rumored to have called Hurley for advice. "Hurley acknowledged potential complications in recruiting (such as if schools used sham endorsement...
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    THOUGHT we'd seen everything......................

    56 seconds left in the half, UConn ball 40 yards from the opponent's goal line, all 3 time outs remaining, and Randy Edsall thinks: -How do I show my team I have confidence they are improving? -How do we end a poor half on a positive note? -How do we tell our opponent we're playing tough no...
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    UConn's Signature Play

    Every school has a signature play. A sweep, some play action pass, etc. but none have developed a play like that which signifies UConn's offense is on the field............hold the ball for 34 of the last 36 seconds of the half when you have two time outs left and a chance to finally put some...
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    Need More Proof Coaching Is The Key?

    Look what Les Miles has already done. The article on Myers gives details about how bad they're scholarship status is and how little revenue they generated from football last year............$4Million while basketball generated $15.9M. Miles will surely cover his salary and lots more if the BC...
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    Obi back to the Patriots?

    Obi may soon be reinstated if Mr. Brown's alleged actions turn out to be true. The story first and then a great translation of Brown's tweet about his accuser. You have to click on the tweet to read the translation that follows Brown's semi-coherent tweets...
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    2020 Recruiting: Terrence Clarke to announce Saturday

    Announcing Saturday, September 14. Still not sure how BCU made the Select Six, especially since one of the staff told me last Fall that we were recruiting him. What could possibly make him include them with the other five and exclude us...
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    Missed Call(s)?

    Illinois had three unsportsmanlike calls and other penalties, but I thought they got away with a hold on Ian Swenson on the play where the QB scrambled to his left and threw a TD into the back left corner of the end zone.. Swenson's shirt was held and you can see his body rotate when he broke...
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    Chief's True Identity Revealed At Last?

    Not positive about this, but he talks about "wanting to be a grinder" and how much energy he puts into the job...................
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    Debut of ACC Network comes at a bad time for football

    Reprint of Atlanta Journal Constitution article about some "issues" facing the ACC's launch of their new network. Could be a harbinger of things to come for all the leagues with their own networks if the fans keep leaving cable...
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    Dillon Jones, SF from South Carolina

    Saw a tall, strong looking, young man wearing UConn basketball shorts at a gate in the Atlanta Airport this afternoon. Turned out to be 6'6" and 220 pound Dillon Jones of South Carolina, who has offers (per 247) from South Carolina, Charlotte, Charleston among others. When I asked if he was a...
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    Hurley should show the team the final 3 games of 2011 BE Tournament

    My wife and I watched the quarter, semi and final of the 2011 BE Tournament the past three nights to get away from reality and it struck me how quickly we had forgotten how fast and strong and deep our teams once were, how relentless they were on defense and how well they ran the break. The...
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    Dog Days of Summer

    Great article for dog lovers, especially Husky fans. Study of facial expressions that have evolved over 33,000 years and includes some comments about Huskies!
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    Summer Doldrums Temporary Fix

    Everybody's anxious to hear a big man signed and the anxiety is showing, so here's a little trip down 3 minutes of memory lane for your viewing pleasure. Every time I watch the 2004 team all I can think is "loaded" doesn't do it justice.
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    Kansas Picks Up Grad Shooting Guard

    Looks as if Kansas may now be out of the market for a shooting guard.
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    Brimah working out with Miller

    Miller is said to have been our big man coach and shooting coach............... Former UConn men’s basketball center Amida Brimah, still striving for the NBA, turns to old mentor Glen Miller
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    Andre LaFleur

    A couple thoughts after reading Borges' article on Ntambwe in which he quotes Andre LaFleur. First, if we're recruiting Achiuwa for the SF position, LaFleur makes it sound as if we might be better with Ntambwe. Secondly, if Pikiell's assistant takes the Fairfield job, wouldn't LaFleur be a...
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    Oral History of 1999 Championship Team (Courant Article)

    The oral history of the 1999 NCAA Championship-winning UConn men’s basketball team 20 years later Great article. Some quotes: "Calhoun: During my time at UConn, 26 years as the head coach, we had eight McDonald's All-Americans. Just to give you an idea, last year Kentucky had eight, Duke had...
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    Could Nike Be Next In The Payoff Scandal?

