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  1. Hi-Low

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    RIP Sticks...
  2. Hi-Low

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    UConn nation loves you Stanley Robinson, you will always be UConn royalty....RIP. :(:(:(
  3. Hi-Low

    Hurley and the team on the court today

    Coaches are older, they go home to families and they will be handling perspiration covered basketballs....Maybe helps protect a little both ways, no harm.
  4. Hi-Low

    Andrew Hurley

    As someone else said, where would be go? He's a northeast / Big East guy and UConn is a blue blood. NBA I guess maybe but as far as college UConn is the perfect fit for DH for 20 years let's hope.
  5. Hi-Low

    Dan Hurley on WFAN now

    He was great, fun 30 min listen can probably catch on at some point. Talked covid, big east, recruiting, geno/jc , past players, his father and brother, JR Smith (he coached him in HS)
  6. Hi-Low

    Dan Hurley on WFAN now

    Players are on campus but can't leave campus at all through August. They can only practice 2 at a time.
  7. Hi-Low

    Dan Hurley on WFAN now

    Hurley seems resigned to idea of January start only, not hopeful for Nov
  8. Hi-Low

    Dan Hurley on WFAN now

    Mystery guest on moose & maggie. Amazingly Maggie guessed him after 1 question / answer.
  9. Hi-Low

    B1G goes conference only

    Well the U.S. as a whole has been the worlwide champ of half-measures so it fits the mentality. If the whole US had just taken the medicine and completely shutdown everywhere and re-opened slowly & cautiously (like CT) with mandatory masks then maybe the fall could have been saved. Instead the...
  10. Hi-Low

    Andy Katz's Top 10 Clutch Players Since 2011

    KY won in 2012 and Doron had some good tourney games but that team was all about Anthony Davis and we got the better Lamb for sure. Damn our 2012 underperformed royally...Bazz, Lamb, Drummond, AO, Giff, Boat, Daniels, etc 2 titles in 4 years so can't complain but should have made a run in 2012...
  11. Hi-Low

    Duke fans hate UConn

    Personally I hate the Old Big East defectors like Pitt & Cuse most of all for subjecting the UConn greatness to AAC. Thankfully they have destroyed themselves while UConn is back & home again.
  12. Hi-Low

    Sad News Carl Reiner passed away

    Not parent / child but Albert Brooks and Super Dave Osbourne brother combo is stellar. Julia & Eric Roberts as siblings with the kicker of Emma as Niece / Daughter is a great trifecta.
  13. Hi-Low

    Sad News Carl Reiner passed away

    The Tom / Colin Hanks combo gets a mention with Colin's nice work on "Fargo"
  14. Hi-Low

    Sad News Carl Reiner passed away

    Carl and his son Rob might be the greatest / most successful Father and Son combo in Hollywood history. Both make the TV / Film "Hall of Fame" on first ballot. I guess the Kirk & Michael Douglass or Henry & Jane (Peter) Fonda combos are maybe better but I'm partial to comedy. Who am I...
  15. Hi-Low

    Jaylen Adams to Sign With Trailblazers

    Who gives a rats buttock, not OUR guy
  16. Hi-Low

    Thank You

  17. Hi-Low

    OT: NASCAR to host All Star Open with 30,000 spectators July 15

    Like I said go ahead but spectators at sporting events, rallies, etc in 2020 seems like an unnecessary risk. Outside is much better than inside but people will still be in close contact at some point. The country needs to work but they don't need to yell and cheer in person at cars going in...
  18. Hi-Low

    OT: NASCAR to host All Star Open with 30,000 spectators July 15

    Go ahead and try but: still in first wave, cases increasing in South (nascar), fear is not a bad thing for a very contagious virus that may kill you. if we find ourselves without a vaccine in early 2021 then hard choices will have to be made but spectators at sporting events in 2020 seems like...
  19. Hi-Low

    Cole Anthony: James Bouknight hardest player to guard

    No the country probably won't shutdown again but individual states, businesses, institutions may tighten restrictions if a spike. The virus hasn't gone anywhere and is still killing almost 1,000 Americans daily so let's see where the country is in a month. Nobody wants the country to shut or...
  20. Hi-Low

    Fanless Sports: Which sport would suffer the most?

