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  1. Buzzyboy

    New look Boneyard doesn't have easy access to women's scholarship offers and commitments!

    I've been away for the off season and upon returning, I don't see any of the recruiting and commitment information I've come to expect right at the top of the women's forum from Husky Nan. Is there another site to go to or can someone give me a heads up for offers made and oral commitments...
  2. Buzzyboy

    George Springer World Series MVP

    I think it's amazing that George Springer who was a New Britain guy and a UConn alum is now the World Series MVP. I think it's such an awesome thing and he's such a quality representative of the Huskies. Soooooo Cooooool!
  3. Buzzyboy

    KLS has even more to play for on Monday

    If KLS didn't have enough incentive to play well on Monday, having her sister going to the Final Four is certainly adding to it. The Stanford victory, particularly after that huge half time deficit, was pretty inspiring and pretty amazing. It sure would make Dad so very happy to have both of his...
  4. Buzzyboy

    Nice not having a "what's wrong with KLS" post

    I'm delighted that, for the most part, it seems that posters are talking up the overall game and contributions from so many different people instead of finding fault if KLS shoots less than 40% from three point range or less than 50% overall. I didn't turn on the game till late (not realizing it...
  5. Buzzyboy

    Geno on First Take on ESPN2 starting now

    Geno is in the wings ready to appear on First Take on ESPN2 as of 10:42. Should be interesting
  6. Buzzyboy

    ESPN transmission issues???

    I'm in Florida and both ESPN and ESPN2 signals are breaking down badly. Is that happening up there and if so, is it because of the storm there? I hope it changes but it'll be awfully hard to watch the game if it continues. I'm starting to get really bummed out.
  7. Buzzyboy

    Called It Right

    I feel that leading up to the Notre Dame game there were more than a few people who talked about Stewie and made it sound like if she didn't play at a really high level or excel, that UConn was in serious trouble. I pointed out that UConn has a number of players beyond Stewie that have shown in...
  8. Buzzyboy

    Huskies giving us a great ride

    It's unbelievable how much pleasure the Huskies performance throughout the year but particularly in the tournament has given us fans. I, for one, was delighted beyond measure to get to the Final Four, particulary with Michigan State standing in our way. Winning that game last Sunday was total...
  9. Buzzyboy

    Andy Katz Interviews after Florida game

    I was checking out ESPN for articles pertaining to the UConn win over Florida and saw two interviews Andy Katz had after the game. They were both in the tunnels near the locker room and the first was Shabazz Napier. I have to tell you that the University of Connecticut should be so proud of this...
  10. Buzzyboy

    Nothing about Tennessee losing yesterday????

    I was too focused yesterday on the men's victory to get to the FF and so I missed checking here for comments regarding Tennessee losing to Maryland. I just looked and didn't see anything on the first page so I'm assuming that maybe nothing was submitted. That would be surprising because I know...
  11. Buzzyboy

    Hope this gets called by referees

    I saw this on one of the many articles posted about the upcoming tournament. This is the kind of play that I've seen over the last few years by various teams, particularly Notre Dame, that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention by the refs. When you use methods like this to clear out for a drive...
  12. Buzzyboy

    Not A Fan Of Rebecca Doing Games

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm not a fan of Rebecca's calling games. It gives her too much of a forum to express opinions, some of which I don't think are UConn friendly. When Stef was called for a moving screen, Lobo basically said that she's lucky not to get that call a lot because she...
  13. Buzzyboy

    Out of stater can't get UConn basketball on WTIC

    I'm in Florida and I have tried to get WTIC on line to listen to the woman's game and haven't been successful. I'd like to hear the play by play but when I get to the WTIC website for live radio, I'm taken to CBS sports radio with some guy babbling about something I have zero interest in. It's...
  14. Buzzyboy

    This team is amazing!!!!

    Being in Florida, I haven't had the opportunity to watch this team with the exception of nationally televised games. I did finally get on ESPN3 and watched Sunday's game against Saint Bonaventure. There is a couple of things that really stood out for me: one is that St. Bonaventure has a good...
  15. Buzzyboy

    Chiney as All-American

    I really find it hard to fathom that Chiney Ogwumike is a unanimous preseason All American. I think she's a phenomenal athlete and relentless but her skill level as a basketball player is nowhere near many many other ladies. The vast majority of her points are scored either on offensive...
  16. Buzzyboy

    O.T. Storrs ranked 3rd smartest town in America

    I read this story on Yahoo and it reflects very kindly on UConn. Lumosity who has a site for brain testing games and challenges tested nationwide and they ranked towns all across the U.S. The top ten is predominately college towns with Storrs (UConn) ranked 3rd behind Stanford and Princeton. The...
  17. Buzzyboy

    Looking for Michael P from New Britain- Geno Show DVD's

    Hey, I'm in Florida the vast amount of the year and in the past couple of years Michael from New Britain has sent me (and others) DVD's at the end of the year containing the Geno Shows for the previous season along with a bunch of other Huskie women's basketball specials. I was so hoping to hear...
  18. Buzzyboy

    Tony Robertson gets his degree at UConn

    I've always liked Tony Robertson and it was really great reading that he's gotten his degree just recently in Storrs. For him to come back at this stage of his life and earn his degree shows a great level of maturation that has transpired with him. He came to the realization that his basketball...
  19. Buzzyboy

    OT for Fishy

    I was looking on Amazon for ratings regarding a camera that I just bought and saw a "Fishy" writing a review for a Panasonic Lumix ZS20 camera. I'm wondering if it isn't the same Fishy on Boneyard. I actually bought a ZS19 model which is identical except it doesn't have GPS feature that the ZS20...
  20. Buzzyboy

    Tiffany Hayes Interview Last Night

    I haven't always been as much a Tiffany Hayes fan as some on this site but I was so very impressed with her in the interview on the BigEastorg network last night after the game. She was so sweet and comfortable and poised and her answers just flowed. She was absolutely so different from the shy...
  21. Buzzyboy

    OT!!!! NB Guy who sends DVD's to out of state women Huskie fans????

    I'm trying to find the New Britain fellow who for the past couple years has sent me DVD's of all the Geno shows and some select other women Huskie shows to my Florida home. It's been a source of great pleasure to me and I've shared the shows with a couple of other Connecticut people I know who...
  22. Buzzyboy

    Practice Facility opening bids

    I read that as of Jan 30th, they are opening bids on the practice facility, with estimates somewhere between $23 million and $25 million. Mention of something like 75,000 sq ft and site work in the late summer or early fall. Refer to the men's site for better and more in depth info.
  23. Buzzyboy

    Why no mention of Caroline Doty????????

    I was just curious as why no one posted about the contributions of Ms Doty tonight. I can understand that Kia Stokes was a wonderful surprise and deserves much praise for her ferocity on the boards and her defense on Elizabeth Williams but I thought someone would initiate a post for the really...
  24. Buzzyboy


    To those who somehow think Polly Purebread (oh, I mean Tim Tebow) is an NFL quarterback, he's thrown for something like 45 yards in a must win game for a playoff berth (though they may get in if Oakland loses). He's a nice athlete but come on. Where is the reality watching this guy. I'm in...
  25. Buzzyboy

    Tiffany Hayes???????

    I've been totally amazed at how out of control Tiffany Hayes has been. Isn't she a senior??? I've never seen anyone whose put up such outrageous shots from every conceivable angle and place on the floor. Thankfully we have an outstanding freshman that's keeping us in this game.