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  1. NorwalkHusky

    AAC Student-Athletes Make Demands (Covid safety protocols, hazard pay, 20% revenue sharing)

    Honestly I think they should push student athletes to do local commercials and get paid to endorse products and places. Dude imagine how much Joe Burrow would have made just by doing some dumb local ads etc.
  2. NorwalkHusky

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    RIP, this is so sad. God he had such incredible athleticism. I remember the Michigan State game, that block he made. Literally catching the ball out of mid air.
  3. NorwalkHusky

    Been going through my Instagram to unfollow accounts....

    Like a typical Milleniall (although I'm now 30) I spend way to much time on Instagram. I follow way too many people and although I guess I can just mute them, I wanted to cut some of them out altogether. I have never been more satisfied checking that unfollow box!!!!!! Enjoy!
  4. NorwalkHusky

    MNF Shakeup. Dan O To The Rescue?

    I would love is Herbie and Fowler would do this as well, but don't want them coming off Saturday Night College Football. Would both be too much?
  5. NorwalkHusky

    Seize the Day!

  6. NorwalkHusky

    OT:  5 Favorite Boxers? The ones you wanted to watch every beat

    Jockey Hanes Fruit of the Loom Calvin Klein Tommy John .... wait nevermind
  7. NorwalkHusky

    I love Football and this Board... That being said would we actually save money if they canceled the season?

    Dude I freaking love the football team never missed a game while I was there. I of course would be lost if we didn't have a season in the fall. I'm just genuinely curious how bad this will affect UConn. Honestly if I was the Bama, Ohio St, Texas AD etc, I would be sharting bricks with the...
  8. NorwalkHusky

    I love Football and this Board... That being said would we actually save money if they canceled the season?

    Also just realized I have an old Bobby Fancy pants quote as my quote.... should probably change that.
  9. NorwalkHusky

    I love Football and this Board... That being said would we actually save money if they canceled the season?

    Not trying to pin Basketball fans vs Football Fans, but just curious would we actually save money on not having to lease the Rent, Travel Costs, and other stuff?
  10. NorwalkHusky

    OT: 75" plus TV

    DOOOOO ITTTTTT!!! And invite us all over once everyone is Corona Free
  11. NorwalkHusky

    UConn at Ohio State 2025

    SOOOOO PUMPED FOR THIS. My Girlfriend went there I can't wait to go and be as obnoxious as possible.
  12. NorwalkHusky

    SNY reaches deal with Fox Sports, will continue carrying UConn women’s basketball games

    I swear some coach said he wanted football be be on Nickelodeon.....
  13. NorwalkHusky

    Ryan Van Demark

    I've said it before, This dude is literally a Viking!
  14. NorwalkHusky

    Rutgers, Schiano Over under 2.5 Years

    I can't believe how much money they are paying that guy.
  15. NorwalkHusky

    Home and Home announced w/ Maryland Football (2024/2026)

    Why are so many schools limited to just 2 games series. Like I get you have only a few non conference games a year, but I would love from a consistency point to just seem some 4, 6, or 8 games series over the years. Why not
  16. NorwalkHusky

    OT: Your favorite youtube channels

    Casey Neistat: Amazing Vlogs and CT native grew up in New London shot a lot there. Middle8: This really great music guy that breaks down the history of iconic albums and what not. The Fourth LED ZEPPELIN Album Half as Interesting: A really fun odd collection of random videos about...
  17. NorwalkHusky

    Strange thought: make NIT relevant?

    Man this would of been perfect for us in 2015
  18. NorwalkHusky

    Coaches Road Show.

    Wish they were coming back to NYC
  19. NorwalkHusky

    Going to be in Manhattan

    Favorite spot in the city by far is south street seaport. Use to work down there they just finished the new pier (Where Get up and First Take are filmed). That area is so cool. 100 percent check out Jermeys Ale House the best dive bar in the city.
  20. NorwalkHusky

    Odell to Cleveland

    Dorsey making those moves. That fine UConn education right there
  21. NorwalkHusky

    ESPN article about college message boards

    The weird, wild world of college football message boards Think some of the Boneyards crazy threads could make it on this?
  22. NorwalkHusky

    First Couple of the Boneyard Getting Hitched

    So I guess this ends my 3 year old question if there are any ladies on the boneyard.
  23. NorwalkHusky

    TJ Weist Offensive Analyst, Baltimore Ravens

    I always thought USF should of given him a serious consideration for head coach, but then again hot shot Charlie Strong stepped in. Look he was a great offensive coordinator for sure, and has really been a coaching journeyman I wish him the best. Would love to see him as a head coach one day...
  24. NorwalkHusky

    Rhett Lashlee Gone -- OC at SMU

    Yeah Dykes was an exact clone of Mike Leech at Cal. Hey got one QB who went first in the NFL Draft. Honestly I think everyone here would be thrilled if we just got a QB who ended up getting drafted.
  25. NorwalkHusky

    Welcome John Dunn: New OC

    What I like most about his is what I read on the Bears website: He recruited a few top guys: Stefan Diggs Yannick Ngakoue That's about it, he has to prove himself on the field, we shall see.
  26. NorwalkHusky

    Josh Heupel to UCF

    They should of seriously considered Weist in my opinion, I really think this guy deserves to be a HC soon. I'm suprised USF didn't really consider him.
  27. NorwalkHusky

    Why did the ACC ever invite Louisville

    Ed Hardin: Why did the ACC ever invite Louisville?
  28. NorwalkHusky

    On to Virginia...

    Edsall needs to keep these kids focused turn their attention onto the next game. Start preparing now take advantage of this bye week.
  29. NorwalkHusky

    WC Qualifiers

    This is painful to watch
  30. NorwalkHusky

    Good win for us, but kudos to HC

    Knowing Edsall, I'm surprised he didn't kick the field goal down 7-20, that turned out to be wrong, if this wasn't our FBS opener I expect him to make that call 9 times out of 10.
  31. NorwalkHusky

    USF Conducting On Campus Stadium Study

    I have another alternative, Just move Campus to East Hartford
  32. NorwalkHusky

    RG3 at the rent in 08

    McDonough!!!! God I love that guy I feel like we always had good luck when he was announcing
  33. NorwalkHusky

    NCAA To Look At 14 Week Season

    I always said move back the conference championship games a week, Give 2 bye weeks. The NFL Should seriously consider this too. Start the playoffs a week later. Set up the Super Bowl around Valentines Day Boom!! I just did your job Goodell.