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  1. uconnbaseball

    Some thoughts on Illinois game

    1. The freshman receivers stood out to me. They look like solid D-1 players already. I loved their speed, hands, and their ability to run good enough routes to get open when Illinois blitzed. 2. RB, not so much. The run blocking was mediocre, but not THAT bad - we had holes that UConn backs of...
  2. uconnbaseball

    Caleb Wurster appreciation thread

    Dude has been money all year.
  3. uconnbaseball

    Midseason grades

    Okay, so the title is misleading as we are only about a third the way through in terms of regular season games...but this team is starting to take shape enough to evaluate them. I will not give out individual grades, as I would never single out an 18-22 year old kid on a public message board...
  4. uconnbaseball

    ST. Peter's baseball should be studied

    After losing 27-2 today to a dreadful Lehigh team, they have now lost 70 games in a row, dating back to last year. 70. We talk all the time about the parity in college baseball. I cannot wait for the Outside The Lines special a decade from now detailing what went wrong with this program, as...
  5. uconnbaseball

    Other games 4/25

    With no UConn action today, I figured this can take the place of a game thread to keep track of how our previous opponents fare. Look luck to GT against the bulldogs tonight.
  6. uconnbaseball

    Midyear evaluations

    I did midseason evaluations last year, and spurred by those very special victories over UCF felt compelled to do another write-up this year. I will try to be succinct. I promise. Offense - B- So far, we have three players batting over .300 on offense. No one would have been surprised to see...
  7. uconnbaseball

    Other games 2/25

    Since we have today off, I am gonna watch Florida break Miami's soul again. Also, good luck to our conference mates!
  8. uconnbaseball

    UConn @ Bryant Tuesday, April 11th @ 3:00

    Bryant got hit hard by graduation and it is showing, with their 10-18 record. They are starting to play better now, though, and will want revenge from last year. Take care of business!
  9. uconnbaseball

    Grading UConn through 22 games

    Starting pitching - B+ Cate -- when healthy -- and Montgomerie have been largely as good as advertised, despite Cate fighting off both an injury and a suspension. Montgomerie does need to break out of his 1st inning funk, but I am hoping that is a statistical anomaly that will work itself out...
  10. uconnbaseball

    UConn @ Fairfield 3/29 3 PM

    Fairfield is a fairly decent team, despite their 7-11 record. They won a road series at Stetson and split a 4 game set vs. a very good Lamar team. They stunk in a series vs Penn and lost two close games to a strong Bethune Cookman team, but for the most part they should be a solid MAAC team this...
  11. uconnbaseball

    West Coast Trip Thread - UC Davis 3/10 @5P ET, 3/11 & 3/12 @4P ET & Santa Clara 3/14 @9p ET

    We have three games against UC Davis, a 4-7 team that has gotten roughed up by the Oregon schools but won a series vs. Utah Valley State and crushed Penn State in a midweek game. I anticipate taking 2 in that series if we play well, but they will not be a walk in the park. They struggle to hit...
  12. uconnbaseball

    Yes or no to these 10 candidates

    I wanted to start this thread so that people can make their opinion about the leading candidates NOW, not 24 hours after someone is hired and people on the board inevitably talk themselves into the next hire (assuming one of these 10 candidates is named the head coach). This way, people will not...
  13. uconnbaseball

    Few things I liked and disliked

    Liked: 1. Defensive adjustments. When UVA dinked and dunked our soft zone to death in the early stages, I was worried we would play bend but don't break the entire game. Fortunately, Poindexter adjusted beautifully vs. a tame WR core and started playing more press. The result was essentially...
  14. uconnbaseball

    Post game thoughts

    Just got back from the game. Maine is by far the weakest FCS we have seen since UMass in Pasqualoni's first or 2nd year (I forget which). To have won by only 3 -- barely outgaining them in terms of yardage in the process -- is depressing. This team seems a lot closer in terms of talent to the...
  15. uconnbaseball

    Cheers and jeers

    + Offensive playcalling, while not terribly imaginative, was very good. I love the play-action passes with a QB who throws a decent intermediate ball and tight ends that can get open. The screens were called at sensible times and the run / pass ratio was solid. We wore down Nova tonight. Big...
  16. uconnbaseball

