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  1. superjohn

    Who needs sports?

    That baseball game was unbelievable, it doesn't get better than that. Arozarena was absolutely flying, can't even imagine how much money he's made with this postseason.
  2. superjohn

    2024 Recruiting: Jack Nieradko (???)

    Mizzwerk on Instagram: “Rising freshman Jack Nieradko... be on the lookout for him #basketball #nba #sports #ballislife #k #football #basket #lebronjames #bball…”
  3. superjohn

    Ray Allen Looks Forward to UConn's Return to Big East

    Ray has moved around a lot in his life but there's one place that's been home since he was 18, Connecticut is his home.
  4. superjohn

    It's time to show us your mask!

    No, I did not. Just looking at it now and the Brewers logo is really creative.
  5. superjohn

    UConn may play NC State on Dec. 5th at Mohegan; Florida game in doubt

    You're the one who brought it up. It's not relevant because Depaul is in our conference and Cinci is not. I would've rather seen us play most other teams in the country instead of the AAC teams we had to play the past 6-7 years. Now that we're in the Big East we will play a bunch of teams...
  6. superjohn

    UConn may play NC State on Dec. 5th at Mohegan; Florida game in doubt

    Wow, you're still not getting it.
  7. superjohn

    University of Wisconsin Study: Participation in sports not associated with increased risk of COVID-19

    Well it's a pretty large sample size with pro, college, and youth sports being played all across the globe.
  8. superjohn

    It's time to show us your mask!

    It might simple yet so distinctive and effective, the use of the H/W with the whale tail is just perfect. It's always funny how many reactions I get when I wear a Whalers hat.
  9. superjohn

    UConn may play NC State on Dec. 5th at Mohegan; Florida game in doubt

    It's irrelevant because we are playing DePaul because they are in our conference, we don't have a choice in that just like we had no choice in playing Cinci when we were both in the AAC. I don't think you want to go back to the AAC.
  10. superjohn

    UConn may play NC State on Dec. 5th at Mohegan; Florida game in doubt

    DePaul is on our conference slate so that's irrelevant. We already will play DePaul, Marquette, Butler, Creighton, and Xavier for home and homes...we have our fill of Midwest teams. Cinci only was considered a rival because we both got sent to purgatory. We had some close rockfights but that...
  11. superjohn

    UConn may play NC State on Dec. 5th at Mohegan; Florida game in doubt

    Why do any of you want anything to do with that conference, we spent years begging to get out of it and you guys want home and homes with AAC schools? There are a whole bunch of good basketball schools we can play that will bring eyeballs. None of those schools are in our recruiting footprint...
  12. superjohn

    OT: Best Beer

    If you're all about IPA's try Relic in Plainville. It's almost all IPA's and really good. They also have a bunch of bourbon and tequila, you can do flights. Chill atmosphere to hang out in.
  13. superjohn

    Video from practice at Gampel

    No, athletically it's right there though.
  14. superjohn

    Rothstein Tweet after attending practice....

    I watched just about every Hall game last year and Samuel was pretty awful. He looks the part but he thinks he's a perimeter player and he's certainly not at this point.
  15. superjohn

    OT: Best Beer

    Clocktown Brewing in Thomaston opens this Saturday.
  16. superjohn

    Isiah whaley and cole

    We'll also probably go back to leading the country in blocks once Akok returns.
  17. superjohn


    Good on him for changing it, we're so used to trolling these days we never think anything is an honest mistake anymore.
  18. superjohn

    Pat Chambers Out at Penn State

    Sandusky taking over.
  19. superjohn

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    #3 isn't Colony and #10 is definitely frozen with Taylor Ham and Lamberti sausage.
  20. superjohn

    Big East season start date?

    Jon Rothstein on Twitter: "Source: The Big East is now set to begin its conference season on Friday, December 11th." / Twitter
  21. superjohn

    Best Fried Chicken in CT

    So many small town and burbs people in CT. are scared of Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven,'s hilarious.
  22. superjohn

    OT: Best Beer

  23. superjohn

    OT: Best Beer

    What my friends do is go to that good BBQ place up there and then go to Treehouse. It's all pickup only now but non-Covid I'm sure you could have a fun day there. It's a beer campus, do a bunch of tasting. I had fun driving around CT. going to breweries last month, there's some good places.
  24. superjohn

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Looks like a Chicago tavern pie or a frozen pie with good toppings.
  25. superjohn

    OT: iPhone store —stuffy?

    All stores are showcases now, there is no retail left. You should see what it's like in downtown Chicago, same for NYC.
  26. superjohn

    OT: Best Beer

    I'll never understand the people who drive well over an hour/hours to wait in line and buy 4 packs to bring home to drink on the couch. The whole point of these places is to make a day or weekend out of it hanging out doing flights, jumping from one place to the next.
  27. superjohn

    OT: iPhone store —stuffy?

    We're only 5 posts in and the unintentional hilarity is already off the charts, thanks Terry and Dupester!
  28. superjohn

    Rothstein Tweet after attending practice....

    I think Seton Hall is being overrated. Losing McKnight, Powell, and Gill is huge.
  29. superjohn

    Recruiting 2022: Avery Brown

    Avery Brown on Twitter: "Blessed to receive an offer from Virginia Tech https://post original url/Tp1FmxSTAy" / Twitter
  30. superjohn

    OT: Best Beer

    I just had some beers recently that had to be 5 years old and they were fine.
  31. superjohn

    Top Newcomer Rankings

    He's ranked #50 in the composite and ranked #35 by ESPN, considering ESPN did this newcomer list it's strange.
  32. superjohn

    Big East expert picks, 2020-21 preview from

    These guys do legit write ups.
  33. superjohn

    OT: Lopez / Lomachenko. Who You Got?

    Awful by Lomo, he looked like a dude who hadn't fought in 14 months. Don't take the fight if you're not going to throw punches for over half the fight. Fighters make fights and Lomo wants to be a professor/scientist until there's a few rounds left. Throw your hands...
  34. superjohn

    Best Fried Chicken in CT

    Had Willie Mae's and Coop's, need to try Fiorella's.