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  1. Dogdeacon


    2 weeks until annual Feb vacation trip to Orlando. I think we'll do at least 3 days at parks... On our list for this year: 1. Discovery Cove - Pricey, but great warm water lazy river, cold/salt swimming with lots of fish & dolphin experience, kids loved the all-you can eat, parents all-you can...
  2. Dogdeacon

    The Irishman

    Not sure this is worth its own thread, but didn't see comments anywhere. I thought it was decidedly meh. Its been compared thematically to Eastwood's "Unforgiven" and I didn't see that at all. Yes both glorified violence while regretting its inevitable futility, but the Irishman did this via...
  3. Dogdeacon

    Mr Robot

    Anyone else watching? Recently caught up, but I still feel like I've lost a lot due to almost 2-year hiatus and the fact that I get 85%-ish of what happens in each episode. Less if we are talking strictly in terms of the technology side where I'm likely 50%. I need a cohesive summary of what's...
  4. Dogdeacon

    Summer League Rosters

    Jalen Adams is on the Pels, Terry Larrier on the Spurs and Amidah on the Nets; Amidah is likely filling Durant's spot until he recovers from achilles injury. Not sure if Daniel Hamilton (last waived by Hawks in Feb), Rodney Purvis (played for Sioux Falls G League) or any others will be added to...
  5. Dogdeacon

    Chris Herren Jr

    I know we hate BCU and their tenancy in the basement of the ACC will never be bad or long enough, but this is a good story and you have to root for this kid. There are so many 'what ifs' of great college basketball players; Len Bias, Hank Gathers, Lenny Cooke, Nadav Henefeld (more yrs at UConn)...
  6. Dogdeacon

    The Eagles Doc

    Finally got around to watching The Eagles documentary that I'd heard lots of good things about (media mostly). It was entertaining, but given the high praise I was expecting a lot more. They really just told the story from 10,000 feet and didn't go into much detail. Glossed over groupies stuff...
  7. Dogdeacon

    100 best TV episodes

    The ringer did this for the past 18 years. Prett solid list and fun to scroll thru on your phone & listen to some of the scenes for shows you care about. The Ringer’s 100 Best TV Episodes of The Century Can definitely quibble with the list, particularly high rankings for various reality shows...
  8. Dogdeacon

    Who is America

    Watched the first episode with his 3 characters. I've heard it described as black comedy, but I don't think its even that. It is satire without a comic element. Satire with comedy is Nathan for You. I think its an important show and its designed to be an uncomfortable watch, but its more like...
  9. Dogdeacon

    1st game of year Sox - Yanks

    Caught Sox-Yanks last night, it was cold but not as bad as feared, possibly the 6 layers I wore impacted that. 1. What's the exact rule on the 6 mound visits/game? Catcher counts. What happens once exceeded? 2. Its working, <3hrs for Sox-Yanks is HUGE - they desperately need to do something, my...
  10. Dogdeacon

    HOF - Ray?

    Article on ESPN this AM and finally got around to clicking on it saying Nash, Kidd, Grant Hill voted into basketball HOF. Down the bottom of article it mentions Ray & Chris Weber as other prominent players that are finalists. Nash & Kidd are certainly HOF worthy and debatable if they are equal...
  11. Dogdeacon

    A worse situation to make us feel better?

    Yikes, Josh Pastner isn't a good coach + a blackmail sex scandal? Did Calapari as kind of Pitino 2.0, fall from the Slick Rick tree or is the Calipari vine a unique strain of sleeze? Josh Pastner adamantly disputes sexual assault allegation made against him
  12. Dogdeacon

    New Husky gear - slides

    I know the great guy that runs this company, cool product and great entrepreneurial story. He was on shark tank earlier this year and turned them down, he's garnered lots of good celebrity endorsements over the past year and brand has taken off. UConn is one of sweet 16 colleges they rolled out...
  13. Dogdeacon


    UConn 14-16 Pitt 16-17 Georgetown 14-18 St. John's 14-18 Boston College 9-23 So more than half of original BE team's with losing records - conference realignment has unquestionably & perhaps irreparably hurt basketball at all of these schools. Only consolation is BCU continues to get the worst...
  14. Dogdeacon


    Are there STILL trust the process believers out there?! Or are those folks now Sam Hinkie truthers that think it WOULD have worked out, but the Colangelo's messed it up? They were widely panned for picking injured players and big men in 3 straight drafts (Noel, Embid, Okafor), 2 of whom were...
  15. Dogdeacon


    I watched about 1/2 of season 1, but then something interfered or combo of that and not totally loving it and I dropped out. Worth re-upping and finishing season 1 with season 2 fast approaching? I remember the Metallica concert episode, then I think two more where the hedge fund got out of...
  16. Dogdeacon

    Oscar noms quick survey

    How many of the best picture nominees have you seen? Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge (wow, is Mel back in good graces?!), Hell or Highwater (never even heard of it!), Hidden Figures, La La Land, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight. I'm 0 for 9 but bad example as only movies I've seen in...
  17. Dogdeacon

    Mr. Robot

    Any fans here? Season 1 was great, I haven't seen this week's episode yet (3 or 4 depending) but so far its a sophomore slump and become much more mundane and less wow. Elliot is my least favorite character in II (other than his rant at the bible group) and the blonde chick is eh and we are...
  18. Dogdeacon

    UConn players in NBA summer league

    Rundown of stats for UConn guys I saw on train quick scroll thru: DHamilton, OKC: 16.6mpg in 5 games, 5.8PPG, 3.6rpg, 1.6apg, 34.6% shooting Boat, Pellies: 3 games, played 12mins, 12 mins then 4 mins scored 8pts, 2pts, then 2pts SGibbs-Wiz: 1 game, 18 minutes, 2-4, 8pts (2/3 on 3pt)...
  19. Dogdeacon

    3 vs 2's dramatic change?