    Quick thoughts on the game

    1. That was probably the 2nd worst game we've played all tournament long, though that has more to do how duck*ing well we played games 2-5 than anything else. 2. Interior defense held up well. There were a lot of fouls -- most of them justified -- but UK had to earn everything they got. UK's...
  17. uconnbaseball

    UConn-Sam Houston State series

    SHSU is similar to us. They have very good starting pitching, good offense without the ability to get clutch hits when they need 'em, and they are horrendous on the basepaths. They have beaten Texas and Rice this year, but honestly UConn could beat those teams too. Rice is one of the worst...
  18. uconnbaseball

    Xtranormal video on WVU expansion experts
  19. uconnbaseball

    Thoughts on the game

    - UConn deserved to win. We did a great job containing their stud backs. Graham's running style was a good match-up for our fast linebackers and Shell tripped up on his own a couple of times. We moved the ball well on the ground and through the air and the OL played its best game in a long time...
  20. uconnbaseball

    Another Xtranormal video, this one featuring DeLeone I ****ing hate this playcalling.
  21. uconnbaseball

    Another video since cynicism has gotten the best of me...BC fan vs. UConn fan

  22. uconnbaseball

    Xtranormal video on Pasqualoni

    This video isn't so much hilarious as it is an overview of the issues that are ailing the program.
  23. uconnbaseball

    Thoughts on the game

    1. The offensive line was better today. The pass protection was still mediocre, but Whitmer occasionally had time to throw. The run blocking was decent, especially early. The wildcat was much more productive today. 2. The linebackers are all future NFLers. All of them. Jesus we are good there...
  24. uconnbaseball

    Great NCAA football commercial
  25. uconnbaseball

    Early predictions for the 2012 season

    First, our overall record... UMass: 27-13 win. We play a poor overall game on both sides of the ball, as we hold our offense back so we save some plays for NCSU. Our offensive line struggles, a harbinger for the rest of the year. UMass was a middle-of-the-road CAA school last year, so while...
  26. uconnbaseball

    Jim Calhoun encounters Gene DeFilippo

  27. uconnbaseball

    UConn Hartford

    Freshman Dettmann is pitching well so far...offense has stranded 3 in scoring position thus far. 0-0 in the 3rd. Hartford is 4-16 and was swept by Oklahoma and Kansas State earlier in the year. Beat them.
  28. uconnbaseball

    Hilarious blog post about SEC fanbases and nuclear weapons
  29. uconnbaseball

    3/11 game thread (Oregon, starting at 6:00)

    Oregon State is beating Oklahoma 11-7 in the top of the 8th, and Illinois is crushing WVU. OSU and OU have combined to make 7 errors.
  30. uconnbaseball

    Baseball 3/11 (Illinois, Oregon State)

    Illinois is currently 5-5 against a very tough schedule. They just beat a very tough Oregon team and have toppled St. John's twice this year. They lost close games to Notre Dame and Louisville. Oregon State is really good. They beat us 2-0 last year, though we outplayed them after the 1st...
  31. uconnbaseball

    UConn baseball 3/2/12

    We lead an OK Lipscomb team 4-2 in the bottom of the 8th inning. The UNC transfer (a redshirt freshman named Jordan Tabakman) pitched very well today for 5 innings and Jolin has been solid in relief. We have completely dominated statistically so the score is actually a slight disappointment...
  32. uconnbaseball

    Exclusive footage of Schiano's job interview with the Buccaneers

    Here's another xtranormal video to try to lighten up the offseason.
  33. uconnbaseball

    Video of Maryland and NCSU's athletic director going at it

    Not sure if this is up this board's alley, but if you don't like Debbie Yow or Kevin Anderson and do enjoy middling athletic departments in turmoil...
  34. uconnbaseball

    Odds of winning the 2012 national championship

    At least, how I see it... 1. Baylor-45% Kim Mulkey has proven that she can win a national championship, and now she has two of the best players in the game in Brittney Griner and Odyssey Sims. Griner is a game-changer on both sides of the ball; she has the ability to both block/alter shots...