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    I'll be going to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, CT tomorrow. I have been weaned off the ventilator for 3 hours as of today. Hopefully I will be able to get the games there, been using radio for them here at Hartford Hospital. Thanks for the prayers and support. Mrs. Dribbles
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    Mrs. Dribbles

    Mrs. Dribbles here. Just letting you all know that I'm going to the hospital tomorrow. They will be trying to weaned me off the ventilator. If it works, I will be so happy ☺! If not then back home. I want want to thank you all for your support and prayers. The men will come back and the...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Boneyarders. I hope that I will be here to the end of this season, but my health is failing. I had a myelitis stroke on July 27, 2017 and have been on an ventilator since then. I have been able to be home since Nov 27, 2017, but am now not doing so...
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    Boneyarder's, I have just discovered that you sent some lovely flowers to me back in late September. It seems that the area I was in didn't allow flowers. So they put the box in a closet and it was just discover today. Thank you so much and yes go Huskies! I'm going home now on Monday. I'm...
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    Mrs. Dribbles

    Donalyn Wall, better known as Mrs. Dribbles is currently residing at c/o Hospital for Special Care, 2150 Corbin Ave, New Britain, CT 06053. She had after being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord), which has also caused her to have a stroke. She is on an...
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    GHPA will be beginning tonight at SMSA at 6:30pm, with Springfield Slam playing against not sure and then the next game will be Cambyland and Hot 97.3. GHPA needs support in getting sponsors for this year and especially for next year, 20th anniversary. I know that Rodney P is on the Slam with...
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    UNC scandal forces NCAA to redefine its academic misconduct policy

    Mr Dribbles here, resting after a hectic Basketball season,. It was a very mild heart attack, so I can get back to exercise and relaxing. Just saw this article by Jon Solomon National College Football Writer. Does this mean that UNC gets a slap on the hand and not lose there championships...
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    Mr. Brinkman bring us luck!

    Mrs. Dribbles here, wearing a clean uniform for todays game. First "TOP OF THE MORN'IN TO ALL", second I read the obits, just to make sure my name is not there. On Monday or Tuesday in the Courant and the New London Day, there was a particular obit that caught my eye. Mr. John Gilbert "Jack"...
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    Okay sitting here and awaiting starting time for the BIG GAME! Yes, I know it is our third time to the finals in tournament for our conference. So maybe the old saying "Third time is a CHARM", that is what I am hoping and yes same uniform since Friday, don't want to jinx the MOJO! Let's go...
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    Well Mrs. Dribbles has rested and is awaiting TIP OFF. I'm wearing the same uniform from yesterday, went to the grave and told Dribbles to help the boys and help us win the game. SO that is my MOJO, GO HUSKIES!!!!If the jurdge wants to hang me, then I give my life for this team.
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    AP Poll: Duke Unranked for First Time in 167 Weeks

    I can't believe it, but finally they have sunk. I know we are still not ranked but maybe next week we will and they won't be ranked again, GO HUSKIES! Mrs Dribbles
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    Just want to wish Coach Ollie and Ryan Boatright a very Happy Birthday. Go Huskies! Mrs. Dribbles
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    Battle of Atlantis

    Three weeks from today, I will be heading for the Battle. I hope that I can meet up with lots of Boneyarders. I'm staying at the Comfort Inn Paradise Island and will walk over to the Atlantis for the 3 games that the Huskies will be playing in. So let's get ready for the holidays and enjoy the...
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    When is the Husky Run?

    I usually go to the Husky Run, meet the players and coaches. When will it be this year. This gives me a chance to meet up with my grandson (soph) and granddaughter (senior) with 2 more years to go in the Pharmacey Department. See all there lots of fun. Mrs Dribbles
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    Tonight at 6:00pm starts the Greater Hartford Pro Am season # 18. At SMSA in Hartford. Second game begins around 8:00pm or thereabouts with Ryan Gomes. Wonder if any of the newbies at UCONN will be there. Hope so, I will be there. They can only accommodate 750 so come down and watch some...
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    UCONN in the Bahamas?

    I can't find the information regarding the Atlantis Trip at Thanksgiving. Has anyone seen info, am thinking of going. Dribbles would want me to go. Mrs. Dribbles
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    Dribbles passed this afternoon to the great basketball court. I want to thank you all for all the Prayers you have sent up. Thanks GO HUSKIES! He would want to say that. Mrs. Dribbles
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    A Poster named "Dribbles" in hospital

    Hi, I'm Mrs. Dribbles. Dribbles is in the hospital, he has been here since March 21st. He had a Cardiac Arrest and was taken off the respirator yesterday. We wanted all Boneyarder's to know. We still have a long road to get to full recovery. He is also an kidney dialysis patient. So...
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    Kudos to KO for inserting Pat in the final minute. Believe me, no one works harder than Pat. Watched him run the entire team into the showers, outlasting them in suicide sprints by a good 15 trips. It so looked like he could go forever that KO shut it down.
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    Husky Run When?

    When is the Husky Run this year? First Night is 17th October, so will the run be that week or the week before. Just wondering?
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    Are we ready, the season begins tomorrow evening at 7pm. And yes for those of us who do not have tickets, we can watch for free on the internet. Let's just hope the streaming is working okay. GO HUSKIES!!! Dribbles
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    Season begins on Oct 30th, against Southern correct

    Season begins on Wed at 7pm against Southern, but will it be broadcast online? Has anyone checked out the possibilities of watching it. Help would be appreciated Thanks dribbles
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    Husky Run ?

    When is Husky Run this year? Will it be before Midnight Madness or after?
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    Courant Couldn't Care Less

    Springfield College hosts top 10 boy's bball each year. Right now, its No. 1 nationally (Pointeverde) vs. No. 2 (Findley Prep), but not a word about it in the "nation's oldest continuously published newspaper". I've written them complaining in past years - no reaction, no response, no change
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    Maybe he will get a Birthday Gift from Warde today, like a contract? Happy Birthday Coach.!
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    Retraining for sports writers...

    From today's NYT: "Connecticut Coach Jim Calhoun’s left hip fracture could be a factor at the start of his 41st season on the bench but will probably not keep him from a return to coaching, Dr. Phil Chardis, an orthopedic surgeon, said."
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    Most Amazing Achievement!

    Hartford Courant - the "nation's oldest continuously published newspaper" today reports UConn defeating WVA. The Amazing part is the box score shows WVa with 57 and UConn 29 if you add the per player totals. This is a new strategy adopted by only the nation's most elite programs.
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    Lightning game last nite was good hoops, full house, and Dougie can still light it up. Kid hasn't lost a single step, still gets thru the traffic to the hole and scores. He had his troubles - we all remember - but just always liked the kid. Life may not be smooth for him, but it sure will be...