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  1. Aluminny69

    OT: YPSOS Young People Sing Old Songs

    One of my favorites is to find young people performing old songs on You Tube. These categories are arbitrary, but for me, anyone under 25 singing songs from before 1965 fills the bill. That's about 40 years before they were born, and 60 years before they performed the song. I know some people...
  2. Aluminny69

    OT: National One Hit Wonder Day

    Sept. 25 is National One-Hit Wonder Day! A day where we can celebrate those songs that topped the charts but then their performers faded away from the music scene. What are some of your favorite one-hit wonders? I'm going with an oldie:
  3. Aluminny69

    OT: Ken Osmond, ‘Leave It to Beaver’ Star Who Played Eddie Haskell, Dies at 76

    Ken Osmond, ‘Leave It to Beaver’ Star Who Played Eddie Haskell, Dies at 76
  4. Aluminny69

    OT: HBO Special

    If you like sports docs, HBO has a terrific one Tuesday at 9 p.m. to go along with March Madness. “Women of Troy” traces the rise of USC’s women’s basketball team and how the Trojans’ success — and its star players, especially Cheryl Miller — paved the way for women’s basketball in the United...
  5. Aluminny69

    The WNBA's Worst Season Leads To New CBA

    Interesting video. Comments?
  6. Aluminny69

    Longtime hoops coach Inglese dies week after fall

    Longtime hoops coach Inglese dies week after fall
  7. Aluminny69

    Next year's roster

    Sorry, but I'm losing track. What is the current roster for UConn for next year, by class. Also, what is the roster for 2020? Thanks so much.
  8. Aluminny69

    OT: Transgender Athletes, A new Video

    Thoughts? Personally, the fairest solution is to create a new category. Men compete against men, Women compete against women, and Transgender compete against transgender only.
  9. Aluminny69

    Geno: Coaches are afraid of their players.

    First sign of Final Four, Geno is making news, again. Coaches are afraid of their players
  10. Aluminny69

    This is not going away

    Not sure why the other thread was locked ( or not moved to this sub-group), but here is the latest on this scandal 8 elite schools hit with first lawsuit in massive college admissions bribery scam
  11. Aluminny69

    Dubious Records

    Not sure if dubious is the correct word, but there are a few odd records that may be set this season. I thought I was looking at Deja Vu all over again, where, like the last two seasons, UConn would go undefeated the entire season, playing basically six players, only to lose the semi final...
  12. Aluminny69

    WNBA Single elimination playoffs

    WNBA’s single-elimination playoff format was perfect until the 2018 season happened Thoughts?
  13. Aluminny69

    WNBA Players are Overpaid

    Worth discussing? WNBA Players Overpaid
  14. Aluminny69

    Gabby Williams Diary

    Interesting thoughts from Gabby. Sorry if already posted. Gabby Williams Diary
  15. Aluminny69

    OT: Advertising Slogans

    The secret to a winning advertising campaign often lies with a great slogan. It is these catchphrases and straplines that your customers remember. In fact, some of the best are used in normal conversation every day. A great advertising slogan does more than get people talking about your brand...
  16. Aluminny69

    2017 WNBA Draft

    Just interested, who were the winners and losers of last year's draft. Here's what happened: 1 San Antonio Stars Kelsey Plum 31 games, 23 mpg, 8.5 ppg, 2 Chicago Sky (from Washington) Alaina Coates DNP 3 Dallas Wings Evelyn Akhator 15 games, 4.1 mpg, 0.9 ppg 4 Dallas Wings (from...
  17. Aluminny69

    Two biggest reasons Miss. St. Lost

    Just look at the Box Score: On free throws, Miss. St. was 10 for 17, while Notre Dame was 15 for 17. Add in all of McGowan's missed bunnies, she was 7 for 19. BOX SCORE
  18. Aluminny69

    Trivia question

    On the Notre Dame broadcast, they had the graphic that Muffett had 12 victories over Geno, and that was the second most victories by any coach. So, I am going to guess that Pat Summitt has the most. ( Please correct me if I am wrong.) What is Summitt's lifetime record against Geno? And what is...
  19. Aluminny69