    Zach Lowe has a good article this AM about the NBA finals and how the Warriors are 'proving' that a jump shooting team can win by virtue of 3's being worth 50% more than 2's. And I agree with the other thread hypothesis that 3pt shooting emphasis creates more of the blowout scores that we've...
  20. Dogdeacon

    OT Sam Hinkie

    I read his resignation letter on the train this AM, yikes his logic & strategic thinking isn't wrong but wayyyy too deep and philosophical for something like basketball. I've never seen him or the 76ers address the fact that they have fielded a team for 3 years and sold tickets to watch that...
  21. Dogdeacon

    Guess Bill Raftery's favorite games he's called...

    Good News: Both UConn games! Bad News: Syracuse 6 OT and his number 1 was some upset from the 2006 tournament. Via Richard Deitsch podcast interview. If he still worked for ESPN I think the conspiracy theorists would go nuts. But since its Raf and we know he loves us & really all of college...
  22. Dogdeacon

    6! Yes looking for 6 to SMU 2/18

    Figured I'd take a long-shot since via UConn they offered 6 seats in Section 203 row Z where I'm worried we'll get hit by low flying planes
  23. Dogdeacon

    Caron Butler

    Every Husky fan has always had a ton of respect for Caron. In terms of character & guts he is at the top of the list of Husky greats. Yet after reading this I have EVEN more respect for Caron. Holy ...
  24. Dogdeacon

    Wet Hot American Summer

    Worth watching just for the opening song. Just started streaming this yesterday and it keeps getting funnier. Its kind of Animal House crossed with Meatballs lighted sprinkled with SOAP. Literally a parade of comedy stars rolls out every episode. If you were alive in the 70's and THIS doesn't...
  25. Dogdeacon

    Baseball Board Favorite Scott Kazmir

    Traded to Houston. Guys got more lives than a cat, can't believe he's only 31. Obligatory mention that the Mets definitely gave up on him too quick. "As great a performer as Kazmir has been over the past two years, he probably would not have been in line for the kind of contract that, say...
  26. Dogdeacon

    Franchise Fours

    Yankees Ruth Gehrig Mantle DiMaggio Unassailable in my view, would have been pure recency had Jeter made it. Over whom, the Mick?! Mets Seaver Wright Hernandez Piazza Amazing that all but Wright played significant time elsewhere. Too bad that Strawberry & Gooden were undone by drugs otherwise...
  27. Dogdeacon

    W-o-w Rondo

    If you saw him playing in game 2 of the Dallas v Houston series it was more than obvious that he was disinterested at best, had quit on the coach/team at worst. Now they've come up with a 'back injury' and declared that he's not only out of the playoffs but will never again don a Maverick...
  28. Dogdeacon

    NBA final night, playoffs

    Somewhat bummed at the outcomes last night, ended up with some bad first round series. 1. Nets make playoffs over Pacers, despite PP's ego he is 100% right that Deron Williams goes thru the motions, series with Atlanta will likely be a joke. Pacers would have been better & good guy Paul George...
  29. Dogdeacon

    NCAA - the distrurbing pale & atonal Emmert

    A global takedown of the NCAA in the Washington Post. The chorus is getting louder. Click for the specific takedown of Emmert ("disturbingly pale & atonal", compared unfavorably to water)* and incompetent response to UNC debacle (TOTAL PARALYSIS). Is it wrong that UConn getting screwed by the...
  30. Dogdeacon

    Husky Run results

    KO ran 3.4 miles at better than a 6:30 pace.... holy f-- crap. I think he could start for the Celtics until Rondo heals from his "slip in the shower". Other than the bulky PF, everyone was under 8 mins per mile, so no major conditioning concerns and doesn't appear anyone was loafing it...
  31. Dogdeacon

    KC vs Oakland

    Great game last night, I saw it but didn't see it all. 1. Haven't watched much baseball this year due to Red Sox un-watch-ability 2. Therefore after I tuned in right at start, I kept a laptop going constantly which is uncommon for me. Normally I try to watch baseball on DVR delay so that I can...
  32. Dogdeacon

    College of Charlestown Coach canned for abusive language

    On a scale of 0 - 10 (Mike Rice), how 'abusive' was the College of Charlestown's coach? If Rice is a 10, is this guy a 9? Was Bob Knight a 9? Calhoun a 7 or 8? Seems like it wasn't a problem when he was winning and after a losing season he had no allies. Abusing other people in the office...
  33. Dogdeacon

    O'Bannon case

    See link for a pretty harsh takedown of NCAA. Emmert takes his lumps. Makes you have to envision a world where college hoops and football do not exist in anything close to current state.
  34. Dogdeacon

    A rare comeuppance for Mr. Boras

    This isn't tooting the Sox horn. They elected to go with Boagarts and Middlebrooks at SS and 3rd over the lineup the KNEW was superior and won them the World Series to save money. Although they did offer Drew $14M for one year but Drew declined this on Boras' advice that Drew would get more in...
  35. Dogdeacon


    Holy crap, I didn't catch the game, but look at his box score. 16/24 including 3/6 from 3, 49pts. Dude is playing at an all-timer level.