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    What is your favorite potential Lineup?

    I think this will be our best lineup (with either of the PG+Bouk) against midmajor type teams where spacing isn't as important and power/athleticism can win alone.
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    Pearl, Person, NCAA

    Character counts though, right Bruce?
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    What is your favorite potential Lineup?

    Bouk Polley Akok Whaley Sanogo A meme lineup that could actually work.
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    NBA Draft Thread

    Lol. Go Knicks.
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    Does Aaron Nesmith give Tyler Polley hope for the draft?

    Improving at age 22 doesn't impress NBA scouts. Most of the dumb GMs are out of the league. You have to basically be the NCAA player of the year at age 22 to get drafted. Polley would have to improve substantially in rounding out his game to just be at the level that Nesmith was at age 20. He...
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    Does Aaron Nesmith give Tyler Polley hope for the draft?

    Without the postseason it went under the radar, but he quietly had one of the best statistical seasons in the last few years. He's old and his measurements are below average (but not terrible), but it's not the worst pick in the late 20s.
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    Does Aaron Nesmith give Tyler Polley hope for the draft?

    He wouldn't get drafted even if he scored 20 ppg.
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    DePaul/Creighton Pause Practice due to COVID

    14 day total shutdown and no testing out with the current landscape is impossible to make work.
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    NBA Draft Thread

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    NBA Draft Thread

    He's basically Danny Green reincarnated. Same height and wingspan. Should get a lot of open shots from Kemba, Tatum, and Brown penetration, and likewise he'll create some spacing for them.
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    NBA Draft Thread

    Halliburton and Lewis back to back before Celtics hurts a bit.
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    NBA Draft Thread

    Nobody wants to pay anything for it.
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    NBA Draft Thread

    Precious measured out kinda small. Not surprised his camp kept trying to make him a wing instead of a big. 6'7.5 without shoes. Only 7'0" and change wingspan. He's definitely a better athlete than Grant (and bigger and longer), but I'm not sure what he does in the NBA. He's Montrezl Harrell...
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    NBA Draft Thread

    Okongwu reported an injury today. Big guy with a foot injury. Could scare some teams.
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    Butler Fan Capacity

    Can you put reasonable precautions in place and lower risk for people in attendance for a single event? Yes. Can you make sure those in attendance are those without too many pre-existing conditions and of a safer age? Yes. But what happens if you do that everywhere? Schools, restaurants...
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    Butler Fan Capacity

    This is a terrible idea. Thousands of people indoors in the same room. What could go wrong?
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    OT: Boeheim has COVID-19

    Hope he recovers and is well. For his sake and ours.
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    2022 Recruiting: Roddy Gayle Jr. Meeting(10/13/20)

    It's the same as FG%. You want someone with a high efficiency, but at the same time there's a usage-based skill curve. It's easy to post a few times when you've been set up and have the perfect joke/ wide open shot. But the guys (or gals) that can carry an offense/forum with high volume of...
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    2021 Recruiting: Chet Holmgren

    He looks like Kristaps Porzingis mixed with Kevin Durant mixed with Kyle Lowry in this game.
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    Hurley Media Availability 11/12

    Borges has an article up. Big nugget for me here is This implies there has been spread within the team and at least one person testing positive subsequent to the initial shutdown.
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    Azzi Fudd

    Holy . The smaller ball and closer line helps, but that's so effortless. Insane touch. Steph Curry-esque.
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    Mohegan Sun Bubble Schedule

    Subscription site that streams a lot of non-revenue college sports. Think ESPN+.
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    CBS Sports Net ranks the Top 100 And 1 best players in college basketball entering the 2020-21 season

    Other Thread:
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    OT: New Mexico State BB relocating this season

    New Mexico self quarantine travel from states: Restricted States as of 11-10-2020 Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan...
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    Courant reporters answer all of your questions about the upcoming season

    The NCAA didn't even use the 3 pointer in the tournament while John Shea was in school. Even in 1990, teams took 3 a game PER TEAM. John Shea is a bit before my time. Did he even take 3s?
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    OT: Need some good news

    Be well Rich. We're going to make it back into the NCAA tournament this year. Bouk it. And the NCAA is in too much dire financial straits to cancel it, so it's going to happen hell or high water.
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    UConn picked 4th in preseason BE poll

    Confirmed. He and Sanogo will have epic battles. He can't hit a FT, though.
  28. A college basketball 1-357 rankings

    Usually people mean "subtract losses from total wins" and you get the .500 number. So yeah 16-11 is 5 games over .500. Because it is how many games need to be played to get back to .500 (either losses or wins for above or below). Mathematically, you can't go 6 games over .500 with a 27 game...
  29. A college basketball 1-357 rankings

    He does this blind without KenPom and landed on the exact same number. Kinda wild.
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    Goodman: UCONN has positive COVID test, shutting down.

    Looks like they're doing once a week now and 3 per week when the season starts. They should have been already doing way more than once a week if they were practicing in an indoor gym together. That's pretty absurd.
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    2020-2021 Preseason Kenpom Rankings

    It's a starting point, not an ending point. No preseason prediction is going to be particularly good. Although 2019 we were preseason 101 and finished 99, so pretty much right on. 2016 was also pretty close. The other years inbetween? No so much.
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    Ken Pom Question

    Essentially: Take last year's ratings. See what the returning minutes are vs. the departing. Translate the stats of the returning players to account for being older and likely a better player. Adjust stats for usage based on the newly available minutes. Account for incoming transfers using...
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    Uconn picked third in ESPN Poll

    Good to see Cole getting some pub. Gasaway is a good analyst.
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    The contrast between Whaley and what we've seen and/or know about the others in this area is so stark, Whaley's screen blitzing might be the most elite single skill on the whole team. Obviously I didn't watch every team play, but it's hard to imagine any player in the country did it better last...