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    Three Man Weave Top 100 Players

    Just posted today. That's a ranking I can get behind.
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    UConn PIPM

    The NBA stat PIPM (Player Impact Plus Minus) is now available in multi-year form for college basketball starting with the 2011 season. You can compare up to 8 players at once or just look anyone up individually. I put together a few charts of our lead possession users since 2011. This is the...
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    Andrea Hurley on Goodman's Podcast (Great listen)

    Speaks for itself. A lot on how they're coping with the pandemic around the house and Dan's general germophobia. Bit of background on them. Not a lot about the team.
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    A Tale of Three Seasons in One For Vital (stats)

    Doesn't take a genius to see that Vital has picked up his play lately. I made a post recently about how his shooting had gotten back to form. Well, now that the regular season is over, we can look definitely at his full stats. There's an easy dividing line one can make to separate his season...
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    Bouknight point streak

    Since the start of February, James Bouknight has scored at least 16 points in every game. That's a 10 game streak. The following players have scored less than that threshold in at least one game during that span: Myles Powell Markus Howard Obi Toppin Udoka Azubuike Devon Dotson Malachi Flynn...
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    (Houston -2) Vegas line

    Last Houston thread was talking about Oswald's shooting record, so let's talk about UConn's chances today. O/u 133. They adjusted the KenPom o/u down a point, which is wild to me. We've been in the mid 140s since Akok went down, so this is a pretty jarring line. But Houston has been insanely...
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    NCAA Hoops - Week of 3/2 - 3/8

    No Cumberland for Cincy and they're losing at USF tonight.
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    Too late for other AAC teams

    Hurley said: "They better get us now." Some of them did get us. But they've run out of time. Despite 2 season ending injuries to starters, you can feel things coming together. The 4 guard lineup works. We'll need Carlton against some teams with beef, but against everyone else, we're going to...
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    Vital's conference 3-point shooting

    Vital in the first 8 games of conference play from 3: 9/43 (21%) 3pt attempts per game: 5.4 2pt attempts per game: 6.6 Offensive rating (ORTG): 96.9 (median 90.5) Our record: 2-6 Vital in the last 7 games of conference play from 3: 22/58 (38%) 3pt attempts per game: 8.3 2pt attempts per game...
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    After Under 4 Minute Timeout Offensive Possessions

    I just watched the replay and charted our offensive possessions following the under 4 minute TO plus both OTs. Gilbert ISO crossover long 2 miss. Bouknight/Carlton somehow force Xavier to lose the ball out of bounds. Carlton gets ball, makes decent move, right hook off back rim. He gets a...
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    Charleston Classic Other Games

    Miami won earlier. Florida vs. St. Joe's on now. Florida up 16-4. Florida starts 3/5 from 3 and St. Joe's 0/3. Basically the opposite experience for both teams of their games against us.
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    Stat from last year I'm going to keep an eye on in 2019-29

    Last year, we were 12th worst in the country in percentage of our opponents 2-point shot attempts that were dunks. Just about 9% of our opponents 2s were dunks. This is unusual for Hurley coached teams, which usually hover in...
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    NHL Playoffs

    Surprised we don't have a thread. All 4 number 1 seeds lost in the first round. The pathway has opened for the Bruins. In the Eastern conference, 3/4 series were won by Vegas underdogs. Only the Bruins prevailed as favorites. They had the most regular season points of any remaining team. In...
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    NCAA Small Transfer Change

    DI Council adjusts transfer rules
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    Temple thoughts

    Temple was outrageously on fire to start the game, made 10 of first 11 shots. Raining 3s despite being below average shooters and had big guys hitting midrange baseline jumpers. We were aggressive on D as usual and bit on a couple too many shot fakes leading to slightly easier shots. But we...
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    Florida St. Statistical Preview

    It's Friday night. I got off work too late to do anything fun, but I had a few beers. It's time for a new tradition. The opponent statistical preview. I have watched 0 of their games, but I promise to be accurate. I need to write this long thing to sober up to drive home safely. Here we go...
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    Zach Lowe on Kemba

