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  1. AntG168

    Rahsool “Make It Happen” Diggins

    This kid is going to be legendary. “Make It Happen”. That’s the rally cry!
  2. AntG168

    Marcus Santos-Silva

    Could this kid be an option? Seems to be a pretty good rebounder, and did so in the A10. SO, it isn't terrible competition
  3. AntG168

    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo

    Didn’t see a thread for him. He’s our most realistic big man target for next year at this moment. Adam Zagoria on Twitter
  4. AntG168

    2021 Recruiting: Landers Nolley

    Big Guard alert!!
  5. AntG168

    Season Recap

    With the season officially over. How are we all feeling about this season. Success, satisfied, unfulfilled? I’m interested in your takes. Because of the way it ended I feel like it’s an unfulfilled season. Almost as if this team was cheated out of reaching its potential. Rough day for the...
  6. AntG168

    We Back!

    That was freakin awesome. If you were there live you know Gampel was shaking. Let’s Gooo!!!
  7. AntG168

    Looking for 1ticket

    I’m looking for 1 ticket to tonight’s game. I have 30$. If interested DM me or email me I need to be at this game lol
  8. AntG168


    Honestly deserves his own thread tonight. What leadership. This is the Vital we love. Rumble young man rumble. Right in front of bazz to. How fitting
  9. AntG168

    2021 Recruiting: Trevor Keels

    Kid has an insanely smooth jump shot
  10. AntG168

    4th Straight Year

    We’ve started 0-2 in conference. What an embarrassing start. Still salvageable, but we dig these holes for ourselves every year. We need massive roster turnover this off-season. Enough with the “polite” method. Recruit over some of these guys
  11. AntG168

    American Conf. Opener

    Tulane V Memphis. Could be an interesting game. I’m interested to see how Memphis looks. What are our predictions for conference play? I have us finishing 3rd behind Memphis and Wichita St.
  12. AntG168

    Recruits attending tonight’s game

    Yes Please
  13. AntG168


    Don’t know much about them this year. Hopefully we can sort of scout them in this thread
  14. AntG168

    Hurley Post Game Quotes

    AKA get these guys the h*** out of my program
  15. AntG168

    Hurley’s Recruiting Potential?

    I’m interested and everyone’s response to this. I truly believe that Hurley will work his way up to being a legit threat to snag 5* consistently. Specifically out of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. This guy is just such a maniac. He and Tom Moore seem to be a very effective duo. The jury...
  16. AntG168

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson Reclass?

  17. AntG168

    Rothstein on UConn

  18. AntG168

    OT: Can We Please Not Do This........

    Whoever is doing this is pathetic
  19. AntG168

    Keon Ambrose

  20. AntG168

    Cameron Tyson Transferring(Idaho)

    Not sure how much Hurley is into to sit one and play transfers. But this kid is an interesting option. Sit one play 3. He’s a sniper
  21. AntG168

    Jalen Down

    It looked bad....If that’s how his career ends at UConn......prayers up for the kid
  22. AntG168

    Positive Trip

    Tonight was absolutely frustrating to watch from the refs stalling us at every turn, to us missing multiple layups defense, being spotty. It was a grind. But overall they still showed beat and didn’t quit. We leave New York 1-1 with a win over a top 15 team and a lose from a future top 25...
  23. AntG168

    Iowa Game Predictions

    I think we ride the high from last night. I think Jalen has a BIG game and Cobb builds off his game last night with something along the lines of 10 and 8. I believe Brendan Adams steps up as well. UConn 82 Iowa 70
  24. AntG168

    Can we get excited now?

    After this win tonight where we looked like the better team clearly for the whole game against a top 15 team are we fans allowed to get excited about the prospects of this team? I comfortable in saying we were vastly underrated coming into this yr. Lets go and hopefully beat another top 15 team...
  25. AntG168

    Jonathan Kuminga

    5* prospect. Apparently hes fond of the huskies
  26. AntG168

    Ian Steere Transferring

    Not sure how Danny feels about transfers but this kid could be a potential spring back up plan to mitchell/wahab/kofi
  27. AntG168

    Inject this Into My Veins!

  28. AntG168

    Joshua Carlton

    Josh may have been the biggest development tonight. Because of his play I left this game filling more encouraged than I did when I walked in. If Josh is ready to be a real factor that is huge. All of the ingredients are there. Clean up on some of the turnovers, defensive rotations, and silly...
  29. AntG168

    Hurley in to see Akok

  30. AntG168

    Season Officially Starts Tomorrow

    Ollie can kick rocks. Lets get back to the excitement surrounding the program. Can't wait to get this thing going!
  31. AntG168

    Richard Spring Visiting Today

  32. AntG168

    UConn V Memphis

    Anybody else excited about this potential matchup. This could be fun in the coming yrs. Penny is reeling in some serious talent. If Dan does what many of us think he will this can get fun really fast. Out of every program in the conference Memphis is the one I’m most excited to play against...
  33. AntG168

    David Beatty Transferring