    One of America's most beloved attorneys, Michael Avenatti, has been indicted for extortion and the case may expose Nike as another shoe company involved in payoffs. Rumors are flying that NCAA President Mark Emmert has already convened a special blue ribbon task force to investigate and go for...
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    Izzo complaint about seeding and possible impact of 20 game schedule

    A couple observations after reading Izzo's comments in the following article: Tom Izzo not happy with NCAA tournament seeding, treatment of Big Ten 1. Izzo complained loudly, possibly rightfully, about his seeding as a 2 vs Duke, but maybe he ought to go after whoever is responsible for their...
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    2018-19 Storybook Ending

    2019-19 Storybook ending: -New coach comes in to disastrous situation complete with depleted lineup and losing mentality developed over last three years. -Two season ending injuries, plus best player out for eight games and McDonalds's AA lead guard goes down twice for total of six games. -Team...
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    Cincy post game interviews with 99 players

    The second one labeled "Khalid El-Amin" should be Kevin Freeman UConn Men's Basketball 1999 National Championship Celebration - Richard Hamilton UConn Men's Basketball 1999 National Championship Celebration - Jake Voskuhl UConn Men's Basketball 1999 National Championship Celebration - Khalid...
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    Blidi-Wreh Wilson's contract extended

    Falcons reach 1-year deal with CB Wreh-Wilson
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    Where are UConn players/recruits now

    From today's Courant if you missed it: Where are they now? A look at UConn basketball players who didn’t stick with the Huskies through college
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    NJ to limit contact in practices to reduce CTE

    Article from the Courant. Interesting stats on how many P5 schools have diagnosed cases of CTE. This issue is going to keep gaining attention and demands for action. New Jersey is trying to make the game of football a safer sport. On Wednesday, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic...
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    Sean Miller on the hot seat?

    New info in a Yahoo article about Miller: Pressure on Sean Miller building as Arizona moves to fire assistant coach Mark Phelps Miller has three 5 star and one 4 star recruit that might be of some help to our lineup: Nico Mannion, 5 star, 6'3" point guard; Josh Green, 5 star, 6'6" guard; Zeke...
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    New England Class of 2019 Top 100 Announced

    New England Top 100 for Class of 2019 Announced today, January 29, 2019. Not too shabby for the Huskies with Akok at #2 and Bouknight at #3: "Updated rankings have been rolling out in recent weeks both locally and nationally. It began with updated rankings in all six of New England's states...
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    Geno Sees His Younger Self in Hurley

    Hmmmmm, does this mean Geno thinks Hurley should be coaching women? Geno Auriemma sees his younger self in UConn men’s coach Dan Hurley - Hartford Courant
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    Unlocked Phones

    Just bought an unlocked phone so I can choose any carrier or keep my service with AT&T. Has anyone here gone unlocked? If so, how has it worked out? Sure seems like you can get much better rates but I've also read that as a subscriber to one of those plans you will be given a lower priority for...
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    New Year's day UConn/Syracuse triple header on DirecTV channel 614

    If you're not thrilled with meaningless New Year's Day football games here's an alternative: For those with DirecTV, channel 614 has a triple header of UConn/Syracuse games on New Year's day starting at noon. First up, Noon to 2 PM, 2011 Big East Tournament Semi-Final; Next, 2 PM to 4 PM...
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    New Year's day alternative to watching meaningless football games

    If you're not thrilled with meaningless New Year's Day football games here's an alternative: For those with DirecTV, channel 614 has a triple header of UConn/Syracuse games on New Year's day starting at noon. First up, Noon to 2 PM, 2011 Big East Tournament Semi-Final; Next, 2 PM to 4 PM...
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    USF game place to meet

    Anyone else going to the USF game? If so, is there a bar close by that would be a good Husky meeting place?
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    Hurley:one of best new hires (per Yahoo story)

    Long article, but Hurley, Mack and a couple others mentioned for the job they've done as first year coaches (with new teams). Wade past all the hand-wringing about Kentucky's problems thus far to get to the story about the coaches off to a good start. Roundtable: Re-Setting Expectations for...
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    Call Svetlana

    Time for Geno to call Svetlana and ask who she might recommend as our next foreign recruit.
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    Akinjo is the real deal

    Instead of arguing about Enoch, some here should spend some time watching the guy we'll really miss the next few years. The guy who will make Ewing a good coach and save his job. Watched some of the Georgetown game today and Akinjo won it for them. Great ball handler, confident, shooting 23 for...