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  1. veryolddog

    A different Season is approaching

    I agree with Tony's assessment. However, I think that with the talent that this Team has on board, that we will be impressed sooner than we think. I will give these young folk credit to be hard chargers and fast learners under Geno's tutelege, and that they will pursue excellence with a desire...
  2. veryolddog

    How good a duo do you expect Paige & Azzi be?

    I think that you better ask "Carnac". He is the only one on this forum who can see into the future.
  3. veryolddog

    Diana Taurasi / Phoenix Mercury update!

    Soon, the question will be asked, what are you going to do after playing basketball? Broadcasting? Coaching at the pro level? Book? Whatever? She will be successful in whatever she chooses.
  4. veryolddog

    Of short and long benches

    All that I remember was that Geno was upset that he had to rely on only one or two players during the season and tournament time to play. I think that he will be thrilled to use as many talented players as he can to change the flow of the game and arrange different defense and offensive styles.
  5. veryolddog

    Veterans roll call

    DON'T EVER SAY THAT YOU ARE NOT A VETERAN AGAIN! 99 per cent of Americans stand on the side lines doing nothing and are nothing but "takers". They rely on you to do the dirty work because they do not want to get their hands dirty. At least you put the uniform on and served. That IS more than most.
  6. veryolddog

    Veterans roll call

    Napoleon must have said that as he dragged his tail back from Russia in the dead of winter. Tell that to the Marines of the Frozen Chosun.
  7. veryolddog

    Playing time this year

    I just want to see these young talented people play. I don't want to analyze anything, just watch, enjoy, and see outstanding basketball. It has been a crappy year and I want to be entertained with something good, happy, and exciting.
  8. veryolddog

    Playing time this year

    I have to chuckle at this thread. The season has not even started yet and we are sorting out minutes to play. Certainly, this is a difficult job to administer, but that is why Geno is there who observes both the game and the players.
  9. veryolddog

    Veterans roll call

    I'll bet most people did not know what you were doing there.
  10. veryolddog

    13 days

    The anticipation to begin this season for me is mainly to see this new Team with highly skilled freshman and seasoned veterans. It is touted that the shooting, height, passing, and speed of this new team will present a significant challenge to opposition. What we witness might be the beginning...
  11. veryolddog

    Geno Auriemma talks UConn women’s ‘exceptional’ 2021 recruiting class

    Gotta make sure that Geno does not croak from a pasta overload from all of this new excitement. He has put on a few pounds over the past few years, which he is entitled to, but now he has to keep up with these young firebrands.
  12. veryolddog

    Veterans roll call

    Since family members are also included, my Dad served in the US Navy Submarine Service on, I think, a Balto Class sub during WWII in the Pacific covering mostly the South China Sea trade routes to Japan. Jan 1942 to December 1945. My Brother served in the US Navy during the Korean War on a...
  13. veryolddog

    The Dream Team has Arrived

    What Tony said! Any problem with that? The excitement builds and there is tension in the air. The ball is tossed into the air by the referee and the game begins.
  14. veryolddog

    Lauren Betts is the #1 Ranked Recruit in the 2022 class according to ESPN

    Is Betts going to be Ivanna Stepalloverya?
  15. veryolddog

    The Means to the End

    Tony......I really enjoy your enthusiasm. Your words are loaded just like the Women's Team. For one, I am looking forward to see this Team play competitively.
  16. veryolddog

    Veterans roll call

    USMC - March 1967 to January 1991. I served 2 consecutive years in Viet Nam from Jan 1, 1968 to December 29, 1969. I have been around the world 9 times, including 3 years in Israel. I received a battlefield commission in November 1968. I do not like people thanking me for my service. They spit...
  17. veryolddog

    Updated roster - best day ever!

    Now, I have a reason to live. This will be a great show of talent for the next 3 years.
  18. veryolddog

    Azzi Fudd to UCONN

    Now is everyone happy? Now can we get down to the business of playing basketball and developing the current players into a championship TEAM? No shortage of talent for the next 3 years. The only thing that remains is the 7ft Russian player Ivana Stepalloverya.
  19. veryolddog

    Big East -- UConn returns, resumes role as top dog

    UConn WBB may be the top dog, but I hope that it will instill fervent competition for the rest of the BE WBB that will transition this league into the top WBB conference in the USA. That would be really nice to see. And to have the last laugh.
  20. veryolddog

    What player(s) are you most looking forward to seeing on the court this season?