    Kemba Walker never saw this superstar turn coming Quotes Calhoun once: Best part IMO:
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    UConn vs SCSU Game Recap - UConnHuskies.con

    Men's Basketball vs Southern Connecticut State University (EXH.) on 11/2/2018 - UConn Huskies | University of Connecticut Athletics @polycom
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    NCAA changes

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    OT: Hornets win by 61

    Kemba 10/14 from 3, 10/10 FT. 46 points on 18 shots, ridiculous. Jeremy Lamb +51 for the game.
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    Louisville Job Now Open

    Another domino sets in motion.
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    AAC All-Conference Teams

    2018 American Men's Basketball All-Conference, All-Rookie Teams Announced 2018 American Athletic Conference All-Conference, All-Rookie Teams First Team All-Conference Gary Clark, Sr., F, Cincinnati* Jacob Evans III, Jr., G/F, Cincinnati Rob Gray, Sr. G, Houston Shaquille Morris, R-Sr., F...
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    Strategy Going Forward

    I'm impressed by the forward-thinkingness of the athletic department to come up with an excuse and bench Jalen and begin tanking in earnest. I know we would probably have lost anyways, but why risk it? This season is a wash, so we might as well get as many ping pong balls as possible. Kudos to...
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    NCAA Shooting

    College basketball is in a shooting renaissance. For fun I looked at the team ranked 100th in effective field goal % (eFG%) each year. It's arbitrary and maybe I'll look at average and median at some point, but that's generally what I consider the baseline to be a "decent" team. 2018 - 53%...
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    Christian Vital shooting

    Columbia and BU games - 11/22, 50% The 6 other games - 1/23, 04% Discuss.
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    BU 11/19/17 Things I Saw

    Missed it live, thanks to @gampelcrazies for the replay. Haven't read anyone else's thoughts yet, but here are some things that jumped out to me. 5:25 into the game for our first field goal. They zoned us, and we got a few shots at the rim, and a few other wide open 3pt attempts from Adams...
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    KenPom preseason projections

    Here is the AAC: The small number in the AdjEM column is the overall rank, and there are ranks for Offense and Defense as well. 8 AAC in top 100 would be a big increase from the 5 that finished there last year (including us just sneaking in at #96). Looks to be a very competitive conference...
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    Alabama's Kobie Baker Resignation Connected to FBI Investigation

    According to, the recently reported resignation of Alabama's Kobie Baker is directly related to the FBI investigation. "The resignation of Kobie Baker from his position as associate athletics director at the University of Alabama came after an internal investigation indicated...
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    Spread UConn / Cincy

    According to Vegas Insider, most places are Cincy -9.5 or 10.5. KenPom has it at a 6 point game. Rare to see that big a spread difference. Anyone place a little wager on UConn?
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    KenPom Stats Through Game 7 (BU)

    So I've seen a bunch of threads asking "What's the team doing wrong?", etc. We have a bit of a sample now, so here are some answers from the stats (some of this is certainly obvious): The team can't shoot. In the bottom quarter of D1 in ALL phases of shooting (2pt, 3pt, FT). Live ball...
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    The good news

    The good news is that they're only beating us in every single aspect of the game.
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    AAC Travel

    How did we get into this mess of a conference? The closest team geographically to us is Temple at 230 miles away. And that's by far the closest. Next closest is East Carolina 644 miles. Cincinnati is 800 miles away. Memphis and the Florida schools are at least 1200 miles. The Texas schools...
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    Hamilton 3pt Defense

    Angry mid-game post. Hamilton must be the absolute worst guy at losing his man on the perimeter in program's history.
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    Temple crowd chants

    Temple crowd chanting the "I believe that we will win" while up 15 with 25 seconds left. Well no ___, guys. Congrats on using your stolen chant in the opposite manner it was intended!