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  1. itsasport

    Tennessee to host UConn women’s basketball team on Jan. 21 in second game of Revival Series

    It is possible that a vaccine will be available by then. Let us hope so for the country at large
  2. itsasport

    It’s official! Welcome back Jamelle!!

    I think Shea will want to be Head Coach and she will get it.
  3. itsasport

    I'm like a timex watch, I just keep on ticking.........

    Holy cow, Pounchofan. I don't even know what most. of what you said means, I just hope you've had lots of sweet nurses tending to you.
  4. itsasport

    Much appreciated.

    Great Job- But less than ten responses? What about the rest of you ingrates? Perhaps the title of the post was too obtuse- How about, "Great thanks to the Moderators"
  5. itsasport

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    These were will regarded at the time of release- but time flies. The Caine Mutiny, Bogart, in the role of the damaged captain, was great. In Harm's Way,,,war, no matter how necessary , is a horrible, destructive business for everyone involved, The waves crashing on the shore and score during...
  6. itsasport

    BE Conference Commissioner Val Ackerman. No students on Campus = No Sports

    If there is no season next year. it will raise the interesting issue of all the college players essentially red shirting and then the following year a new recruiting class coming in. There would have to be a number of schools with more than the allowable scholarship players What about next...
  7. itsasport

    It's a habit

    Such a succinct, even terse, post for TonyC
  8. itsasport

    OT: Funniest movie and/or TV show ever

    Catch 22 (except, with the arrogance of small men, they decided to change the ending of the book) Jack Benny Show Ernie Kovacs Show Dobie Gillis Groucho Marks, You Bet Your Life And ((my all-time favorite), Black Adder Goes Forth A completely hilarious "black" comedy with perhaps the most...
  9. itsasport

    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    She would benefit from going through the UConn system. Pro coaches really like to get players who have done so. She will get more TV exposure at UConn than at Oregon or Baylor. If she has not fully recovered or might be prone to further injury, it might be best for her to be on a team that does...
  10. itsasport

    Muffet McGraw stepping down (merged threads)

    One thing to be said for Muffet is that she has gotten the very best out of her players. Her teams have over-achieved. Perhaps the harsh things she has said about her recent teams is that she thinks that they do not have the drive, intense desire to win and to be coached of previous years. Geno...
  11. itsasport

    Rayah Marshall (UConn lean?)

    I do not think that it is possible anymore for one great player to carry a team close to a national championship on her back, Even in the past, only D did it. Griner couldn't do it even with a very good guard. There is way too much talent coming out of high school that are filling up the top...
  12. itsasport

    20 Questions with Azzi and a future teammate ?

    I just made you 1776 for both messages and likes. That and a dime used to get you on the NY subway.
  13. itsasport

    20 Questions with Azzi and a future teammate ?

    So, one does not box out and the other doesn't like contact. They are going to have some interesting practices when they (both) reach UConn.
  14. itsasport

    Olivia Miles to Irish

    re the above-Shea Ralph
  15. itsasport

    OT: Books you have read phonebooks

    Apt fpr a UConn forum- A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain (a long-time Hartford resident as you all probably know) A hilarious book at the start, morphing into a very dark conclusion. ditto on Catch-22, Anyone who has been in uniform could come up with their own cast of...
  16. itsasport

    Olivia Miles to Irish

    McGraw appeared to be very happy, really relieved, not to be coaching anymore. I don.'t remember her with such a big smile lately. She was very open about not being happy with the effort of many of her players, And valid or not, it had to affect team morale and recruiting. Who would want to be...
  17. itsasport

    OT: Fenway Park

    The Atlanta stadium is very nice but was really great was that the food prices at the concessions in the stadium were very reasonable, There were many families there with kids.
  18. itsasport

    OT: Fenway Park

    Many years ago, when Jim Rice had just started to learn how to play left field, there was a small section of plain wooden bleachers on the roof of the stadium on the left field side. It was like you were in the Goodyear Blimp. Pearched up there on a night game was amazing.
  19. itsasport