    You know, I really could not pick one or two or three. It has been a long time and I just would like to see the UConn women's basketball team play competitively. There are so many very good players, young and old, that I have great interest in, but I want to see this team finally walk on the...
  21. veryolddog

    3 BE teams Who Could End UConn’s Conference Unbeaten Streak

    From a personal point of view, I would like UConn to be challenged as much as possible in the BE. I am very aware of the potential talent of this team. However, I would like UConn ro work for their wins against stiff competition so that their season is not a walk in the park. Being challenged...
  22. veryolddog

    UConn stats... new scoring record this year?

    Just a great post, David.
  23. veryolddog

    Azzi Four Schools Remain on List, Not Two.

    Nicely said. The current and future prospects for UConn would be any Coach's dream. On the other hand, this is a young lady who appreciates the adulation and attention that she is getting from the recruiting schools as well as the "drama" leading up to her eventual selection. Perhaps, she has...
  24. veryolddog

    OT: Need some advice from yall Yankees (food related)

    Sorry to hear that about Abbotts. My time was in the 70's and 80's in and out. The one thing, that I remember emphatically is the seafood. I use to enjoy the flounder covered in Bernaise sauce, swordfish, clams on the half shell, FRIED CLAMS WITH COLE SLAW, FRENCH FRIES, AND ONION RINGS. They...
  25. veryolddog

    OT: Need some advice from yall Yankees (food related)

    When I was stationed in Groton, CT at the sub base, I used to go to Abbott's in Noank, CT. It was pricey but I guess it had to be for the cost of lobster. Then I used to go to Bank St in New London, to a restaurant that had on Friday evenings, twin baked stuffed lobsters for $12.99. Really...
  26. veryolddog

    OT: RIP Marge Champion

    Yeah, it is happening. Those of us whose lives are in the twilight literally take it one day at a time. You take nothing for granted and enjoy every day. Frankly, when I was in the Marine Corps and serving 2 consecutive years in Viet Nam, I really pushed the odds and did not think that I would...
  27. veryolddog

    Looking Ahead

    Wow! And One. This is a Tonyesque like post. Very good. And a good reading discussion by all of the posters. From my personal perspective, you have described why I am anxious for this season to begin. To me, this will be an exciting year given the potential of this team to compete against some...
  28. veryolddog

    Louisville and Huskies Play Dec. 4

    Can anyone speak to the issue as to whether or not this will be a competitive game. And where will the advantages and disadvantages will be for UConn. This may be premature but some of you folks who live for detail may see things on paper better than others.
  29. veryolddog

    Its only the Beginning

    What Tony said. Thanks for putting it all together.
  30. veryolddog

    OT: The discovery of Willie Mays, by my 8 year old

    While growing up in Albuquerque in the 40's and 50's, there was radio listening to the Yankees and Red Sox play with stars like Ted Williams, and Joe Dimaggio. In the 50's we had TV in the home and frequently watched the Dodgers and the Giants compete. Willie Mays, Jack Robinson, Duke Snider...
  31. veryolddog

    Soon . . .

    Can't wait to seem them in action. I hope things will look that easy when they are in competitive play. Thanks for sharing that little video. A real pleasure to see.
  32. veryolddog

    Evina's Availability

    I wanted to say something on this topic, but I do not know what to say. Geno, will decide what is best for his team. That works for me. In so far as Evina going pro or not after one year. that is all speculation. I did not think that what's her name would go pro last year, but she did. From a...
  33. veryolddog

    Fudd is down to UCLA and UConn

    That means that she made up her mind for UConn just so that she can shut down all the rest. She is going to come here so that she can progress to the WNBA and a professional career. Look at Crystal Dangerfield: Rookie of the Year. Where else can she (Azzi) get that kind of training and development?
  34. veryolddog

    Double Standard and Evina Westbrook

    What you described, is, indeed, a reality. With that said, Evina's year off, as Huskee11 said, the year off proved beneficial. As Garth Brooks sang in his song: "Thank you for unanswered prayers."