    Basketball for sure I think needs fans to feel normal, Football will be weird but will get used to it. Golf and Baseball least affected I think. I think physically Basketball will also be the toughest sport to get re-started with the very close contact and no way to cover up players in any way...
  21. Hi-Low

    California state university system cancels fall classes on campus

    You're not big on reading, I said...The Feds have money, the Defense Production Act for PPE and test supplies shortages warned about in January, The CDC, the NIH, HHS...states are limited, if you can't see that I give up. My sister is a hospital nurse in CT and was forced to wear the same mask...
  22. Hi-Low

    California state university system cancels fall classes on campus

    So you agree with my other points that the Federal response has been pathetic and certain very important things like money, defense prod act & CDC response can only be done by them? Did all the governors make nursing homes accept Covid patients or just Cuomo & Jersey? What evidence are you...
  23. Hi-Low

    California state university system cancels fall classes on campus

    Have northeast governors been perfect no of course not but they bore the brunt of this and they were at least willing to lead and make mistakes in the absence of real federal guidance....we pay the feds trillions in taxes to protect us, they have the resources if they are competent enough to use...
  24. Hi-Low

    California state university system cancels fall classes on campus

    So if we were invaded by Russia the Governors would coordinate the response? I think the Governors in the northeast are doing pretty well but the Federal govt has the resources and money to coordinate so the Governors can execute. We wasted Feb and early March, just a fact....the Feds wished...
  25. Hi-Low

    California state university system cancels fall classes on campus

    Well the main problem is Governors don't have tons of confidence if things go bad the feds have any clue how to help. The federal government puts out a 3 phase approach to re-open and then the Pres ridicules Governors that follow it and wait. Any country that has Jared Kushner leading any...
  26. Hi-Low

    Val Ackerman press conference

    if "herd immunity" is the path society in general is going to embark on then we will need to accept many more deaths. This is by most accounts 7x deadlier than the flu so deaths are bound to increase to much higher levels. I'm not of the belief everyone should stay home until a vaccine but we...
  27. Hi-Low

    Val Ackerman press conference

    Opening up the country smartly & sports are really very separate issues. If a business can operate safely with precautions taken they will open and the public & employees will decide how and when to participate. The problem with close contact sports like basketball is that it's impossible to...
  28. Hi-Low

    HBO's Documentary "The Scheme"

    Well made film. Too bad we never got to see the younger Dawkins play in college. Much respect for the Dawkins family and getting the real story out. The FBI creating crimes in basketball recruiting really can't be part of their mission statement. I also really don't get the FBI machine guns...
  29. Hi-Low

    Nolley to UConn

    Almost as funny as reporting a Covid 19 vaccine is now available.
  30. Hi-Low

    2019-2020 UConn Men's Basketball One Shining Moment

    No almost, I'm tearing up....beautiful team!
  31. Hi-Low

    Iona hires Rick Pitino

    If the transfer rule changes so players don't have to sit a year he'll be poaching all over the place, wouldn't be surprised if he has Iona relevant in 1 year. He basically just said as much on WFAN that he sees the new transfer rule as his road to a quick turnaround, looking for at least 7...
  32. Hi-Low

    Congrats to Dayton CBS's NCAA simulator champs

    Wichita also lost in "first four' round as the last team in the field, so 3 AAC teams made it in. Silliness from CBS though with no completion of conf tourneys. The NCAA was considering putting out a bracket but decided it was unfair to put anything out without any major conference tourneys played.
  33. Hi-Low

    OT: COVID-19 Presentation from CROI Meeting

    Question about the droplets with the virus that are exhaled....does the infected person need to be symptomatic to expel the droplets? What I'm getting at is since the droplets can remain in the air for 10 minutes when out in public at grocery, pharmacy do we need to at this point be wearing a...