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    Former ASU and Conn Courtney Ekmark Courtney GA for Seattle men's team.
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    Covid-19 and college bb

    Last night ASU coach Charli Turner Thorne hosted a zoom call for season ticket holders. Very positive and she shared the following information regarding procedures going forward at ASU. Evidently the NCAA allows coaches to begin working with the team the end of July at least at this point in...
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    2020 WNBA season

    Bird also said she does not believe the 2020 WNBA season can begin without access to rapid COVID-19 testing that does not limit availability of testing for other sectors of the population...
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    PAC12...Larry Scott

    I couldn't find the thread discussing Larry Scott and the Pac-12 conference issues. This article well worth the read is certainly an eye-opener. A tidbit - the SEC pays $1 a year for their headquarters in Birmingham. The Pac-12 pays considerably more for their now empty headquarters in San...
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    Should NCAA cancel
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    Cal v ASU

    In the pregame show CTT updated Kiki Russell's condition. Deep bone bruise with some stretching of the ligaments. Obviously won't play today but there's a hope she might be available in the NCAA tournament. Listening to Jeff Munn on Tuneitin l rather than the PAC12. Devils need to be careful...
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    Big Sky

    Montana State is the odds-on favourite with one loss this year to win the Big Sky tournament and advance. I was looking at the latest bracketology which has Montana State as a 14 seed. Cream has them going to Fort Wayne. In the Portland region the 14 seat is Bucknell. Hard to understand why...
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    Portland State at NAU

    Final regular-season game for the Jacks. Senior night NAU is recognizing four seniors. This is the final regular-season game for the jacks. Most of the rest of the conference for their last game on the 6th. Earlier in the year Portland State defeated in a year in Portland by 12. Important...
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    NAU v Eastern Washington

    Preultimate home game for the Lumberjacks. With a fairly strong rainstorm outside the Jacks face off against the second worst team in the Big Sky. Eastern Washington has a -16 point differential in scoring. Oddly enough they have the second longest current win streak in Big Sky play having...
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    UCF defense

    Earlier in the year there was a discussion on an ASU thread about the nature of the Sun Devil defense. It was an animated discussion fairly well divided. I am convinced that the Sun Devils play a very solid physical aggressive defense but not dirty. While some BYers took issue with that there...
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    WNBA has a marketing challenge

    From the Commish Tidbits "less than 4% of all media covers women’s sports and less than 1% of all corporate sponsorship dollars globally go to women’s sports" So in this challenge lies...
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    WBB in Arizona Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks currently reside in second place in the Big Sky.
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    Physical v dirty play

    What does BY think, and why. "Additionally, the idea of the dirty player seems to have been invented during the '80s. Even when trying to tap into the wisdom of my predecessors, their...
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    Gonzaga upset

    Gonzaga cannot overcome a four-point first quarter on the road and is upset by 11-13 St Marys. The Wirth twins from Arizona were 0 for 8 and scoreledd while both of them fouled out. Wonder how far Gonzaga falls in the polls.
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    Colorado in the Dance?

    Does Colorado have an argument to make the big dance? Currently ranked 41 in Massey right behind West Virginia and ahead of Creighton. Colorado may finish the season with 17 wins. However they will have a boat load of quality losses in the Pac. Using the Arizona argument do these quality...
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    Brawl in WBB
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    NAU at Idaho

    NAU leads the University of Idaho 35-33 at the half. Idaho has not lost at home this year and is riding a five-game winning streak. Idaho opened the game on a 7 nothing run. They also closed a 8 point lead with a run late in the first half. The Lumberjacks hold the lead as they're shooting...
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    1000 point careers

    Last night Megan Walker joined ASU's Robbi Ryan in achieving a thousand career points. Congrats to both for a huge accomplishment. Any other players achieve that milestone so far this year...
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    Nebraska at Minnesota

    An instructive matchup between two of the mid-tier teams in the Big Ten. The Cornhuskers are 2 and 3 over their last five games while Minnesota is 1 and 4. A Minnesota win I think clouds the assertion that the Big Ten will get nine teams in the big dance. Over the past 2 weeks: The Cornhuskers...
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    Massey analytics This is the first time I've spent any time looking at the Massey rankings. I may be misinterpreting or misusing the day though but I wonder about the following questions. 1. Would one conclude from Massey that Northwestern is a stronger...
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    Phoenix finalist to host Final Four

    The sites for 2025 and 2026 will be announced in October. I've got my fingers crossed.
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    Purdue v Nebraska

    A match between two of the middle teams in the Big Ten which might have seeding consequences in the big dance. I've been surprised by ESPN bracketology that has the Big Ten with more teams projected for the tournament in the Pac-12.
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    Charli Turner Thorne goes for 500

    It's appropriate that CTT goes for her 500th career win this Friday against rival U of A Wildcats. While I wish it was a home game it certainly will be great when she picks up that win in Tucson. Coach CTT is really done an amazing job in Tempe. CTT began her head coaching career at NAU where...
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    NAU v Northern Colorado

    Who prevails in this Big Sky matchup as seven and seven Northern Colorado visits Flagstaff and the seven and eight Lumberjacks.
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    ASU at Washington

    6 hours till tip. Not sure if Shades was going to post a poll to this important game.
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    Big 10 - wow

    Very exciting, entertaining games tonight. The Northwestern up was really amazing. Iowa's come back was awesome although I really have to admit I was rooting for Whalen and her team. Wonder who would have thought Rutgers and Northwestern would be sharing the Big 10 lead at this point
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    Pac-12 Network in disarray

    "it now appears the Pac-12 Networks is in full-blown, cost-cutting mode." This analysis confirms what Pac-12 fans and followers have known for years, the Pac-12 network has been a complete failure. While other power 5 conferences have negotiated media deals to increase exposure and revenue...
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    Sylvia Hachell accident

    Tragic accident.
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    Rankers don't have a clue?

    Does the author have a point?
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    ASU ranked 18!

    I realize everyone has seen this but as an ASU fan indulge me while I put it in print. Of course I have a number of questions. Has there ever been a case where a team unranked re-entered the rankings as high as 18th if so who and when. What does this actually say? This is rhetorical of course...
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    Attendence: a measure of demand

    In a previous thread the BY spend time analyzing the difference in men's and women's basketball from the perspective of equality. After the wonderful weekend in Tempe I thought it might be useful to look at some data reflecting an argument I made in that thread. In that thread I made the...
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    Kim Mulkey

    Coach Mulkey has received a great deal of comment and some criticism on the BY. I'd like to make a couple of observations about her commitment to women's athletics and basketball in particular. This is separate and apart from her work leading and coaching her Baylor Bears. Last year Coach...
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    ASU v the Oregon schools

    How will ASU fare at home against the Beavers and the Ducks?
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    ASU at USC

    Odd as this is early in the season but this really is a must-win for ASU. Next weekend both of the Oregon schools come to Tempe so with a loss today to the Trojans the Devils would fall to 0 and 5 in conference play after next weekend. As an added story line ASU starts Ja'Tavia Tapley a grad...
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    Megan fouls out.

    Who was the last UCONN upperclassmen junior-senior to foul out?