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  1. Big Mick

    Caroline Ducharme (CD4) Video

  2. Big Mick

    All about 2021 UCONN bound Caroline Ducharme

    ESPN has these Stats: - Height..................5-10 - Overall Rank.......37 - Position Rank.....15 She is really 6' 2" and growing. Check this Video and this One I'm having serious trouble believing that there are 11 better guards in that class.
  3. Big Mick

    Remembering: THE Shot

  4. Big Mick

    A Look back at the 1995 35-0: The National Championship win over Tennessee

    The team: SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Jill Gelfenbien Kim Better Carla Berube Kelley Hunt Rebecca Lobo Jamelle Elliott Melissa Rose Brenda Marquis Pam Webber Jennifer Rizzotti Kara Wolters Nykesha Sales The Replay:
  5. Big Mick

    Fly Swat'ting :)

    ONO's minutes and why fly swat'ting is not hurting her minutes. Her stats from the last 10 games:
  6. Big Mick

    A look ahead ---> Future rosters

    Check this: Looks to me like we have enough talent already to win 4 in a row....
  7. Big Mick

    Possible Ticket Issue for the Eastern Regional in Greensville, SC

    I posted the below in the OT branch. Well - I'm thinking I did anyway, OR a moderator may have moved it from here. I think it is of interest to those of us that have purchased tickets. If it truly belongs in OT, then accept my apologies. There may be a repeat of last year's east Regional...
  8. Big Mick

    Tennessee: and, the numbers don't lie

    Great comeback, while shooting very poorly. Griffin will get serious minutes off the bench from now on; what an athlete and what a lift she gave the team. I expect to still see Irwin for the first 3 or 4 minutes in games as it lets the team settle down.
  9. Big Mick

    Tulsa: The "Efficiency" rating tells the story

    If you disagree, do tell?
  10. Big Mick

    End the grand experiment - Please?

    Not to pick on Irwin; but, the numbers from these last 3 games 1) Baylor................. Minutes 32 Points 0 Rebounds 2 2) Houston............ Minutes 18 Points 0 Rebounds 3 3) Memphis.......... Minutes 24 Points 0 Rebounds 4 Running around setting picks only disrupts ball movement...
  11. Big Mick

    Geno - This one was on you

    This one stat tells most of the story: ===> Irwin: 32 minutes, 0 for 4 shooting, 2 rebounds, 3 personal fouls and ZERO points. And, how about that 4th quarter: ===> 6 points scored. ===> The reason: No post presence, thus allowing Baylor to defend the perimeter with numbers as there were...
  12. Big Mick

    UCONN Player efficiency versus Oklahoma

    Nelson-Ododa Walker Griffin Dangerfield ...
  13. Big Mick

    UCONN Roster: Year over Year

    Including DeBerry: Num Ht Pos 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23 23-24 24-25 (11) (11) (11) (9) (7) (2) 32 6'2" F Camara 25 6'2" F Irwin 10 5'9" G Bent 14 6'2" F Adebayo 2018-19 5 5'5" G Dangerfield...
  14. Big Mick

    OT: UCONN Women's Basketball

    . It has gotten to the point where a UCONN Women's basketball topic needs to be labeled as OT now, simply as a reflection of the many other posted topics that routinely pollute the intended use of this board. It is obvious to the remaining serious posters on here that many of our more...
  15. Big Mick

    UCONN vs Texas - A question of size

    Everyone conceding that UCONN was undersized....even Geno said it was so. Really? How about this Stevens 6' 6" (vs) Goudreau 6' 4" and Holmes 6' 4" Samuelson 6' 3" (vs) White and Hosey 6' 3" Collier 6' 1" (vs) Higgs 5' 9" Williams 5' 11" (vs) Atkins 5' 11" and Underwood 6' 0" Nurse 6' 0" (vs)...
  16. Big Mick

    On Geno and the available Psychology in the UCF game

    Clever, Very, Very Clever. What a great opportunity: UCONN with the best first six in the country simply can't buy a basket, are a bit out of sync and as we all know will eventually win this game by more that 30 points. Soo, opportunity knocks: the best starting five in the country are...
  17. Big Mick

    UCONN vs ECU - Efficiency Ratings

    Efficiency Raqting: 27 - Samuelson 27 - Williams 18 - Stevens 16 - Collier 13 - Dangerfield 10 - Nurse 6 - Walker 6 - Bent 5 - Coombs 1 - Camara 0 - Gordon 0 - Irwin Extrapolated to 40 minutes: 43 - Samuelson 47 - Williams 38 - Stevens 25 - Collier 18 - Dangerfield 15 - Nurse 13 -...
  18. Big Mick

    Playing time

    Starters Kia Nurse Gabby Williams Katie Lou Samuelson Napheesa Collier Crystal Dangerfield Meaningful Minutes Azura Stevens Batouly Camara Megan Walker Then, Everyone else Do your own ordering as to who gets what. Geno is walking a tight rope right now as...
  19. Big Mick

    Remembering: 12/23/1999