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  1. NorwalkHusky

    Been going through my Instagram to unfollow accounts....

    Like a typical Milleniall (although I'm now 30) I spend way to much time on Instagram. I follow way too many people and although I guess I can just mute them, I wanted to cut some of them out altogether. I have never been more satisfied checking that unfollow box!!!!!! Enjoy!
  2. NorwalkHusky

    I love Football and this Board... That being said would we actually save money if they canceled the season?

    Not trying to pin Basketball fans vs Football Fans, but just curious would we actually save money on not having to lease the Rent, Travel Costs, and other stuff?
  3. NorwalkHusky

    Rutgers, Schiano Over under 2.5 Years

    I can't believe how much money they are paying that guy.
  4. NorwalkHusky

    ESPN article about college message boards

    The weird, wild world of college football message boards Think some of the Boneyards crazy threads could make it on this?
  5. NorwalkHusky

    Why did the ACC ever invite Louisville

    Ed Hardin: Why did the ACC ever invite Louisville?
  6. NorwalkHusky

    On to Virginia...

    Edsall needs to keep these kids focused turn their attention onto the next game. Start preparing now take advantage of this bye week.
  7. NorwalkHusky

    Golic Family

    Classy Mike Golic's Son Ripped ESPN For Canceling 'Mike And Mike'
  8. NorwalkHusky

    If we decide to hire from FCS...

    One name I really like is Beau Baldwin: Head Coach Eastern Washington. Great record, nearly 10 years of Head Coaching experience. I really thought he would of gotten serious consideration for the Oregon Job. I know he has no ties to the area, but I kind of like that. Thoughts???
  9. NorwalkHusky

    Joe Moorhead

    How a Fordham coach suddenly made Penn State's bland offense creative, explosive
  10. NorwalkHusky

    Proof that Successfull FCS Head Coaches can win at the next level.

    Craig Bohl, easily one of the best won 3 straight national championships with North Dakota State. Now Look at what he is doing, has Wyoming in the Mountain West Championship Game. Honestly maybe with our next head coach we go this route. Although there are plenty of examples where FCS...
  11. NorwalkHusky

    I still think we can beat ECU

    I know it's tough to play down there in Greenville, but 2 years ago we played a very good game against a much, much better ECU team.
  12. NorwalkHusky

    Willie Taggart has had 4 different Offensive Coordinators in his first 4 seasons

    According to Wikipedia Now I don't know if this is a good or bad stat, but the results speak for themselves. *Note there actually were 6 if you include the past 2 years he had co offensive coordinators. 2 Former head coaches as well Paul Wulff: Washington State: 2008-2011 Danny Hope...
  13. NorwalkHusky

    Take down the Cougssssssssssssssssss

    AHHHAKSAKDASHAKAA Take em down!!!!!!!
  14. NorwalkHusky

    BoJack Horseman

    Amazing show been watching it from the beginning and season 3 is about to be released on Friday. Honestly I think this could be the best animated show out there right now. (Bob's Burgers amazing)
  15. NorwalkHusky

    Wrecked on TBS

    From the commercials it looked kind of dumb, but after bringing the last 5 on demand I'm hooked. Really funny, basically a spoof of Lost. Plus it has Murray from Flight of the Conchords in it.
  16. NorwalkHusky

    Simmons new webiste is up

    If it's anything like Grantland...... My productivity is gonna take a serious hit. The Ringer
  17. NorwalkHusky

    If we lost the first SMU/Houston games and won the second...

    Do you think we would be in a better spot now. It always helps having late season momentum.
  18. NorwalkHusky

    Wow we got a mention on ESPN....Most important Transfers 2016 I forgot about E.J. really excited to see what this kid can do
  19. NorwalkHusky

    Making a Murderer on Netflix

    For those of you that liked The Jinx or Serial definitely check this out! It's a 10 part documentary series on 2 cases involving the same guy that is loaded with Police Corruption and misinformation. Very dense, but really well done Check it out.
  20. NorwalkHusky

    Best Pump us song before a game

    Thoughts??? I'm just sitting in my office a few blocks from MSG waittin on my bud @UCconnTrumbull to pull up. Bored as Heck! I must have watch tcf's UConn I am New York video a dozen times today. And I gotta say that Public Enemy song is pretty good. But What do the Yarders listen to...
  21. NorwalkHusky

    Does Know where were going bowling?

    Just saw those shirts at the bottom of their website.
  22. NorwalkHusky

    The Man in the High Castle

    I kept seeing ads all over the place thought I'd give it a try. Very good acting and really interesting plot. Basically it's an alternative history set in the 60's of what life would have been like if we lost WWII. Short answer: We would be screwed. It's a really good show I'm 5 episodes in...
  23. NorwalkHusky

    Wow Source say Miles might be out at LSU
  24. NorwalkHusky

    Weird request, looking for a ride to Boston after the game

    Just sold my car a few weeks ago, and my buddy UConnTrumbull was nice enough to drive me up this morning to the game. Looking to go up to bean town tonight to meet up with some friends. If anyone is driving back in the area and cool with a random dude like myself hitchin a ride that would be...
  25. NorwalkHusky

    Notre Dame's 2 biggest wins are against AAC Teams

    WOW they beat 2 teams from the mighty American Athletic Conference. TOP 4 Playoff SPOT!!!!!
  26. NorwalkHusky

    Check out this awesome video my friend made of our tailgate

    I know the final score sucked, but we sure did have fun in the morning!
  27. NorwalkHusky

    Fargo Season 2

    I really liked it. Heard it only gets better from here. We shall see. I saw the first 3 episodes of the first season and never got to finish it. Waiting for it to be in Netflix or Amazon Prime
  28. NorwalkHusky

    Any fans in New York gonna watch the game at Van Diemens Tonight?

    I've never been for a game, but would love to go if anyone else wants to join?? P.S. Ladies are always encouraged! HEY OHHHHHHHHH
  29. NorwalkHusky

    Narcos!!! GOD Netflix has some amazing stuff.

    Just finished the first episode and I am hooked. Amazing, the spanish subtitles can get a little annoying, but the rest if off the charts. Man Pablo Escobar was a Bad Ass.
  30. NorwalkHusky

    Gotta love my High School

    Kid was a football Captain at NHS, transferred to Trinity (What a Joke!!!) But they cropped him out in the most hilarious way possible!!!
  31. NorwalkHusky

    Waaaaay Any Ladies on the boneyard? If so wanna grab a drink

    Seriously I saw Kentucky has their own dating app. Maybe we could be the first couple to hook up via the boneyard. Hit me up!
  32. NorwalkHusky

    I freaking love these new uniforms

    Amazing the shoulder stripe new helmet we got the Nike Fly Collar!!!!!!! So well don't great color scheme!!!!!!'
  33. NorwalkHusky

    Conference Championship Games Matter to Selection Committee Basically it's just Gary Patterson complaining about how the Big 12 doesn't have enough representation in the Selection Committee. Honestly schools that play an extra game...
  34. NorwalkHusky

    Did we send our old helmets down to a high school in Alabama? If so, please help us get some recruits. And what was the high school Lawrence Wilson played at, is this the same one?