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  1. superjohn

    Big East season start date?

    Jon Rothstein on Twitter: "Source: The Big East is now set to begin its conference season on Friday, December 11th." / Twitter
  2. superjohn

    CT. '23 Gavin Griffiths

    I mentioned him in other threads a while back, just got a Syracuse offer. We should be all over him.
  3. superjohn

    Yankees homeruns

    Did anyone watch that? Has this homer stretch ever been done in baseball before?
  4. superjohn

    Maya Moore

    Such a cool story... Maya Moore marries Jonathan Irons, the man she helped free from prison.
  5. superjohn

    HBO- Lovecraft Country

    Well that premiere absolutely sucked.
  6. superjohn

    Charlie V

    Charlie Villanueva alopecia on Instagram: “Shooter on the court and Shooter on the range. ‍♀️ Off Duty training. #igotpaperworkondat #2admendment #texas”
  7. superjohn


    Doncic is so friggin' special- 36 points, 19 assists, 2 turnovers, and 14 rebounds against the best defense in the league. That lefty through the legs bounce pass to Kleber with under a minute left was absurd.
  8. superjohn

    TJ Warren

    When did he get so good? Guy is averaging 35 ppg on 61% shooting his last 5 games with wins over the Lakers and Sixers.
  9. superjohn

    Last 4 recruits for Hurley and staff

    Rankings- #10 sf, #7 center, #8 pg, #11 sg
  10. superjohn

    This thread is hilarious

    I check in on their board every once in a while, usually for laughs and they never disappoint. There is real estate in heads and then there is the penthouse UConn will forever occupy in the head of that fanbase... Hurley is a joke. |
  11. superjohn

    UConn Nova rivalry

    We always had good to great games with them but it was never a true rivalry. With Nova's jump to national prominence, UConn returning to the Big East and setup for a return to national prominence after a short hiatus this is about to become the must see rivalry in the country. This is going to...
  12. superjohn

    2022 Isaiah Earl

    New Haven kid getting some big boy offers... Verbal Commits on Twitter: "2022 Lee Academy (ME) F Isaiah Earl has received an offer from LSU. @IsaiahEarl1 https://post original url/e2yZc0y7Ku" / Twitter
  13. superjohn

    More Zion Duke news

    Affidavit alleges $400K payment to Zion Williamson, stepfather before he played at Duke
  14. superjohn

    2022 recruiting: Avery Brown

    CT. point guard who plays prep ball at Northfield Mount Herman. He just picked up a St. Johns offer yesterday and he expects a UConn offer soon. He's close with Kyle Cuffe jr. and they've talked about playing together in college. At the 8:15 mark of the interview he talks about Uconn...
  15. superjohn

    HaHa Clinton-Dix vs. Bear

    He's always had my favorite name, now he has my favorite video... HaHa Clinton-Dix Frantically Tosses Scooter, Runs Away From Mama Bear & Cub (VIDEO) | Total Pro Sports
  16. superjohn

    2022 Recruiting: Keyshawn Mitchell

    Hartford kid at Capital Prep, he's unranked but I like his upside. Growing into his body and the athleticism is really coming along in the last year. He's 6'8 with some legit guard skills, he's a 16 year old to watch. VCU, URI, and UMass all offered in the past few days.
  17. superjohn

    Seton Hall opening August 24th

    Interview with the president... Coronavirus NJ: Seton Hall details how college will handle fall semester
  18. superjohn

    Tom Chambers is better than Kevin Durant

    Both super athletic big men who had guard skills and could shoot but Chambers was a pioneer of this style and he did it in an era with hand-checking. If Chambers played in this no hand-check wussy league now where you can dribble around freely and shoot from anywhere you want he would average...
  19. superjohn

    Buying a mattress online?

    I want to buy a bed and since stores are all closed I can't try them out and I'm thinking of buying a mattress online. Anyone have any experience with a mattress in a box or bag. It seems most of them are memory foam mattresses which I'm not sure I'm crazy about because they retain heat...
  20. superjohn

    Favorite characters from The Wire

    In honor of Chief (Commissioner Valchek) let's list our favorite characters, since choosing just 1 is impossible you can list your top 5 in order and feel free to write why you like them- I'll kick things off 1.) Bubbles- the backbone "voice" of the show, I felt the most for him. He was a...
  21. superjohn

    This kid is living his best life

    5-year-old boy pulled over in Utah while driving to California to buy a Lamborghini
  22. superjohn

    Adama Sanogo comparison

    This kid is an Angel Delgado clone. Delgado was a beast of a player at Seton Hall who gobbled up every rebound. Sanogo will be a monster on the boards and while not a high flier he seems like he'll probably be a little bouncier/more fluid athletically than Delgado. Makes our obsession with...
  23. superjohn

    Jordan's 97-98 Bulls tonight

    Tonight on ESPN. Should be really good, it's unedited so we're going to get a lot of Jordan swearing and possibly footage of him beating up teammates.
  24. superjohn

    CT's own Brian Dennehy RIP

    With the passing of the great Brian Dennehy, it got me thinking who are the most famous celebrities/personalities the state has ever produced? Yes, I'm bored.
  25. superjohn

    RIP Hank Steinbrenner

    This was a shocker to me as a Yankee fan, don't know how I missed he was sick all this time.
  26. superjohn

    Wow- awful day for Creighton bball

    Ty-Shon Alexander declares for draft and Davion Mintz transfers to Kentucky, bye bye top 5 in the country. Naji Marshall at Xavier also declares for draft and hires agent. Good for UConn's chances in the league for next season but not a good day for the Big East.
  27. superjohn

    Boxing fans ESPN 2

    They're showing a lot of the great heavyweight fights tonight.
  28. superjohn

    Watching UConn Washington 2006

    On CBS Sports. Man, this team was so unfocused and really had no business winning this game. Rudy just going through the motions the entire game. I'm glad Rashad hit the shot but the effort is maybe even more uninspiring than I remembered. Brandon Roy was such a stud, hate how his career...
  29. superjohn

    Big East 1, 2 nationally

    Villanova tops college basketball's Way-Too-Early Top 25 for 2020-21
  30. superjohn

    Really sad of CV

    Christian Vital played the best basketball of his career the last month and became a true leader. He led us to some incredibly exciting basketball and a lot of wins during that stretch. He legit had a decent shot of carrying us to the tournament and he's not going to have the chance...
  31. superjohn

    Coronavirus sports impact

    So Rudy Gobert did this and now he's sick and they have delayed the Jazz Thunder game. No fans at ACC, Big 12, Big 10, AAC games starting tomorrow, no fans at NCAA tournament. Warriors will play with no fans going forward and NBA is about to go without fans. This is going to be an incredibly...
  32. superjohn


    They are always bad in this conference but this is criminal.
  33. superjohn

    Beyond impressed

    What a senior night for CV. He always gave it his all, that maddening player with the ups and downs now has the look of one of those great senior guards you see in the tournament. His leadership has grown by leaps and bounds and we all knew he was making those ft's to close it out. He has now...
  34. superjohn


    Duke gave up 113 points in a loss tonight to (12-15) Wake Forest. Wow.