    Greatest Performance By a UCONN Women's Player in a National Championship Game

    KML in the 2015 game against ND. She played the full 40 minutes (as did Jefferson and Stewie with 39) Tied with Mo with most points (15) and 50% from two point range. Of the 6 ND shots that were blocked, Stewie had four and KML 2. She tied with Stewie with 3 offensive rebounds. She was...
  20. itsasport

    UConn is Back

    UConn has played the three top-ranked teams-the teams it will likely have to defeat to win a national championship. UConn knows what it will be facing. Since those games, UConn has become a much better team, almost a different team,and now has time to heal and hone their skills. The weapon...
  21. itsasport

    USF Postgame Thread

    Geno got what he wanted in the first half, but did not want to embarrass Jose in his final game against him.
  22. itsasport

    Boneyard poll question: do you want the UConn-Tenn series continued?

    The other threads say that it was the most watched game on TV and had the largest attendance so far this season. It was, to me, very entertaining because all the missed shots resulted in exciting scraps for the ball, and, very athletic play.
  23. itsasport

    Boneyard poll question: do you want the UConn-Tenn series continued?

    Whether it is good for WCBB can be answered by how many people, who don't normally watch WCBB, watched the game. The great value to WCBB in the past was that the game did that, Concerning UConn generally, the more decent teams on the schedule, the better, Tenn was ahead at the half...
  24. itsasport

    Looking ahead to South Carolina

    Boston was very good, but, Miss. St should have won that game. They were ahead by six with five minutes to go and were still ahead eith 2 minutes to go until the ball was stolen from a player (who should have not been allowed to touch it), which resulted in a break away lay-up and Miss. St...
  25. itsasport

    CW time?

    She has stepped up at the end of recent games. The one, completely unexpected, concern that Mulkey will have is- what to do about Kyla. Will she be left open at the tree point line?
  26. itsasport

    Mike Anthony: Game Means Everything and Nothing

    The bus driver could be paid off to loop through Storrs, or to find some way of having their flight land at JFK
  27. itsasport

    Prognosticators Game 13 (Baylor) Predictions

    UConn should be able to score a lot more points against Baylor than Oka, did and Baylor should not be able to score as much against UConn than against Okla, So, on that tenuous logic UConn 77-70. the 3's for UConn will be really important-to counter the probable advantage of Baylor 2's under...
  28. itsasport

    How Long Can Geno Be a Great Coach? A New Perspective ...

    Geno never was THE coach, with the burden entirely on him. He has always had a co-head coach and great assistant coaches, and has built an incredible support organization. Is it too much to say that he has the best coaching and support staff in women's basketball? He is never going to lose...
  29. itsasport

    Lets drop Notre Dame from our schedule

    And replace them with Sacred Heart? Good Lord!
  30. itsasport

    Now Look at us.......

    It is nice to hear something somewhat positive about UConn from someone who is normally Mr. Doom and Gloom. The unexpected pieces have to be Kyla and Molly. The pass that Kyla made to Ono for a layup was absolutely astounding
  31. itsasport

    Big East=Recruitment Advantage?

    Potential recruits, I think, want assurance that when they eventually arrive at their chosen school that they will have a good shot at championships or, at least the Final Four, during their college career. No other school has a been able to achieve that. Look how far even ND can fall. When the...
  32. itsasport

    Big East=Recruitment Advantage?

    Trips to west and south will be heavy in future OOC schedules. But, the great players will always travel to the Mecca of basketball,
  33. itsasport

    Fudd at game today

    The present and future Head Coach,
  34. itsasport

    Uconn to #1 Watch

    The big thing to me is that Oregon and Baylor are not as good as everyone thought.
  35. itsasport

    Coombs's Waiver Petition Denied

    I really do not know why she decided to leave, She would have had a lot of playing time because she could have provided very needed defense on a team that Geno says can't play defense. She was a solid dribbler and could attack the basket. Well, C'est la vie