    OT: Girl wins boys golf tournament but can't be awarded first place

    Girl wins boys golf tournament but can't be awarded first place Golf is one of those unique sports where strength or size makes little difference. She should be the official winner. 75 and beat the boys. I bet a trophy will not matter because her future looks bright from my seat. Great job Emily.
  20. Aluminny69

    Discussion question for the day

    Saw this quote from Sun Coach Curt Miller: “The unintended consequence of injuries is that people get to play through mistakes, get to play extended minutes, and you don’t have any short hook with people,” Miller said. So, this is the down side of having a "long" bench. I can think of several...
  21. Aluminny69

    Staley says she would go to White House if invited

    Staley says she would go to White House if invited Dawn gives some good reasons to go. Hope this thread doesn't degrade into the politics of it.
  22. Aluminny69


    Did I miss it? Who was selected as National player of the year?
  23. Aluminny69

    Question about last night's game

    With 56 seconds left in the first quarter last night, William was charged with a foul. Jimbo posted this question: "The loose-ball foul against William a couple possessions ago was MSU's FIFTH team foul. Nurse should have been at the line, right? What am I missing?" I'm wondering the same thing.
  24. Aluminny69

    Box Score

    BOX SCORE When you look at the box score, you almost wonder how UConn kept the game so close. Very many un-UConn like stats: 1. Only 11 assists on 20 made baskets. Good for most teams, but not "normal" for UConn. 2. MS out rebounded UConn 37-31, leading to 3. MS took more shots, 67-46. 4...
  25. Aluminny69

    How did I miss this?

    Dawn Staley was named USA BB coach. Has this been posted? I did a search, but couldn't find it. Here's the article from March 10th. Dawn Staley was destined to take over U.S. senior team -- but it's a barrier-breaking hire, too
  26. Aluminny69

    OT: UConn History

    I attended UConn from 1965 - 1969. I don't remember seeing any coeds in the field house. So, I am wondering about the history of UConn Women's sport teams. Were there any? I'm thinking there had to be the prevailing women's sports of the day, golf, tennis, swimming, gymnastics. Are there any old...
  27. Aluminny69

    OT: Entertaining video

    Just stumbled upon this video. Watch the final credits for a pleasant surprise:
  28. Aluminny69

    OT: Tragedy at UConn Sunday

    I heard this on the news, very sad. Fire Call That Resulted In UConn Student's Death Was False Alarm Another alcohol related death. Some young people cannot handle alcohol. Some things haven't changed in the fifty years since I went to UConn. The initial report was that six frat boys were...
  29. Aluminny69

    Lou and Kia on Maryland Game

  30. Aluminny69

    Geno discusses Maryland

    Please delete if a duplicate...
  31. Aluminny69

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but

    During the game, there was a video clip of FSU's Shakala Thomas challenging defenders to stop her. And it was Collier blocking Thomas's shot at the end of the game. Do I have that right? If so, a good example of karma....
  32. Aluminny69

    Debbie Fiske

    I don't back as far as some of you ( UConn WCBB wise, anyway), so I had to look up UConn color broadcaster Debbie Fiske. So, who remembers her? This is what I found: UConn Broadcaster Debbie Fiske
  33. Aluminny69

    WNBA Predictions

    Anyone care to predict what effect, if any, playing on the Olympic teams, will have on the WNBA? Some possibilities: 1. LA Sparks will be rested and ready to prove themselves. 2. Diana and Brittney will continue their sparking play, and Phoenix will become a contender. So, will the Olympians...
  34. Aluminny69

    Who is the second best team in the world?

    When the Olympic Team was announced, I speculated that USA could field a silver metal team with the players not selected. Posters scoffed. Well, so far, the only team to give our Olympic team a contest was the Select team, who only lost by four points. Here's some more speculation. I wonder why...
  35. Aluminny69

    WNBA Question on Playoffs

    Could someone please explain to me: If the WNBA playoffs are based on final record, regardless of Conference, then why bother having two Conferences? What is the difference between two six team conferences, and one 12 team conference? Does each team play the other 11 teams an equal amount of times?