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  1. ShakyTheMohel

    Head Coaching carrousel mania for 2020 begins

    Wow...I did not know that. Both are correct. My apologies.
  2. ShakyTheMohel

    Head Coaching carrousel mania for 2020 begins

    25 comment on the OPs unique spelling of "carrousel" ;)
  3. ShakyTheMohel

    2021 Starting QB?

    I like when new threads show up on this board, and I desperately want to talk about who is the starting QB versus talking about covid issues. But...I don't know how anyone can feel strongly about this topic considering that we don't have a dominant incumbent QB, and it will be almost two years...
  4. ShakyTheMohel

    Head Coaching carrousel mania for 2020 begins

    SC has been bad this year...and getting worse. I am sure donors are paying for the buyout...but it feels like there are better ways to spend $13mm in that state.
  5. ShakyTheMohel

    Notre Dame - ACC Schedule

    I don't think this impacts ND's decision to be independent at all. What amazes me is that in a season when being in a conference is critical...ND doesn't miss a beat and joins the ACC for a year. Basically using the ACC when they had no other options. They add insult to injury by catching the...
  6. ShakyTheMohel

    Podcast with Randy Edsall excuses. No complaints about playing underclassmen. No more throwing Diaco under the bus. No more talk about patience. Edsall has put all the pressure on himself to deliver.
  7. ShakyTheMohel

    It's time to show us your mask!

    Some of my best work.
  8. ShakyTheMohel

    Podcast with Randy Edsall

    The sentiment on here is that most players are upset they aren't playing. If would have been nice to acknowledge that. Thats all I am saying.
  9. ShakyTheMohel

    Podcast with Randy Edsall

    But don't you think he could have acknowledged it was a difficult decision to not let the kids play or let the fans watch?
  10. ShakyTheMohel

    Podcast with Randy Edsall

    I was a bit surprised and maybe disappointed in his answer to the "was it difficult to stick to your decision to not play after others decided they would play this fall". He said it wasn't difficult at all. Really? It not difficult to tell kids that want to play that they won't play? It's...
  11. ShakyTheMohel

    So, you’re saying there’s a chance

    I agree...but there was one year at MD he lost at least 3 QBs to injuries. He was playing a WR or RB at qb.
  12. ShakyTheMohel

    Mike Anthony: Randy Edsall and UConn football trying to make the most of 2020 after opting out of season

    Tweets like this make me wonder if it's worth it for an independent school to cobble a few games together with UMass and random FCS schools.
  13. ShakyTheMohel

    So, you’re saying there’s a chance

    I do wonder what kind of offense we see from Edsall now. His offense at Maryland wasn't bad when he had a decent QB playing. He had insane qb injuries down there that killed his offense.
  14. ShakyTheMohel

    Liberty turnaround

    Yeah. I know. I lived in Georgia for 24 years. We will see what happens but I don't see Liberty being appealing to most kids. That's all I am saying. I am not saying ANY kids...but I do think more will be turned off by their rules than will embrace their rules. Schools like Clemson are...
  15. ShakyTheMohel

    Liberty turnaround

    That's what I said....some kids will like that atmosphere. But I also said the majority won't. Do you disagree with that?
  16. ShakyTheMohel

    Liberty turnaround

    Of course there are kids who will find Liberty appealing. The point is that they are the exception and I would guess overall that it is a negative with recruiting.
  17. ShakyTheMohel

    Liberty turnaround

    I do think it's weird that this board has evolved from "Liberty is a lock for a W in the schedule" to "Liberty is on par with BYU and FSU". I think Liberty has a niche that will attract some players. But I don't think that they will pull recruits from high level P5 schools like FSU. A few...
  18. ShakyTheMohel

    Liberty turnaround

    I think just as many kids are turned off. They have very strict rules most kids wouldn't like. I can't imagine Falwell Jrs recent transgressions have helped. I would think it would be a net negative on recruiting.
  19. ShakyTheMohel

    Liberty turnaround

    The Athletic had a good article today about how Liberty has quickly become a legitimate FBS program. Freeze talks about his talent the same way Edsall does... "Freeze’s...
  20. ShakyTheMohel

    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    Why so bitter?
  21. ShakyTheMohel

    Best Fried Chicken in CT

    Growing up in Stamford, Reddi Rooster was damn good. I see they are still around, not sure if they are still good.
  22. ShakyTheMohel

    10/17 CFB games thread

    Remember when people on this board counted Liberty as an automatic "W" on the schedule? I do
  23. ShakyTheMohel

    One time transfer rule seems likely to be approved

    I think it will hurt more than help. Solid players who developed under RE can leave. An under the radar type that Randy recruits and develops can now leave when their potential is reached. On the other hand, getting players from other schools who didn't get playing time is a mixed bag at best...
  24. ShakyTheMohel

    'grandma jones, u got to pay up.' yanks/rays end game: who ya got?

    I think the Tampa bullpen is why they should be favored. Cole hasn't been lights out this year...hard to expect he will be on short rest. is his chance to build his reputation with Yankee fans as a gamer. I hope for a Yankee win...but it feels like it's the Rays season.
  25. ShakyTheMohel

    Graham Smith article: It's Time for UConn & UMass to Make a Bold Move

    So what's your agenda? Your contribution to this board is pushing UConn to FCS. You started another thread on this topic.... you never posted again in that thread despite multiple responses. Seems like you don't want just want to advance your agenda. So what's your story?
  26. ShakyTheMohel

    Playing Brand Names That Will Sell Spring FB Tickets

    I noticed you cut out the rest of my post.... Hurley has stated the move back to the BE has helped recruiting and ticket sales are up. It wasn't just about travel. And...the independent football schedule is better than the AAC football schedule. The move saved hoops and while the jury is...
  27. ShakyTheMohel

    Patio Heaters

    I was at Costco yesterday here in California, and they had plenty. Which means they might be available from them online. I will add that the ones that are shaped like a pyramid don't put out much heat. And they are more expensive. Standard heaters work better and are cheaper.
  28. ShakyTheMohel

    Mike Leach and Miss St

    Was Leach ever discussed? Would he ever have considered UConn? I do agree Leach is the type of coach UConn needed...and needs. He doesn't need five star recruits to win.
  29. ShakyTheMohel

    Transfer portal - outbound

    I gotta admit...that's a funny line.
  30. ShakyTheMohel

    Playing Brand Names That Will Sell Spring FB Tickets

    Um...that wasn't the question. We were discussing if going independent made sense.
  31. ShakyTheMohel

    Playing Brand Names That Will Sell Spring FB Tickets

    You keep saying going independent will be the end of UConn football. Obviously that means you are against UConn hoops going back to the big what what was your solution for UConn sports? I think it was the only move. Hoops and football were dying in the AAC. Hurley has stated being...
  32. ShakyTheMohel

    Playing Brand Names That Will Sell Spring FB Tickets

    This can't be a serious post.