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  1. Bonehead

    Penn State Federal Lawsuit - Hazing
  2. Bonehead

    Yale Cracks FCS top 25

    Handed Princeton a beating at home this past Saturday. Offense averaging 40 a game in conference play. 8-1 with a loss to Dartmouth, who got upset by Cornell on Saturday.
  3. Bonehead

    I can't take this place no more (FB Board)...

    The people on this message board are just unbelievable. Let me give you an example of what I mean. There is this guy - he goes by ' @auggie22 ' on the board. I had posted on the Ticket Exchange that I needed some tickets for this weekends game against Illinois as our crew has grown to 12...
  4. Bonehead

    Annoy Illinois

    Its time to bring back the home field advantage. I tripled my crew this week. We need everyone to do that. Dog Pound has to show up early and leave late. We need every advantage. #HuskyUp
  5. Bonehead

    BY Pre-Season Defensive MVP

    This to me, this is much tougher to predict coming off last year. I want to go with one of the transfers in Morgan or Harrell, but I think the previous DB's will be tested all year long. Tyler Coyle. I think he is going to be put in positions to succeed early, impress and will thrive under...
  6. Bonehead

    BY Pre-Season Offensive MVP

    Now that the QB starter has been named... Mensah. If it's not, he is injured or we are getting blown out early again, and I am not expecting that. Majority of OLine back so I am expecting alot of carries for all the backs, especially if any games are close in score. Who do you have and why?
  7. Bonehead

    Illinois FB Need tix and Grey PP

    Looking for some extra tickets and a grey parking pass for the Illinois FB game - September 7th - its Mrs Boneheads birthday that day and we have a large tailgate planned with extended family. Will pay for these items. Thanks!!
  8. Bonehead

    Coach Todman
  9. Bonehead

    UConn 2020 proposed schedule

    Hacked from Dave Benedict state email account
  10. Bonehead


  11. Bonehead

    Will the FB team have a better win percentage

    Than the BB team in 2019?
  12. Bonehead

    2019 NFL Free Agency

    Nice to see Shamar back in Purple after a 1 year stint in Seattle! Shamar Stephen, DT: Agreed to a three-year, $12.45 million contract that includes $5 million in the first year, Pelissero reports. Vikings planning to bring back Shamar Stephen
  13. Bonehead

    Today in UConn FB History

    Bob Diaco was hired. I dont expect my like count to increase. More informational. Mod please change title to This date in UConn FB History.
  14. Bonehead

    Snappers are tough

    Vikings Long Snapper Kevin McDermott Lost Tip of Finger vs. Rams
  15. Bonehead

    UCF prediction thread

    27-25 dawgs. Tarbutt with the game winner very late in game. Let's go Huskies!!
  16. Bonehead

    Team Attire Thursday

    Can anyone confirm the Uni combo for this Thursday? Are we breaking out the Block C or going New School Dawg?
  17. Bonehead

    Geremy Davis

    Nice one hander!!
  18. Bonehead

    Ollie Officially Fired

  19. Bonehead

    Tournament Eligibility

    so...Does the NCAA make some teams ineligible this year or do the kids on those teams two years from now, when the current coach is gone, pay the price? Will NCAA adjust any 2018 W/L’s now or in 5 years?
  20. Bonehead

    Yamani McCulloch

    ND Fairfield Freshman Scored 30 against previously undefeated Pomperaug team Tuesday. Does it all. Range is pretty much after half court. Very fluid. Smoothest player I have seen last couple of years. Completely impressed. (I am no expert but around girls B.B. last 4-5 years with my...
  21. Bonehead

    CREC football coach attacked by players at potluck dinner in Enfield

    ENFIELD, CT (WFSB) - A Capitol Region Education Council junior varsity football coach was attacked by players at a potluck dinner in Enfield on Thursday. Police said the unidentified coach required medical attention and a hospital trip after suffering serious injuries to his face...
  22. Bonehead

    Sellling : Missouri w/ Gray Parking Pass - Waterbury Area

    I have two tickets for sale: EDIT : NO PARKING PASS Section 127 - Row 14 $70 for the 2 Tix (Face Value) PM me if interested.
  23. Bonehead

    Did they agree to shortened commercials

    I saw there was talk. Did Disney step up?
  24. Bonehead

    Elephant in the room

    We all root for Arkeel but I dont think the staff or OL did him any favors last night, that was for sure. Arkeel needs space. The coaches need to figure that out. Hopkins ran really well, granted mostly second half yards on a smaller, tired D. I saw it in another thread but both RB's...
  25. Bonehead

    Holy Cross - UConn Game Score Prediction Thread

    Unlike the old regime we will not keep teams in the game when they shouldnt be in the game. We score early and we score often. 43 - 13 Good Guys.
  26. Bonehead

    2017 Pre Season - Defensive MVP

    Luke Carrezola 70+ tackles 7+ sacks Expecting a productive year from Luke.
  27. Bonehead

    2017 Pre Season - Offensive MVP

    Arkeel Newsome. Randy likes running the ball. Lashlee likes running the ball. Arkeel likes running the ball. 1200+ rushing 400+receiving 10+ TD's
  28. Bonehead

    Can we please get a 2017 Version

    I still get goosebumps.
  29. Bonehead

    Ron Johnson says he is transferring

    Good Luck Ron.
  30. Bonehead webmaster still on Winter Break?

    UCONNHUSKIES.COM :: Official Football Roster :: University of Connecticut Huskies Official Athletic Site :: Football Reviewing the roster and low and behold Bob Diaco - Head Coach UCONNHUSKIES.COM :: Bob Diaco Bio :: University of Connecticut Huskies Official Athletic Site :: Football...
  31. Bonehead

    Rose Bowl

    i don't gamble anymore but I like USC easily today - give the points.
  32. Bonehead

    Do you think

    Jasen Rose will be getting a phone call? Need some QB competition I really see BS being asked to stay.
  33. Bonehead

    Down a season ticket holder

    section 130 Row 14 lost a season ticket holder this week very suddenly. I became friendly with Scott about 5 years ago talking football at games - eventually exchanged contact info - tailgated together on a couple of pre games with Scott and his Middle School aged son. Met his wife and daughter...
  34. Bonehead

    Need Grey Lot Pass Virginia Game

    ever growing tailgate in need of grey lot parking pass. PM me please.